3 Million Contaminated Chickens Sold, Hundreds of Plants May Have Gotten Tainted Ingredients

Key points from the FDA press conference:

  • 2.5 to 3 million chickens have been fed the tainted pet food and already sold to the public.
  • “Hundreds” of plants could have received tainted vegetable protein from China.
  • Due to “low risk”, chicken and pork not recalled. Yet FDA says they lack toxicity data on melamine.
  • Refuses to name any more company names.

Live blog results of FDA press conference at Pet Connection.

Also, Reps. Dingell and Stupak dispatched congressional investigators to west coast ports to look into contamination (most likely Long Beach, CA).

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  1. Cathleen says:

    Besides not having done any long-term studies on the effects of melamine (even in low doses) in humans, the FDA only has addressed how “safe” these amounts of *melamine* are while admitting that there are other compounds besides melamine involved in the pet deaths. They said “melamine-related compounds” in the press conference, but it’s already coming out that cyanuric acid is one, and others might be ammelide and ammeline.

  2. Hermes Momma says:

    This is going to continue to unfold. I just realized that the protein powder my husband was consuming for his nutrition/weight program includes soy protein isolate. Now this didn’t really concern me until I saw the FDA Import Alert requesting the detention of ALL vegetable (rice, corn, wheat, soy) protein products for animal and human use from China (http://www.fda.gov/ora/fiars/ora_import_ia9929.html) issued on Friday (4/27).

    I called EAS (the sport supplement co.), which is a division of Abbott Labs and the gentleman on the phone told me that he had received an email about the detention and they were looking in to the source of their proteins. Now Abbott makes a number of nutritional products including the EAS line, Ensure and baby formulas like Similac. I’m going to insist that my husband quit using until they assure us that the ingredient was not sourced from China and it is safe to use. Also, I hope that they have a heck of a QC system and a good tracing system given that they are producing infant formulas.

  3. Donna says:

    It’s becoming more clear to me why the FDA refused to admit there was a problem earlier. They would have had a tough time justifying not destroying the chickens while they were still walking around. Now three million of then have been sold and most likely eaten already.

  4. pat says:

    3 million chickens. ok, if 45 people ate 350 hogs, how many people do you suppose ate 3 million chickens? after all, chickens are much smaller than hogs. if a person can eat between 7-8 hogs, then you gotta figure they can eat 100 or so chickens. that means about 30,000 people, right? see, it’s not so bad.

    now i’m waiting for the statement that we’ve been eating melamine contaminated food for a long time and we’re not dead so this is ok. it’s only a matter of time.

  5. anna_2007 says:

    Because several in my circle were repeatedly getting ill - stomach ailments etc, eating out, I took on a huge responsibility last year to offer a service, of providing prepared meals cooked to Ayurvdic principles, and providing it to those who wanted to participate (and my cooking is that good) including home baked bread, pies everything… I use nothing, but nothing from boxes or cans, just fresh. My poor kitty got only 70% home cooked, and was hit twice with the morally insane outputs of this pet “poison” industry.

    Now the humans I supply with home cooked and catered meals - I just told them I can’t even rely on the flour, corn meal, or fresh chickens I cook with.

    Where does this end?

    Who will rid us of this unspeakably evil greed that infests this country and this planet?

    These are the same monsters that buy the courts, buy the judges, buy the lawyers, buy the regulators, buy anyone who gets in their way so they can continue to perpetrate this evil. Mark my words, there is only one way to stop this, and the village elders of days gone by knew how.

  6. Andrea Roach says:

    How do we know we’re not dead? I mean I know I’m not dead but in the past three years we have suffered many deaths in our family. Maybe they weren’t just old and sick - especially my healthy, fairly young uncle who suddenly dropped dead after a mild stomach flu. No cause was ever determined.

    How do we know long term damage to our organs has not occurred that won’t show up for years?

    I need to go make myself a tin foil hat but I’m not buying it that all is well.

  7. pat says:

    andrea, you’re absolutely right, we don’t know… and they ain’t gonna tell us either. they’re going to try to distract us by outlawing transfat, warning us of the dangers of second hand smoke and doing in-depth, hard-hitting investigative reporting on the family dynamics of alec baldwin and his daughter. have a chicken nugget.

  8. redmal says:

    Our economies have become so dependent upon one another that in time, I suspect that melamine & it compounds, will be allowed in food at xx ppm (like many other things that are allowed). We, as a country or government, do not want to go through the growing pains that exclusionary policies (whether only food related or more encompassing) would entail. The stage seems to already be being set.

    The push towards “one world” “globalization” “one economy” (which has been going on for decades), serves to lower the bar of higher standards in an effort to help raise the bar of lower standards. At best, this results in mediocrity. At worst, higher standards are lowered and compromised away until the lowest common denominator is met. Which, will undoubtedly be just slightly above the lower bar which was being ‘assisted’ to meet higher standards. The economic interdependence we have allowed ourselves to become enmeshed in effectively paralyzes our ability to react with a meaningful response. It would be too disruptive to the economy to move fast and swift. At least, that’s what I think the government is thinking. This whole thing is dispicable as are many of its participants.

