$10,000 Missing Cat Returned To Owners

TazTaz, a $10,000 Savannah cat, went missing from his Virginia home suddenly. And thanks to a police officer, Taz was reunited with his owners a week later.

Sydney Williams, Taz’s owner, said she noticed her prized exotic pet went missing when Taz didn’t show up for dinner. The next morning, she knew that was something wrong and contacted the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Detective Mike Brock took the case because he is dubbed the “pet detective” because he owns a dog and three cats. Williams told Brock that while construction was being done on her house, there were a lot of workers coming in and out of her house. Some of the workers inquired about Taz and what she fed the exotic cat.

Brock tracked down the workers.

“I had to be real careful. I didn’t want to spook anybody to the point where they harm the animal,” said Brock. “I basically told them it would be in everybody’s best interest if this cat was returned to the family safe and unharmed.”

After several days, Taz suddenly appeared at Williams’ house.

Williams said that Taz hissed and growled when he first saw them. But she did say that it appeared that Taz was cared for while he was gone and didn’t seem dehydrated or hungry.

“I don’t even know what to say about detective Brock. We truly believe if it wasn’t for him, we would have never seen Taz again,” she said.

Source: NBC2, Naples News

Photo: WVVA

7 Responses to “$10,000 Missing Cat Returned To Owners”

  1. Nancy G. says:

    Um, if I had construction workers going in and out, I’d have my pets in crates or secured in other rooms, and I would certainly be there while this work was going on. Glad the kitty was returnd safe and sound, but really, with a $10,000 cat, take a lot more precautions to ensure its safety! And we need more officers like this one, what a jewel.

  2. Nora and Rufus says:

    Taz said “HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN!!!” when he hissed and growled. I guess the owners were just too trusting of strangers in their home. A beautiful exotic cat like Taz would be a huge temptation.

  3. 2CatMom says:

    Nancy G is totally correct. Putting aside theft, its easy enough for a cat to get spooked when strange people are in the house with noisy tools and the like. My cats go into ”kitty jail” when workers come in….whatever room isn’t being worked on gets the cats, their food and water bowls and litter box for the duration of the work. Its much safer for everyone.

  4. amy says:

    or maybe the cat snuck out with all the people going in and out, and then just turned up of its own accord a few days later?

  5. Tanya says:

    sorry, but this is so easy to criticize others in teh “You should have” and “i never would allow” nonsense.

    people who are good pet (and human) parents are not always able to protect thier animals: accidents happen, confusion reigns, communication goes bad (did you let the cat out?)…

    people want to much to blame, rather than just be happy the cat is found, or sad the cat is lost, or angry the cat is stolen.

  6. Catlady says:

    The owner noticed that the cat was missing when it didn’t “show up for dinner”, and became concerned by “the next morning”??? This sounds more like this cat was ALLOWED to be outside. Why would anyone let a cat worth $10,000 be wandering outside? There are far more dangers outside than just being taken. My cat is not worth that much money, but is priceless to me and is never allowed outside. Her safety is my primary concern. If a stranger is in my house doing work, she is confined safely in another part of the house. Glad that Taz is back safely, and I hope the owner learned some lessons from this experience.

  7. mittens says:

    i had to practically have a fist fight with the job boss when my landlord had all the windows in the building replaced. i had to demand one room with my cats safely in it be done last when they wanted to take out all the windows at once, loll around at lunch then replace them all at once-what the hell was i suppose to do with my indoor cats? as it is they kept leaving the front door wide open( i live in the city on a major street with lots of car and pedestrian traffic going by my front door ) showing little regard for my possessions let alone my pets. and they wanted me to leave for the day- yeah, right.

    trust no one. and what the hell are they thinking letting a 10,000 dollar exotic cat trot around on it’s own? not too bright i imagine. it doesn’t sound like the cat being out on its own was an ‘ accident’ from the wording of the piece so one assumes these masterminds let it out unsupervised in general thus it WAS their own damn fault.

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