128 Cats Euthanized In New Mexico Due To Abuse

Warning: Please note that this story may disturb some readers.

Last week, Animal Control officers removed 129 cats, four horses, four dogs and three rabbits from a house in New Mexico. There may be more cats in the house because investigators found cats living in the walls and are trying to get them out.

One of the cats died on the way to the animal shelter, and the rest of the 128 cats had to be euthanized because they all were extremely sick and “their illnesses ranged from feline AIDS and leukemia to untreated wounds from fighting with other cats, undernourishment, respiratory problems and some were unable to stand”.

A women was arrested in this case and the investigation is continuing. The other animals found are expected to recover.

One Response to “128 Cats Euthanized In New Mexico Due To Abuse”

  1. Traci says:

    We frequently get grown cats from “collectors” at Animal Talk. This case is obviously among the worst, but even in “lighter” situations the cats are not groomed and given needed affection (they are often unsocialized and very shy of humans), they are invariably not spayed or neutered and often have upper respiratory conditions that need to be taken care of by antibiotics as soon as they arrive. Some arrive underweight and bony.

    Collectors take in cats because it’s all about them (a fulfilling of some emotional need), not about the cats (as opposed to someone who has taken in tons of cats because they are doing true saving of animal lives or rescue work). This is just a very sad story.

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