    There is no realistic way that these products are not directly in human products. It’s absurd to think they are not given the large number of tons and an estimated contamination rate of 25%-40%. Of course this is in some of our packaged goods, besides pigs & chickens.

  9. Lynda says:

    When I read the first recall’s information that the tainted wheat gluten was marked for human consumption and that all of it was not accounted for, I aid then “It’s loose in the human food system and the Powers that Be are afraid to let that be known, as it will panick the peons.” And I’ve eaten little except salads and locally grown food, since then.

    I’m still gambling that my cats are safer on their new raw food diet than they were on commercial food. (I can vouch for their loving it and blossoming with it in even this short time!)

  10. Grace says:

    Did you know they even use wheat gluten and pea protein in wine-making? (Hope it is not sourced from China…or if so, then “hopefully” the contaminants would not remain in the finished product.) This is from an FDA document:

    “The subjects of the notice are hydrolyzed wheat gluten isolate and pea protein isolate. The notice informs FDA of the view of Martin Vialatte that hydrolyzed wheat gluten isolate and pea protein isolate are GRAS, through scientific procedures, for use as fining agents in wine making. Protein fining agents are used in the wine industry to clarify wines and to reduce astringency. During this treatment, tannins natural to grapes, which are responsible for astringency and haze, interact with hydrolyzed wheat gluten isolate or pea protein isolate to form insoluble complexes that precipitate from the wine.”

  11. KatieKat says:

    To not recall the meat that is contaminated is so idiotic!! What do they think is going to happen to people that already are dealing with health issues, like cancer, diabetes, or already have kidney disease?

    Well needless to say all the chicken that was in my freezer has been disposed of, I am so glad I got rid of it back when they first mention that it may have been contaminated.

  12. Cynthia says:

    But of course, the FDA is going to keep us in the dark by not letting us know what chicken brands are contaminated by melamine. Afterall it’s “safe” so they say and unlikely not to make us sick. Not that we have a right to know. I’m sure the FDA is trying to protect the companies that are involved.

    The government and corporations all work hand in hand. They take care of themselves first and foremost. They surely have only their own invested interests at heart, not ours!

  13. Cynthia says:

    But of course, the FDA is going to keep us in the dark by not letting us know what chicken brands are contaminated by melamine. After-all it’s “safe” so they say and unlikely not to make us sick. Not that we have a right to know. I’m sure the FDA is trying to protect the companies that are involved.

    The government and corporations all work hand in hand. They take care of themselves first and foremost. They surely have only their own invested interests at heart, not ours!

  14. Cynthia says:

    OOPS! sorry for the double post and the typos. My siamese keeps walking all over my keyboard!

  15. KatieKat says:

    Cynthis…Tyson is in Indiana…they are the largest poultry processor in the US, the also have numerous facilities overseas….

  16. Joan says:

    Food for thought. I know 2 humans personaly who currently are fighting cancer and some who were lost to cancer. Many animals I have known also who were lost to cancer. You are what you eat! and the FDA has not a clue what all this melamine will and has done to the ones that have and will eat it.

  17. Sylvia says:

    Lame Response I Received From Senator Patty Murray of WA State

    When I wrote her asking her to help ensure the safety of food imports from China due to the revelations from this pet food disaster, all I got back was a canned response about how great free trade with China is for the state of Washington. She just does not seem to think that anything but the money matters. I wrote her a second time when it was revealed that the contamination had spread into the human food supply, but have gotten no response. On her web page she seems proud to be the number one promoter of free trade in the Senate.


    But what about safe and fair trade? I think we can do better than the grotesque situation we have right now. Here is Senator Murray’s e-mail if you want to contact her.


  18. Mandy says:

    I don’t even know what to eat anymore. EVERYTHING seems to be contaminated now. First they say pigs, now they say chickens. What next? Fish? Beef? It’s enough to make you consider going vegetarian! But oh wait, grains aren’t safe either! I’m just waiting for them to say that veggies have been contaminated too. No wonder other countries don’t want to buy from us. Who would?

  19. Ann says:

    There is something not quite right about trying to contact folks who bought the hogs to tell them NOT to eat them and turning around and saying it’s ok that folks ate them.

    Ann H.

  20. Renee says:

    I just sent the following email update message to all my friends. I have been trying desperately since the start of the recall to keep everyone informed and get them to become active in spreading the word. Unfortunately it falls upon deaf ears most of the time.
    This whole crisis is way beyond scary at this point. I cannot even comprehend it all even though I have been following every moment of this recall since the very first day. I just got done contacting all of the following media sources URGING them to please cover this damn story already!!- CBS-Evening News, Morning News, NBC, Dateline, Early Today, Evening News, MSNBC TV, Weekend Edition, Today Show, NY1, ABC, Nightline, Primetime, 20/20, This Week, World News Now, ABC News Specials, and 7online.com I still plan to contact more but at least it’s a good start. The FDA and pet food industry *cannot* get away this…time to force feed *them* some of their poison food and let them choke on it. I urge everyone to follow my lead and be as active as possible with spreading the information to the media, and anyone that crosses your path. Thanks.

  21. pat says:

    I think this is proof that the government exists to facilitate the corporate agenda, and not to protect the public. I imagine that their rationale is that they don’t want to start a national panic, but non-disclosure always causes more panic than complete disclosure. And anger. Lots and lots of anger. Panicked people can be calmed, but truly angry people tend to stay angry for a long, long time.

