2 Dogs Die From Kidney Failure After Eating Recalled Treats

BusinessWeek reports that 2 dogs in Puerto Rico has died after eating Ol’Roy treats. The deaths were blamed on kidney failure. Industry officials have claimed that risks from treats were minimal due to the minor amounts of wheat gluten contained in treats.

(Thanks Pet Connection)

2 Responses to “2 Dogs Die From Kidney Failure After Eating Recalled Treats”

  1. Cheryl in CA says:

    Yep, one more product that I have in my cupboard that is going into the trash bin!

  2. Debbie says:

    Better yet than throwing the poison foods in the garbage, return them to the place of purchase in exchange for a safe brand. Let the companies take another loss…and make a major statement!
    A receipt is not always necessary as it states on some of the bag/labels. Nevertheless without a receipt, they are recalls, and poison is poison.
    The place of purchase does not take a loss.
    Been there, done that…no problem.

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