15 Foot Pet Python Is Boy’s Best Friend


Most children dream of cuddling up to an adorable puppy or a sweet kitten, but Sambath Uon, a seven-year-old boy from Cambodia, loves playing with his 15 foot Burmese python.

Chamreun (meaning Lucky) found her way into Sambath’s village seven years ago when Sambath was just a baby. His father tried to return the snake back to the forest three times, but each time, she would loyally return to Sambath.

After seven years of living with Sambath and his family, Chamreun is Sambath’s best friend and playmate. He even tries to teach her tricks. Sambath said he loves his python just like how he loves his sister.

The village accepts Chamreun and think that she brings good fortune. This python is just part of the family.

Source: Telegraph

43 Responses to “15 Foot Pet Python Is Boy’s Best Friend”

  1. A.C. says:

    Wow, all the hair on my arms just stood up. Can anyone say, “funeral waiting to happen?”. Reptiles are pure instinct and the first time this boy moves or smells like food, well…..*shudder*.

  2. Bridgett says:

    And look! He will fit in her stomach just perfectly!

  3. Nora and Rufus says:

    What a DANGEROUS misconception.

  4. Tanya says:

    I know almost nothing about snakes, but that store makes me quite concerned. don’t 15 foot pythons eat COWS for dinner?

  5. Michelle says:

    Oh boy, this makes me scared for the boys life. Although I am not an expert on snakes, I don’t really think that snakes can be compared to, lets say dogs, who are usually loyal and committed to their owners. This snake can turn on the boy at any minute. I say don’t put that snake back in the forest but send it somewhere safe, where it can put others out of potential harm.

  6. furmom says:

    I don’t think the boy has anything to worry about. As long as the python is well fed she won’t eat him. She’s saving him just in case times get lean. I’m a little concerned about the boy’s social life is his main best friend is a snake, he should get out more.

  7. JB says:

    Stories like this always concern me. That snake is a WILD animal with wild instincts. Not too long ago, a man in my area was attacked by the bobcat he had raised. These animals are not meant to be pets.

  8. trudyjackson says:

    That is scarey. i’ve heard many times of pythons attacking it’s owner. One was a man that had the snake and He came into the bedroom and got around a pregnant woman. Snakes don’t know the difference, a warm body smells good to them.

  9. ryssee says:

    Yeah, it’s really cute. ‘Til we hear the story about “15 Foot Python Eats Boy in Cambodia.”

  10. Alex says:

    I have read quite a bit about snakes recently (I intend to buy one) and every expert I have read up on or spoken to has said “Children should not be allowed to touch a snake bigger than 6′ or go any where near any snake that is 8′ long”, this snake is almost double that.

    That snake could eat that kid and than ask whats for dessert. Dangerous, dangerous move.

    This will no dought end very badly.

  11. someone says:

    get that boy away from it!!!!!!! r u crazy?!!!!

  12. someone says:

    the next thing on the news will be “boy eaten by his ‘best friend’”!

  13. Pirate hooker says:

    Theres nothing wrong with any of it, and no 15 foot burmese pythons do not eat cows you thick twat. It may turn on him in the future but its really sweet.

  14. livi says:

    that is awsome everyone thinks its goin to kill him its not and dogs kill there owners more than pythons

  15. Urs says:

    The video footage I saw, showed the boy treating the snake quite disrespectfully. The snake was amazingly patient but there might come a time were she isn’t and will ‘warn’ him off, which might end in his death. Hope it never comes to this but more caution would be possibly better. The problem will be that the snake will be blamed. I love snakes but I don’t think we understand them enough…

  16. Urs says:

    …and I fear for both, the boy and the snake equally!

  17. Julian Allen says:

    I think this is a great story to realize that some snakes can be dangerouse but we also can be one with the animal instead of killing them each time they are visible I’m not saying that this is a good idea to leave someone with a 15 foot python because they can be very dangerous but as long as there are two people watching the children they should be fine.If we realize that snakes are wild animals instead of cuddly mammals there would be less incidents. be smart about choosing a pet based on your life and the others around,it really shouldn’t be a problem at all. This is coming from a 16 year old who studies snakes and owns a goboon viper along with 6 pythons

  18. jon bright says:

    it all depends on whether or not this was a wild caught snake..because if it was born in captivity then burmese pythons can be as docile as a golden retriever, i know this for a fact because i owned a 16 foot burm, that was nicer than most dogs i encountered!