  22. Deb G. says:

    What do we eat at this point! I have a small farm, horses, chickens and this is the first year we are raising chickens to eat. I’ve been feeding organic but I am starting to wonder, do we ready know what’s in it? I’m going crazy trying to read all the lables of everything and when I’m done I still don’t know if it’s safe. And still nothing on the news!!!!! I read a comment on another post topic about whey protein you use to mix in drinks may be effected? Baby formula too???? When are we going to be told what’s really going on so we can make our own decisions if we want to eat this food that the FDA is telling us is OK? We have a right to know. Maybe we should stop paying our taxes considering the fact that all levels of govt. seem to be unable to do their jobs. What is the govt. doing to protect us. We need a revolution……

  23. Deb G. says:

    Renee, I totally agree with you and have been emailing the media for weeks. They fully know what’s going on but for many reason they are not reporting on it. I worked in radio for years and recently called my old boss to discuss this and other situations I ‘ve seen lately that don’t get covered on TV news. He said things have gotten much worst in the last 3yrs and the govt. and corps. have the controll. You will find out more reading news on the net and overseas news. Things that I’ve research on line take weeks to hit the news, and sometimes they never make it or they skim over it quickly. Still we should ALL keep emailing them to let them know we’re not stupid nor giving up. The squeaky wheel……..

  24. Lorie says:

    My husband just came home and I read him the latest headlines on ITCHMO he was like What the f*&^% why isn’t this SH*$ in the news. He is livid he was all ready livid at the pet food companies for our 2 cats being affected by food taht is not recalled yet and now this. Just goes to show you if it wouldn’t be for this wonderful site everyone would be in the dark, today at work I sent the ITCHMO link to almost everyone that I thought would care in my email address book. Tired of waiting for the news to do anything. People actually emailed me back and thanked me for letting them know about the site.

  25. Sylvia says:

    I like your spunk, Deb G.! I have never liked the term, “free trade”, myself, as you can see. Everyone knows that only suckers think you can get anything good for free. I don’t know whay they use the term in the first place. We got just what you would expect for FREE…poisoned food, corporate greed of many nations including our own and corrupt, ineffective government officials. (And that won’t change until there is lobbying reform here in the U.S.A.)

  26. Deb says:

    Thanks Hermes Mom….I was a bit concerned about my protein drinks also. Could you post your findings????

    This is so scary…..it seems like no all that many people really know about this. I work as a vendor to the grocery business. NONE of our products are on recall, for now any way. My company does a mix of laundy, HBC and grocery….NO PET PRODUCTS.

    Needless to say I send lots of time in various stores. I carry the recall product list with me….I do talk to people about it. I would say 75% to 80% of the people knew about the first round of recalls….they don’t know about all the base product issue, they don’t know it jumped into the human food chain…..it just blows me away. I see many people buying product that was recalled or made by those mfg’ers. I don’t know what to think, I wonder if I am overly paranoid. April 27th was the last date our local newspaper had an article posted about this….to me that is unacceptable. Right now, I am on a mission to educate these people….find something better for your pets and consider what you are eating.

    I wonder how many people out there think this is over with.

    Mandy……frozen catfish has been pulled from Wall-Marts….issues with banned antibotics in the fish feed…..the fish feed came from China (what a surprise???).

    When I was young there was a company called Boontonware. They made “MelMac” dishes and tableware. Melamine tableware was very popular in the 50’s and 60’s. I still remember the smell of this place…..as a kid it hurt to breathe, we use to hold our breathe when we passed the place, it burnt your eyes and worse yet you tasted it (this was before the days of afterburners and scrubbers…the exhaust went right out into the air)……we thought we would die from just smelling it….and trust me when the wind was blowing the right way….you smelled it for miles. Nasty place. The plant shut down….the building was vacant for a long time…there was talk of haz-mat issues. (That I have to look in to) Now to think we are eating that…it’s disturbing.

  27. Amy says:

    Pat - you made me laugh out loud and it’s been awhile - thank you!

  28. Dee says:

    On the chickens, it occurs to me that a much greater danger than eating chickens that have been fed melamine might be eating the EGGS from chickens that have been fed melamine. I’m just wondering if, rather than being “diluted” in the muscle meat of eaten chickens it mightn’t go right on into the eggs and be eaten directly by those consuming eggs. Any biologists on board who could speak to that?

  29. Amy says:

    Pat - I meant the 100 chickens/person and chicken nugget comments ;)

    I also agree with your gov’t protecting corporate agenda comment… come on we have an oil man and his cronies running this show and we wonder why gas prices are so high and there are limited hybrid/alternative fuel options??? Come on! The technology is there… but too many important people are making too much money off oil. So why wouldn’t they cover up the melamine issue? Can you imagine what would happen if the truth came out? Our entire economy would be turned upside down.

