$30,000 Dog Washing Machine

Hate giving your dog a bath? In France, a new $30,000 dog washing machine has been unveiled. One of the partners of the company even stepped into the dog washing machine himself to show that it was safe for both humans and dogs.

Dogs around the world, run away from this piece of machinery as fast as you can.

(Thanks Greg)

18 Responses to “$30,000 Dog Washing Machine”

  1. Poodlluver says:

    There is no way I would put my dogs in this thing.
    They would have a heart attack!

    Can you just imagine what the poor dog must be thinking when you
    put them in it for the first time?
    Its got to be horrifying….
    And what about soap in the eyes?
    And how do you know that the temperature is accurate?
    If I cant feel the water on my OWN hands at the same time the dog is being washed by it…I’m not using it.
    And NO I’m not getting in it to find out….

  2. Lis says:

    We have enough stories about dogs dying while being dried, because of the tools used. Now we can have stories of dogs being drowned or cooked while being washed.

  3. ESSer says:

    OMG - my dog would have a heart attack in that thing - poor dogs! :-(

  4. Nora and Rufus says:

    Too scary and unpredictable. Too risky and possibly a high traumatic experience for a dog….Just sounds like a really LAZY way to go about bathing a pooch, at the poor hounds risk. I notice the dogs DO NOT look happy in the least about the whole thing. At least when you are bathing your dog, you can whisper and coo comforting things in their ears and apply soothing massage. For some dogs, this could make them so terrified of ANY bathing, it could become a REALLY devastating experience for all involved.

  5. shel says:

    I think you should only be allowed to use it if you get inside as well. Good on that guy! :)

  6. Becky says:

    What a stupid idea! Just when you think you’ve seen it all! Those dogs look terrified in that washing machine. I would never put my babies through that. How would you know how warm the water is? Water coming in at all angles at them … unbelievable!

    I like to cuddle my pooches and reassure them when I bathe them. What happen to human touch and warmth for your cainine friends? Whoever invented this machine should be arrested for putting a dog through such a cruel experience!

  7. MaineMom says:

    Total trauma for any dog or cat!! Hope this “invention” stays on the other side of the pond. I’ve groomed Maines for show, and Maltese. There is no substitute for TLC when bathing, drying and clipping.

  8. Lynn says:

    Hey, I’m all for modern conveniences…….but not this one.

  9. G in INdiana says:

    What a waste of time, energy, “brains” and money.
    A $5 garden hose and a couple of old towels for my dogs.

  10. Jenny Bark says:

    Never, ever would any of my babies be put in that thing. Put it in a bar and let humans use it. i feel so sorry for the poor babies that are put in them by humans they trust & can’t help wondering how many get ear infections? Poor babies.

  11. furmom says:

    To prove whether a dog actually likes this bath, I’d say you would have to try it once for just a bit, and take them out,then if they jump in willingly after that, they are probably cool with it. If you have to put them in or they won’t jump in, that’s clear they don’t like it. I think it would terrify a lot of dogs. I’ve got a dog that might even like it, but I wouldn’t force him if he didn’t.

  12. mittens says:

    because i am French i feel i can say this : many in the world think we should perhaps try using it on ourselves with more frequency….or so i’ve heard the snickering to the effect of.

    there’s a local business( i think theyre a groomer) that has DIY dog washing booths- with the big sinks and everything you need. i’m not sure how much they charge but it seems like a good idea for those who live in apartments and dont have the space( i actually dont have a tub just a shower so a dog bigger than a cat would be a problem) or a yard to hose fido down in.

  13. Connie says:

    Oh wow. This from the files of “Who thought this up?” Clearly not someone who owns an actual dog!

    We have a DIY dog wash. I just tried it a couple of weeks ago. Big thumbs up. Well, the boys were not crazy about it, but they tolerated it ;) They do have everything you need: Assortment of shampoo, brushes, towels/chamois cloth, a dryer. I had such sink envy. Those walk-in sinks were fantastic. Made me wonder how much it would be to get one of those in my house…;)

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  15. cinders says:

    How RUDE!!! Maybe we should put people in these since they are the real stinkers most of the time in this world and then send the dogs to the spa for a pampered bath. Get real folks…………take the time to give your pet a gentle proper bath with some love and kindness. If you want a car wash then you walk thru it!!!!!

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  17. Alaskan groomer says:

    I am a professional groomer, and would never ever consider using a washing machine for dogs/cats. You do have to keep track of the temperature, and also try to be careful not to get shampoo into the eyes, or direct water spray on the eye balls and inside ears. There is no way to control this with a machine. Also, in order to get between toes/pads of feet, personal areas, eye boogers, etc….you have to do it manually to do a decent job! How cruel….grrrrrrrr.

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