  19. aiden says:

    um like someone said earlier…more people are killed by there own dogs than by snakes. Dog’s even through years of breeding are still just as wild as snakes and if are starved have been know to turn on each other and owners. This was the case in an insident when an owner starved his 6 pitbulls. They ended up eating each other. Wild dog packs run wild all across the globe, with dogs ranging in size from toy poodles to saint bernards. There was recently a case where a woman was almost mawed to death by two “wild” pitbulls. Now I know snakes in general touch a dark spot in our mind where fear roams rabid, but we are not on the menu. I have held and owned snakes ranging from 3 feet to 23 feet. Some were hostle while otheres were as gental as kittens. The more a snake is held and becomes acustom to humans the less it will see you as a food source or be afraid of human interaction. Also if you starve your snake it just might turn around and eat you the same way a dog might. Little Sambath is probably safer with that snake than with a dog…considering dogs are on the menu in those parts…

  20. Dan says:

    I don’t think the snake is going to eat him. Disrespectful? That snake most likely could not possibly be hurt by that boy apart from a poke in the eye. Those two grew up together, the snake is obviously attached to him. His being warm is a nighttime heat source for the snake. Are you going to eat your radiator? Maybe attack your base board heater when you get a bit hungry? After a hearty meal, a goat for a snake like that, the snake can go a whole year without eating… The snake’s a danger really to any friends this kid might have due jealousy. If he keeps paying the snake enough attention everyone there should be just fine. After living in the jungle the times the snake has been outcast the snake probably thinks the village is snake paradise. I betcha the snake is scared and lonely when it gets kicked out.

  21. Willi Krause says:

    Why do you think the snake “loyally” returned to the village? Because there are little packets of food running around on two legs.

  22. austin says:

    i know that kid is safe because he has been with this snake him hole life look on youtube plus if you she how gentle the snake is with the kid and how the kid is not scared makes a big diffrence alls i have to say im 12 and i have one just like it and its just is nice.??????

  23. amba reptile lover says:

    y r ya bein so negative just because its a huge snake dunt mean its gonna eat the poor boy i mean it has bin living in the village for 7 years n if the snake would of eaten ene1 the would of gotten rid of it then.n the snake seem really attatched to the boy n his people.

  24. laura says:

    The only thing that really concerns me is the kids social life… his best friend is a python althought this snake is beautiful, he needs to get out more.

  25. Alexia says:

    y is ever1 is being so negative? im 13 and i have 5 pythons and as long as it is treated proplerly it won’t do anything to anyboby.and if wanted to eat the boy why after 7 years. and the boy seems pretty happy to me.

  26. lizzzzy says:

    OMG THATS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! I WISH I COULD HAVE A PET SNAKE!!!! that snake looks AWESOME!!! i personally dont give a crap if
    the kid gets eaten…. as long as they dont kill the snake…. then i would be very sad :(

  27. cheezy says:

    I hope this is not the boy eaten by a pet snake in google videos.Seen this story on news.This animals cannot be handled carelessly their instint is kill to survive,not to kill is learned.That is danger looming for this poor boy it’s just the matter of when.Very sad.

  28. Boss of South Texas says:

    I have a burmese python, never been bitten, its all about energy and confidence when handling them and as long as the snake is fed it wont have a reason to eat the boy, night time heat source is another reason the snake wont eat the boy. The snake should be able to tell that humans are not food by now, its been living in that village for 7 years and if it isnt killed it should outlive the boy. If anything the snake will defend the boy from any other harm and he(the boy) is more likely to die of a school falling on him, their in cambodia, come on now ;).
    Big Boss.

  29. Daniel says:

    yes the snake can kill him with easy
    but people saying its a wild animal it should not be a pet….. well a dog is a wild animal captive bred or not as you say it still has wild instincts and comparing a bocat to a snake haha please do be serous!

  30. Anonymous says:

    i see nothingg wrongg with it. appraently the snake isnt going to do anythingg. because if it was goingg to it would have done somethingg alreadyy. soo its been seven years. its whatever.

  31. lizzy says:

    to the person who posted below me you are wrong ive raised snakes from all kinds from corn and milks to reticulated pythons which get over 20ft and i handle everyday and the only way that snake would turn on that boy is if he neglects to feed it then yea he would have the right to die but its people like you who need to understand the docile creatures that boy is lucky to have that snake its an amazing story

  32. Alyssa says:


  33. ricky says:

    ….the next time this boy’s picture came out to the internet,is getting out to the snake belly,he will be lucky to get alive if that happen .

  34. Denene says:

    hehe thats pretty cool. and theres no point being all negative and saying ‘oh he’s gonna get eaten’ because its been repeated a million times but saying that will never actually do anything to change whats happening, and if you ‘fear for his safety’ then stop complaining and do something, lol

  35. Billy- Jean says:

    I WANT IT!!!