  30. Renee says:

    Deb G. & Deb- I completely agree. I think it’s a combination of some people that “know” but chose to stay in their world of denial, to the downright ignorant people out there that just don’t seem to care,despite how many “urgent-breaking news” messages I send them/ I just don’t get it, I will never understand people. Why I continue trying is beyond me. Guess I just refuse to give up hope that one of these days one of the dozens of friends I send updates to will actually say thanks and offer to get involved and help spread the word. The media is despicable, I can’t think of any other word for it right now. I mean I know about their advertising and excuses but there comes a time when you have say screw it and stand up for something as urgent as this crisis is.

  31. Deb G. says:

    Dee, I’m not a biologist but I have had egg layer chickens for years and your probably on the right track. After all, they eat everyday and lay eggs everyday. And most chicken farms encourage them to lay more eggs by using lights 24hrs a day(so I’ve been told). Also, most farms are not free range so they don’t even get exercise. At least free range eat more of whats natural to them and less food. This I know from our experience as we use very little feed in the summer. Our chickens are free to roam 34acres and they love it. Their eggs are amazing. So, I would say you want to lean towards organic free range for a better chance. I myself am even questioning the organic feed we use. I pray whats on the lable is the real deal.

  32. Deb G. says:

    Renee, what your doing is what we all need to do…just don’t give up. Keep telling everyone you can. I believe that if you know something that could hurt someone, you must let them know even if they think your crazy. My family and some friends say I worry too much, but fact is maybe I know too much. I do alot of research and sometimes it is very over whelming but it will help others in the end because you never know at some point what you told them may save their lives or someone elses. If the media won’t do it, we can. This site is the best place to tell people about. If we can get them here, we’ve done a great thing and if they don’t come we still tryed. As always, thank you Itchmo!!!!!

  33. Grace says:

    This is giving an added dimension to the term “anorexia nervosa”!

  34. johnypaycut says:

    i wrote senator patty murray this morning? im sure im not the olny 1
    who gave her an earful? then i called my senator who’s been very helpful
    over the 15+years i’ve know him, a Ny democrat.. he is very aware of
    the implications of china’s poison. i also explaned my belief that corruption
    is a very dangerous problem . we cannot afford this in dealing with
    it is up to us now,
    we need to presist in adovcating change .. it will come, but me mustn’t
    ever give in..
    i was a marine durring the vietnam war, you must push, and prod..
    and never waver. we WILL win!

  35. Renee says:

    Deb G.- Exactly, well said. I keep hoping that maybe, just maybe, something I have been ranting and raving about to all of my friends will resonate with at least one of them. The email/updates I send tend to be rather lengthy, I just hope they bother to take the 5-10 minutes of their time to actually read them, since it’s VERY critical stuff. Could be a matter of life and death, literally. I hope if enough of us are endlessly persistent, that it will start to sink in with people. At least we can never be accused of not trying that’s for sure. I am so thankful for this site, as well as howl911.com. I’d be lost without the wonderful compassionate people that post here, it’s about the only place I feel at home right now, connected with others like myself.

  36. KAEfamily says:

    Remember how many years it had taken before the government did anything about the AIDS epidemic. Haven’t we learnt?

  37. Kiki says:

    The FDA has an obligation to tell us which companies have these chickens. We, as consumers need the information to avoid eating potentially contaminated chicken. The way they keep denying people information is just dismantling industries. Better to isolate the tainted food upfront. This is ridiculous because now I just can’t buy ANY chicken since I don’t know where the #$^& the tainted chicken might be. The FDA commissioner is just very incompetent and not very bright.

  38. Deb says:

    Renee….I almost feel like one of those street people standing around saying ‘the end is near’. It seems like everyone knows what Ms Britney is up to….but they just don’t know they are eating poison. Look at us….everyday we come home to seek out new information….face we spend a lot of time….and we are grateful to those who post articles.

    It makes you wonder all the behavioral issues in children, cancer rates (look at the demographics of China….loaded with cancer), allergies, etc…..where do people think this is coming from? Maybe what we are eating??? Personally, I don’t think that ‘questionable’ list is long enough. Vitamin base….China. Sweetners…..China. Dyes…..China. Everything that we can’t make in America due do EPA/DEP laws…gets made in China. The emissions from the stacks, acid rain, mercury clouds….all hop a ride on the jet stream and end up here. That main river in China…..factories on the banks for miles….all releasing waste (mostly toxic)….this is what they water the crops with and use in mfg’ering. It is not even whatever it is they are adding into the products…..the water they use in processing is toxic. That river is dead….I read someplace…..no fish or plant life. During the pet recall…..Europe did a recall on toys from China…..lead in the product. Lead…..when was the last time we in America heard that one. The American Corp’s operating in China are no angels either……they take advantage of the lax laws. The DEP/EPA adds a huge dollar amt to mfg’ering in this country. Along with labor…lthe lack of DEP/EPA laws in China make it much more cost effective to outsource there…….even with the hefty freight fees.

    One would think there is a lot pay offs going on also. Go to Chinadaily.com and start reading…..I thought human organ harvesting was very interesting (it became illegal JUST RECENTLY)….just start looking up what life is like over there. Due to cultural differences……I think ‘they’ could care less about over dogs and cats dropping dead….they do something interesting things to dogs over there.

    This is going to get much worse. I am trying to find out from the company I rep for….where certain things come from……they aren’t even answering me. Next week I go to a conference……someone better answer me. I want to know where the tea is from and where the stuff came from in those cans of meal replacement drinks…..I don’t think I am being unreasonable (yet).

