400 Cats Rescued From Sanctuary In Nevada

Best Friends

There were 400 cats at FLOCK (For the Love of Cats and Kittens), a nonprofit organization located on a two-acre spread in the desert outside Pahrump, Nevada. This organization is supposed to provide a cat sanctuary for all of these animals.

When Nye County Animal Control took over the organization last week, it looked like a compound for these neglected cats instead. Animal control officers asked Best Friends Animal Society to help with the drastic situation.

75% of the cats were found to be sick. They were suffering from eye and respiratory infection to starvation. Best Friends volunteers even questioned if the cats were fed every day. Cats were starving, dehydrated, and had to be force fed.

The owners of the organization have signed over the possession of the animals. Animal Control is investigating and says the owners could face charges of animal neglect. Volunteers believe the cats were actually caught in Clark County and brought over to Pahrump.

From Las Vegas Now:

“We had no idea, no idea that it was as bad as it was,” said Maggie Ward, current FLOCK president.

Heart-breaking. It’s the only word Maggie Ward used to describe what she saw at what was supposed to be a feral cat sanctuary in south Pahrump. The FLOCK president says sick cats fighting eye infections and starvation wasn’t part of the plan.

“I was stunned for one thing — in shock and we just left in tears,” she said. Ward was named FLOCK president close to seven weeks ago, immediately after finding close to 400 cats in horrendous living conditions in their sanctuary. Ward and other members place the blame on former FLOCK president Sheri Allen.

“She isolated everyone. She changed the locks every two weeks. She just kept everything secret… hidden,” said Ward. But a former volunteer, who wishes to remain anonymous, says though intentions were good, planning was bad.

“When they were first making the sanctuary in Pahrump, even when they were making plans for it, they couldn’t seem to make up their mind what they wanted to do — how they wanted to do it,” said the former volunteer. “They didn’t have any clue as to who was going to go out there and take care of the cats.”

Best Friends has agreed to assess all the cats, provide them with food and medical care, and find homes for them. The process could take three months and cost $500,000.

After the care from Best Friends and adequate food, water, and medical attention, these previously neglected cats are feeling better and their personalities are coming out. The volunteers are naming each of the cats and falling in love with these felines that desperately need attention and a home. Best Friends celebrated their second adoption of these 400 cats on Saturday night.

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7 Responses to “400 Cats Rescued From Sanctuary In Nevada”

  1. catmom5d says:

    Thank God that there were people who stepped in to save these poor cats. Sounds like a hoarding situation to me . . . I will be sending a check to help. At least they are in good hands now!

  2. MarkH says:


    Interesting two sides of the story they put up on their website. I’m not sure who to believe. Terrible situation. God bless the cats and those people now trying to save them.

  3. catmom5 says:

    Thanks for the link to the “other side of the story”. However it happened, I’m glad that someone is there now who will help these cats.

  4. John Sibley says:

    I have volunteered for Best Friends on many occasions and donate to them as well. They are a first-class organization and their facility in Utah is a model of how sanctuaries should be run and how animals should be treated. If anyone wants to know more about them you can look them up at:


  5. Thel Josenhans says:

    our , own animal shelters need help, here in Fl. , but , I will send a, small check to ” Best Friends ” thank God , there are still caring people , that try to save animals , not , put them , to death , because , there ill , miss treated. Some people , will never know , feel , the pain , suffering , they poor cat , went threw , & the truth is , many of the cat , would give up , there life , to help man. This earth , man , has a lot to learn , for how , He treats animals , one day ………. it may be him , not , a dear , fur, loving animal . T.K.J. ……….. Thel ………. Fl.

  6. Sharon says:

    Where is the oversight of these kind of facilities? It looks like things went to hell in a hand-basket when they forced out the person running the sanctuary. What amazes me is that the voices of volunteers and people who are the closest to these kind of situations are ignored. If someone cares enough to donate their time and money to an organization they deserve a voice and to be listened to. The same thing is happening is Williamson County, Texas at a city/county run shelter and while animals die the local council members sit around and twiddle their thumbs refusing to fund the staff needed to run the shelter. It is a crime.

  7. Donna says:

    Actually, I have found many shelters are run by people with good intentions, But little or no skills in animal care. Bravo to best friends ! They are the rescue group the entire nation should use as a roll model.

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