100 Pound Dog Rescued From Roof


Usually firefighters are called to rescue a cat from the tree. But this time they rescued a dog from a roof.

Sam, a 100 pound German shepherd, really wanted to get some fresh air on the roof.

Crews and construction vehicles were performing work near Sam’s house. This German shepherd, who is usually afraid of loud noises and lightning, couldn’t take the racket of the rumbling trucks and machines anymore. He jumped out of the attic window onto the roof of the three-story house.

Sam’s owners ran outside of the house to check on the dog’s safety. With their guidance and instruction, the large dog remained mostly stationary on the roof. When he did move, a piece of roof shingle would occasionally fall to the ground.

Niagara Falls Fire Department and Niagara County SPCA workers rushed to the scene. The fire captain led a three man team onto the roof. They tried to lead Sam down by putting a rope around his neck. Firefighters said that Sam’s snout was too long, so the noose wouldn’t go around his nose. Sam also kept on dodging the rope.

They also tried to get the dog back through the attic window, but that was unsuccessful. After about 10 minutes of trying to lasso Sam, he was brought down to a second-story porch. In total, Sam was on the roof for about an hour and a half.

A SPCA worker said that Sam’s weight also made the rescue more of a challenge. He said that cats are a lot easier to maneuver than a dog. He added that it wasn’t as easy as it looked.

All of the workers involved in the rescue effort said that this was the strangest animal retrieval that they had ever been a part of. They all said that a dog on a roof is a new one.

Sam is doing well and just wishes that the noisy trucks would leave his neighborhood.

Source: Niagara Gazette

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