  39. Sylvia says:

    Thanks so much for your service as a Marine and your continued service as a citizen! (The Marine training is needed here, I think.) The Chinese government itself actually seems pretty effective when it does catch a food adulterator. Here is a link to a horrible story about baby food contamination in China in 2004:
    It is just that they don’t have a prevention system in place. I think the problem with the poisoned pet food here is more a problem with the fact that the term “free trade” is a euphemism for a system that enables international scalawags and criminals to have free reign in enriching themselves at any cost to others. (Including our innocent little pets here and babies in China.)
    I hate the term “free trade” because only a sucker thinks that you get anything good for free. Con artists use the lure of getting something for nothing or nearly nothing to bait people all the time. There is obviously something wrong here in the U.S.A. that is allowing international trading activities to be so destructive and I am guessing that it is our lobbying system.
    Who is the New York senator that you have found helpful? I like Senator Cantwell here in WA state, but I have not given up on Senator Murray. She may sort through this in the end.
    Here is another link to a speech that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke just happened to give today on “free” trade.
    He ends his speech with:
    “If we resist protectionism and isolationism while working to increase the skills and adaptability of our labor force, the forces of globalization and trade will continue to make our economy stronger and our citizens more prosperous.”
    I cannot relate that statement to the suffering of our little pets and their owners. You are so right that we can do better than this! Thanks again for all you are doing and have done for this country!

  40. Susanne says:

    Deb G -

    Wow! We could be the same person! I logged on here intending to post about the problem I have figuring out what to feed my laying hens - I am planning on doing some broilers later in the summer, but then what do I feed THEM? I had thought I was pretty safe with a freezer full of meat I either raised myself or got from friends who raised them, but even raising food ourselves we are at the mercy of the feed companies. I just don’t have the acreage to rasie my own grain as well. Hmmm….maybe rabbits, and feed them straight alfalfa?

    And BOONTONWARE - I actually worked in the office there, for ONE day (1967-ish?), then I got sick and called in the next day - they said no problem, they understood, some people did have a bad reaction to the stuff in the air. And I was never in the plant, just in the office. That was such a nasty place…and coming down the hill into town was exciting in the winter!

  41. Jules says:

    What I don’t understand is why everyone thinks that because these companies SAY that they USE only U.S. companies in their ingredients . . . why don’t you suspect that THOSE U.S. companies might be getting ingredients imported from China in the first place, but these companies may not know. Huh?

    ChemNutra is an American based company (yup, it’s an american company that Menu used) BUT, BUT, BUT, they freakin’ imported from China.

    Why do you all believe them if they say their products are US based?? My next question would be . . . “But how do I know YOUR suppliers didn’t get it from China?” Get it???

    Please tell me that!!!

  42. Boy I’m Glad I Don’t Eat Meat | Elaine Vigneault says:

    […] As if I don’t have enough good reasons to be a vegetarian, now there are two more: hogs and chickens who were fed melamine have entered the US food supply and people have eaten them. Yes, people, you may have eaten melamine scrap. more details here: www.itchmo.com/read/3-million-.....d_20070501 […]

  43. Caitlin says:

    Im so furious about this. We have a right to know where these contaminated chickens came from. I don’t want to feed my cat any pet food now that has chicken in it and I can’t imagine having a baby and feeding my child any baby food with chicken in it. Who gives them the right to keep this secret. This country is feeling less like a democracy and more like a police state. We have a right to know and make informed decisions. The FDA is disgusting and pathetic.

  44. Deb says:

    Susanne…………….WOW….you remember Boontonware!!!!!!!!!!! The whole area was a pit (still maybe?? I moved )…..The smell of that stuff haunts you for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have 17 years worth of solvent based mfg’ing behind me……but the smell I most remember is Boontonware!!!! YUCK……..remember the nasty gritty dust from the stack???? I was a kid….there where certain days my mom wouldn’t hang clothes out because of Boontonware…other days it was Whippany Paper Board (that one is a blast from the past…huh???) I remember EVERYONE talked about how bad that place was……back in the days when waste products where kept in 55 gal drums in the parking lot!!! My mom one day, freaked out over the Boontonware dishes…..they became pitted…and particles started flaking off…..she tossed ALL of them!!! She was afraid we would all die if we ate that stuff!!!! She became very paranoid about eating off of anything Melmac…..she had tons of her own theories about it. Maybe she knew something….way back then!!!!! Nasty. Yes…Wotton St was a trip in the winter…..Main St on a clear day you closed your eyes!!!

    Jules……what you are describing is called ‘weasel words’. I can’t stand when people do that….I end up tuning them out.

  45. Kiki says:

    Elaine: Don’t be too glad. Almost all your vegan products are soy-based along with wheat gluten, rice gluten and wheat & rice concetrate is all tainted. You are getting it direct in your diet rather than the meat-eaters who are getting it indirect.

  46. Chris says:

    Lame Response I Received From Senator Patty Murray of WA State

    What did you expect from her? When people complained about Ted Stevens she defended him, she’s more about preserving spoils of being in Congress than doing anything important.