  36. Deirdre says:

    Cute. :)

  37. jess says:

    thats the best story Ive ever heard I love snakes

  38. CambodianAmerican says:

    ???THE BOY DOESN’T HAVE A SOCIAL LIFE AND NEEDS TO GET OUT MORE OFTEN??? Hello! Are you stupid?…Cambodia is a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY…he can’t go down the street to the park and throw a football with the other boys in the neighborhood…he can’t take a drive with relatives to the local cinema to catch the latest flick…In Cambodia there is nothing but tons of old mine grounds as well as rice fields and other aspects of agricultural living…in short, it’s mostly the WILD…the only options he has is to join the rest of his family in the rice patties/farms…if he’s lucky his family will be able to afford probably three days worth of schooling at the local school which if I might add, is one building consisting of one huge room that teaches children from different age ranges to read and write…living in a village is far more different and difficult than living in the city in a country like Cambodia…Most children do nothing but wake up at the crack of dawn to work just to put one bowl of food on the table…they work anywhere from 10 to 12 hours a day with other members of their family…and as young as 5…so before you start making comments that suggest the boy is “weird” or “has no life” because he hangs out with a python…please take into consideration the type of lifestyle he is exposed to in a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY…besides, his social is the last thing any one should be worried about…HELLO…that’s a python…how about his health or well being? if you ask me, this is more of a concern for me than his “social life”…

    On a different note, it creeps me out to see a boy riding on the back of a snake…I’m not for it…it’s highly dangerous…Regardless of what type of animal it may be, from snakes to kittens, one day it will strike it’s owner…

  39. madison says:

    first of all, i have been around MANY snakes and find that they are QUITE affectionate. i do think that they are capable of love. this boy have been around this snake since they were both very young, the snake may even think of this boy as a parent. the boy seems to love this snake, i dont blame him, its his protector. i agree with denene, honestly. if you dont like snakes, dont bother with them, they probably dont like you either. the snake would only turn on the boy if he was a threat, which obviously, he is not. suck it up.

  40. Sally says:

    One could write a book about snake behavior and their relationships with humans or other animals. It’s also understandable how everybody has different ideas about this. We are all different. However, I am sure the majority of parents would be terrified of the picture we all viewed. Nevertheless, I don’t think we have to go any further than the following argument:
    A good loyal dog can bite his/her owner after years of living together and having a good relationship. Why? I don’t know dogs enough to answer this, but we all know it has happened. The good news is that most likely a dog attack will not result in the human’s death. Let’s see. The boy has lived with the snake for six years. They have a very “sweet” relationship. For all of you who love and know snakes; why are you so sure that unlike the misbehaved dog, the snake won’t strike his/her owner? I believe we can all agree that there is a possibility that at some point in time (mishandling the snake, making him jealous, disrespecting him) the snake will strike. Oh, but when it does, it will be fatal. Unless an adult with a big sword happens to be there and kills the snake. Well, in that case, “lucky” would have been happier in the woods. For God’s sake, dogs can’t swallow us whole. In the worst case scenario, a human can run away from a dog’s bite. I doubt one can escape the bite of an oversized python. In any case, there may be elements to this story that we are missing. Knowing more about the culture of this village is one of those elements. In conclusion, nobody can say for sure what will or will not happen. However, as the parent of two children I can say one thing with certainty. As long as I can help it, probabilities will never determine my children’s life spans.

  41. jason says:

    just like any wild animal. Yes the snake could strike; it could kill the kid with ease.Will it” No one will ever know. I run a reptile rescue and I love these wonderfull and misunderstood creatures. What really is a killer?? We kill nature; we kill ourselves. We damage the earth every day. I consider the kid lucky to not have to deal with 1st world country bullsh>t and to live with the worlds greatest creatures. Every attack on a human is a cause and effect. Most of them food-related because we are head strong and are ignorant. I have three kids and they all play and respect every creature as if they were another human-being and I guarantee nothing will ever happen to them.

  42. Scott says:

    Anyone who thinks that this is just an accident to happen is just ignorant. Yes, even though the snake is a wild animal and it could attack him, if it was going to it would have done it a long time ago and then left. You cannot compare snakes to pets like cats and dogs because they are clearly different, but from what i have experienced with my snakes they can be very loyal. I have snakes that never bit or even took a strike at me its entire life, but also have some that bite at every opportunity. Every snake has a different temperament and this one is obviously calm and affectionate, and nothing is going to change that.

  43. James says:

    i have never ever been bitten by my snakr`s and pythons don`t even eat people. so if you watched that anaconda movie crap, you are an idiot. snakes will bite if you are carless and dogs are more likley to kill you.

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