26 Dogs Rescued From Alleged Dogfighting Operation

Pit bullMissouri authorities seized 25 pit bulls and a beagle from a barn in Stoddard County, Missouri at one of the state’s largest dogfighting rings.

Police officers arrested three men on dogfighting charges. One of the men arrested is well known in Southern Missouri for animal fighting.

Investigators found various dogfighting evidence: treadmills, medical supplies, and journals detailing fights. Many of the dogs seized showed injuries and scars.

A Humane Society spokeswoman said the dogs are being held as evidence, and once the court case is over, their behavior will be evaluated.

“It’s possible that they could be placed in a special adoptive situation, like a pit bull rescue organization, with people who have experience with pit bulls as companion animals,” she said. “But it would be very special and under just the right circumstances.”

Investigators said that even though dogfighting is a felony in Missouri, it is believed that it happens regularly in every county.

“Generally, our tips are very generic, and it’s tough to get in there and do something about it,” an investigator said. “That’s why this tip was so good — they actually named names and the location. They were in the process of setting up a fight that night.”

This dogfighting raid is the largest of any other raid in at least five years in Missouri.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Photo: KSDK

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7 Responses to “26 Dogs Rescued From Alleged Dogfighting Operation”

  1. Nancy G. says:

    What about the poor beagle?

  2. Nora and Rufus says:

    Yes, what about that Beagle. They are one of the most submissive and non agressive breeds there is. That is a big reason that they are chosen by animal lab testors (the creeps). Where is the little beagle going?

  3. Jenny Bark says:

    I agree with you too about the Beagle, they are such great dogs & are treated so badly. I also wish we all could do something wonderful for the great, great person who turned them in. I guess the person & their family wouldn’t be safe if they gave the name out, shame they deserve to be honored.

    I hope they really do try to save the Pit Bulls, a couple look so young. What Held said in the paper didn’t sound so good.

    Didn’t we have a poster say a while back that their was no dog fighting in Missouri?

  4. kathy says:

    Sure wish someone would come forward in Colorado—I know we have dog fighting here, I hear little bits and pieces of stuff here and there, see scarred up dogs, dogs get stolen, probably for bait, etc. etc.

  5. Nora and Rufus says:

    Kathy, if you see scarred up dogs, whose are they? That could be a lead!

  6. Jeanie says:

    Sad, but dog fighting is probably everywhere. My friend and I were walking her dog in the park and we say a lady walking an adorable pit bull puppy. The puppy was terrified of my friends dog even though he’s not aggressive and just tried to say hello. The woman expained she had found the puppy looking dead on the side of the road in her neighborhood. It was emaciated, covered in fleas and had bite wounds. Pretty obvious this dog had been used as “bait”. So sad. Luckily he was on his way to recovery because of this woman. I live in Sacramento, CA and I’ve never heard of a dog fighting bust so it must be pretty underground.

  7. EmilyS says:

    Kathy, the Denver shelter kills more “pit bulls” (defined as anything they think looks like one) than all the dogfighters in the state, maybe the country. Many of these dogs are family pets whose owners were unfortunate (or stupid) enough to move to Denver not knowing of their Draconian law. Many have not a drop of pit bull blood, according to people who have seen them

    Maybe you could focus on THAT inhumanity.

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