    Anyway I’m going to email Columbia, Chateau St Michelle, and other local wineries to see if they use Chinese wheat gluten in their red wine. Why should anyone believe the FDA when they say the wheat gluten didn’t make it into other foods? They were caught flat footed on this and are playing catchup.

  47. Jules says:

    Ok Deb, what does this mean when you say:

    Jules……what you are describing is called ‘weasel words’. I can’t stand when people do that….I end up tuning them out.

    Do we have an exact special protocol here when we ask something so we don’t “tune” people out? GEEEZE!

  48. Kiki says:

    Jules, I really don’t think Deb was dissing you - I read her response to you as referring to the people you were describing - not your question. Read it again - she’s not dissing you, really.

  49. Sylvia says:

    I hope Jules is O.K. out there. It looks like you are one of those that lost a dog to this disaster. I’m so sorry and would be relieved to hear you are still out there. (Though you must be because it also looks like you have 2 more little ones depending on you!)

  50. Deb says:

    I didn’t diss you at all….weasel words are used when people don’t really answer a question directly and/or honestly…..exactly what you pointed out…..All our products are US based……Yeah….our vendors are in the US (but importing goods) ‘we’ are not directly doing the importing so ‘we’ have the right to make this claim,. IT could be a product made overseas BUT packaged in the US, or maybe it’s a product totally made overseas BUT sold by an American Co or even something so ’small’ as an imported product being shipped by a US frt carrier out of a warehouse in NY. There are thousands of ways that weasel words are used.

    The man who’s company imported that wheat into this country, his recent statements at the hearing…….were major weasel words. To the point where, I was wondering if that man HONESTLY believed what he was saying. I did tune him out……he sounded like a con artist to me.

    Weasel words hide or hem around the truth, statements that are made by a speaker based on what he/she THINKS the listener wants to hear.. …to gain trust, respect and which may lead the listener to believe that the speaker is acting in best interest of others. Good rule of thumb…any time you hear something and you ask yourself…’you actually expect me to believe that’…..it’s weasel words.

    Kiki (thank you) pointed out I was referring to the people’s actions you described. By no means was I referring to you.

  51. Likemealswithmeat says:

    I was told a long time ago that “MADE in” simply meant the product was mixed,cooked,or purchased in whatever country was after the words Made In as in MADE in the USA. I was then taught that “PRODUCED in” meant the item was grown in,cultured from,created in,harvested in whatever country was after the words Produced In. So the yummy carrots I ate today that carried the PRODUCED in the USA came from a field in the USA,BUT the rice veg mix was MADE in Canada so it MAY have had a product in it from China(but did not show any Glutens,or Proteins on the label). I eat Chicken,Turkey,Pork,Tuna,and Beef. This does bother me,BUT at 46 I’m gonna die someday,and if it isn’t from poisoned food,it will be by some crazy nut with a dirty bomb,or maybe it will be of natural causes. I’d rather die happy then die hungry and starving. No I have not lost any pets to this despite the cats for YEARS insisting on eating 9 lives Tuna and egg bits dry preserved with BHT,and Meow Mix with all it’s lovely dyes. They will eat raw beef scrapes IF they are really hungry(like no kibble food just raw for a few days) Since starving your animal is cruel I give them the dry kibble which they eat like it is heaven. One is a 13 year old,and the other two are just turned a year,and a 4 year old. Ironically they puked more on Raw/cooked then the dry. My dogs are eating 50% raw meats(chicken necks,legs,and thighs,Beef ribs,Pork necks,and if found rabbit),and 50% Natural Balance Ultra with absolutely NO ill effects at all. The dogs ate Diamond Foods Premium Edge before Natural Balance,AND I have a beautiful litter of pups from a Mom who ate Natural Balance the whole time and is still eating it while nursing. Do I truely trust Natuaral Balance? Wellllll it gets harder each time they add on to their original dishonest fact lie of who makes their food,BUT is their little lie any worse then the FDA keeping the truth from you about what food MAY be tainted with Melamine? At least the pet food companies told us which food was for sure contaminated with Melamine,or still recalled some of their products even though they had tested negative in many test preformed on them. We as Americans can NOT afford to stop eating,and we must not fall for the terrorist effects of being afraid of our food system either. All that will do is cause a major depression like never seen before. It will make the 30s look lovely in comparison IMHO.

  52. Cheryl Hansen says:

    I got this idea from posters at PC. I have just sent the following email to everyone I know…please feel free to copy it and let’s get this message out through email until the internet is clogged with the message!


    You all know how much I love my pets. That’s why I’m writing. There’s something very disturbing going on that isn’t hitting your nightly news. Everything I’m about to say can be verified by checking the FDA.gov website or doing a simple search on the internet.

    Since February, more than 4,000 pets have died because of contaminated food. Some of the ingredients of the pet food were imported from China, and deliberately tainted with fertilizer and swimming pool chemicals to boost profits. The exporters in China say they’ve been doing this for years. But it gets worse.

    Those ingredients were also used in hog and chicken feed so that the chemicals have entered the human food supply. The FDA isn’t very concerned that tons TONS of the contaminated ingredients are “unaccounted for” but have been presumably sold to companies that manufacture baby formula, health food bars, and other products manufactured here in the USA using imported tainted ingredients.

    So far, the FDA has estimated that over 3 million MILLION chickens, and 45 hogs, that had eaten the contaminated feed has already been consumed by humans. The FDA’s own tests have shown that these contaminants remain in the tissue (the part humans eat), but the FDA and USDA are playing this down, presumably to avoid a national panic, or perhaps to protect the big corporations.

    There are no studies to determine the short or long-term effects of these chemicals on humans, although the FDA says that the risk is “very low.” The pet communities around the world are horrified at this down play by our government. Canada and other countries have already banned these products from China and have stopped importing them. It took the FDA 3 months to finally get around to temporarily putting a “hold” on these shipments of more tainted products that are sitting at dock in the US ports.

    The FDA is saying the risk to humans is “very low” but these same chemicals have killed 4,000 pets and sickened countless others. There is no reporting system to track the overall deaths and illnesses of our dearest friends. If it killed our pets, it can kill us. It’s that simple. Call it the canary in the coal mine.

    I am writing you because the major news networks are NOT covering this, although it is a major story in other countries and around the world. Use the “Google” translator function and read this same information from other countries. But, strangely, when the US food supply has been compromised, our own news networks aren’t even covering the story. Can we all say “Katrina” together now?

    For every email that is written, by us who love pets, we are trying to get the story out…as a memorial to our lost furry friends, and to let YOU know what is going on. The corporations, the FDA, and our government MUST have a way to assure that our food supply is safe. There is no such system in place at this time.

    The public has a right to be informed, and the FDA has refused repeatedly since last February to let the public know what products have been involved and where all the contaminated ingredients have gone. They say they know, but refuse to tell us. This is outrageous. Do you want to unknowingly eat a little fertilizer with your bucket of Kentucky Fried?

    I am asking you, please contact your senators and let them know that this must change NOW. Please feel free to forward to everyone you know…in fact, I’d be grateful if you did.

    Thanks for listening.

  53. Sylvia says:

    I sent this to the Washington Wine Commission and will look to contact some of the big wineries, too. At least it will get the facts about the pet recall into another venue.
    “I am concerned after reading that the FDA has approved the use of wheat gluten and pea protein for use as fining agents in wine:
    Agency Response Letter
    GRAS Notice No. GRN 000182 6/27/2006
    Do you know if WA wineries will be testing the gluten and protein powder for the presence of melamine and related compounds such as cyanuric acid? I don’t want to be exposed to any risk of kidney trouble from these compounds. (Estimates are that up to 40,000 pets have been made ill or have died from these toxins’ presence in food grade glutens and plants proteins.)

  54. Mandy says:

    The problem is, that we obviously can’t just stop eating.

    If as they claim the melamine doesn’t harm people, then why is it that in recent years so many different kinds of health problems have sky rocketed? It’s almost impossible to avoid eating some of the bad foods because they refuse to tell us what companies it comes from!

    It’s a vicious cycle. We get bad pet food. The bad pet food gets sold to farmers to feed it to their animals, some of their farmers may use the farm animals manure as fertilizer for their crops. It’s EVERYWHERE. Now that it’s gone fully into the cycle, it may be a long time before they can get it completely back out again. This whole thing is very shocking and eye opening to me.

    And why don’t they just dispose of the bad pet food? Because people think they can make money to sell it. Once again it all comes back to the money. I am totally disgusted by all of this. Every time I eat now I think, is this the meal that could be my last? Every time I feed my cats I think, is this the meal that could poison them?

    I feel like no matter what we eat we’re playing russian roulette each time…

  55. Stan says:

    Oh shucks let’s not be to hard on China, Just remember most of all those little American flags seen in wonderful home town USA parades are made in China!
    I feel the government and politicians have lost sight and minds as a collective power. “Show me the Money” is what it’s catalyst is now!

    But hey, KFC is now trans fat free! Don’t mind the melamine!

  56. Anonymous says:

    CNN article I just encountered:


    Once again, the news reports are out of date.

  57. e wem says:

    johnnypaycut you are right about not giving up. I see so much apathy. I tried to tell someone about the hog recall and she said ‘don’t tell me, I am eating pork tonight’. I hear over and over is ‘there is nothing we can do about it’. If you believe that you will lose every time.

    Deb you said it all about China. The complaints are not against Chinese people but against a Chinese system which is a police state gone wild with capitalism unchecked by any elected voice of the people.

    I stopped eating at Chinese restaurants here because we had a restaurant supplier selling chicken smuggled in without inspection from China labeled as catfish. Hundreds of pounds were seized. In China they grind up scraps at leather factories (dyes, tanning chemicals, glues and all) and mix it into animal feed. I get nauseated thinking about eating that meat.

    I have spent $$ I don’t have to buy meat fed only ‘vegetable product’. What does that mean anymore?

    What really burns me is we export grains. Good grains. But our food is filled with poisoned grain from China. Because it is 20 percent cheaper? Did the pet food companies ever ask me if I would be willing to pay 20 percent more to have American grain?

    No they never asked because they hoodwinked me to think I was getting American grain in my food. They hoodwinked me by writing ‘Made in USA’ on the label. By buying from US front companies like Wilbur Ellis.

    They were laundering inferior poison grain from China through American front companies and charging me American prices.

    We were all getting dosed. And hosed.

    I stopped buying Band Aid brand bandages because they were made in China. Recently I saw that some are being made in Brazil. Big improvement. Why not ask me if I want ’sterile’ bandages made in the third world?

    This isn’t free trade because we the consumer are not being given a voice. We are being manipulated to buy stuff we do not want. The truth is being hidden.

    My world, the happy world I grew up in, has been stolen from me. I cannot even enjoy a bite of the food I eat

  58. Phyllis says:

    I read some of the blogs above, and I have a word of advice.

    Can you get a copy of the Doctrine and Covenants by the LDS Church? Ask those nice young men and women with name tags on bikes to show it to you.

    Look at section 89. It was written in 1833. It warns against over consumption of meat “eat meat sparingly,” eat fruits and vegetables “in the season thereof”.

    We can use herbs to detox our bodies. Use common juniper, preferably in tincture form, to detox the kidneys. Use milk thistle or sillymarin extract to detox the liver. Verse 10 speaks of using wholesome herbs, and Verse 11 suggests using herbs “with prudence and thanksgiving.”

    Here is a highlight that relates to ALL of this food contamination:

    verse 4: In consequence of evils and designs which do and will exist in the hearts of conspiring men in the last days, I have warned you and forewarn you, by giving unto you this word of wisdom by revelation –”

    Sec 89 also tells us to drink wine of our own making.

    Read it all.

  59. MEK says:

    Thank you, Likemealswithmeat,

    Despite being a vegetarian, there was something in your message that gave light and warmth this AM. We must not get so negative that we no longer enjoy life. They can kill us, but they can’t kill our spirit! Very wise thoughts. Thanks!

  60. Sylvia says:

    Wow, Phyllis. That gave me a chill. I put that info into a file and saved it. I wasn’t really concerned about wine safety, just thought contacting wineries was a good way to educate people about the issue, but I do find organic grape juice a much more comforting drink that wine after reading about gluten being used as fining agent.

  61. Jo Flournoy says:

    this sure is fun!!! I have 8 big dogs of my own plus i am caregiver to 3 more and I have been cooking chicken etc. to stay away from poison or tainted food and now it`s in the so called “fresh” chicken in the market!! wow! It`s just like Kevin Trudeau says…….it`s all about the money!!! does no one give a crap about life anymore at all? someone will answer for all this one day and it will not be funny at all!! the ones that are living the life `o Riley will be sorry!!! I pray for all who are deceiving………..

  62. Mandy says:

    Also I shudder to think about all the poor people with food allergies. What if someone actually turned out to be allergic to the stuff they are putting into the food then lying about the ingredients? You can DIE from an allergic reaction!

    I myself am allergic to several different kinds of foods. I will be reading food labels a lot more carefully, but it’s still frightening because now we have no idea who is lying and who is not. Made in USA indeed! Sure it may be MADE here, but where did they get all their ingredients from?! It’s so easy to lie and say, oh don’t worry, we didn’t get ANYTHING from other countries. Wink wink.

    After starting to read labels, my family has found out that all kinds of things are mixed in with other foods that does NOT need to be there! I heard someone say that grain is even put into some kinds of wine. EXCUSE ME? Why is grain in wine? What if someone is allergic to that kind of grain and misses that when reading the label? This whole thing is ridiculous!

    First they feed cows to cattle which started the whole mad cow disease, then they fed grain to cats and dogs which is making them sick, now they’re messing around with our own food! Hasn’t anyone learned ANYTHING? I guess not.

    The saying goes: The love of money is the root of evil.

    How true THAT is…

  63. Sylvia says:

    And some people are making big bucks off the recall itself:

    Idexx Labs 1Q Earnings Beat the Street
    “Particularly strong revenue growth in the reference laboratories and instrument consumables businesses resulted in part from the well-publicized pet food recalls during the quarter, which we believe caused an unusually high number of pet visits to the veterinary clinic for exams that included diagnostic testing,” said Chairman and Chief Executive Jonathan Ayers.
    Link to company web page on recall. Has some good info. I am NOT saying there is anything wrong with this company, itself. It was just in the right place at the wrong time.

    But, here is a link to creep investors salivating over recall, (one goof says he’s a vet and his profile even links to a clinic in NY state) There is something wrong with this bunch.


    Link to list of links to financial publications licking their chops:


    I say follow the money. If someone placed call options on stocks like IDXX or put options on stocks like Menu Foods prior to reports of sick and dying pets, then you have a trail to deliberate sabotage, rather than tainting by negligent greed. Wonder if that is part of the FDA’s “criminal investigation”?

    If “free trade” means that the kind of sociopaths who take glee in profiteering off of dead and dying pets are also running our international trading system, I’d rather pass on this “greater prosperity for all” scheme. See Ben Bernanke speech:

    Freedom in this case has truly been just another word for nothing left to lose for more and more people. Pets are the last straw.

  64. Caitlin says:

    The FDA Sucks… useless

  65. Chris says:

    Columbia Crest emailed me back saying that they do not use “any type of wheat product” in their wines. Chateau St Michelle hasn’t responded to me.

    These are two WA state wineries, FYI.

  66. Dee says:

    I have but two words to say: Chinese Restaurants

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