$4,000 Diamond Encrusted Dog Whistle

Dog whistle

Diamonds are a dog’s best friend. Yes, you can get your dog his very own dog whistle with $2,500 worth of diamonds on it. All this for only $4,000. So, now you and your dog can have matching diamonds.

Wonder who would actually buy such a lavish whistle? The company currently has 600 orders for this dog whistle with more coming in everyday.

Get yours before they’re all gone.

Source: quirkynews.co.uk

5 Responses to “$4,000 Diamond Encrusted Dog Whistle”

  1. Lynne says:

    Blood diamonds?

  2. Elderta says:

    Whoever buys this thing is a joke of a human being. Give the darn money to a shelter instead. Some people just have TOO MUCH expendable cash.

  3. Kevin says:

    I can only imagine the people that would buy these. You know they have “Keep Out!” signs on their property. Probably have a lot of sales in Hollywood.

  4. Trudy Jackson says:

    This kind of thing always makes Me crazy. Do people who buy things like this know there is a real world? A world full of hungry and homeless animals and people? It’s nuts.

  5. Diane Hamilton says:

    I am disappointed to see Itchmo even mention the diamond-studded dog whistle, especially with such promotion as “Get yours before they’re all gone,” without ANY mention of the importance of finding “clean/green” diamonds or links to websites that make eco-friendly and socially conscious jewelry for pets. In fact, most green jewelers with websites focused on human sales will custom make pet jewelry. Join me in letting Simon Topman, the owner of Acme Whistles, know that his professional designers from the Jewellery Industry Innovation Center could best revamp their products by using responsibly attained diamonds. Email: info@acmewhistles.co.uk. Feel free to contact the stores in Chicago and New York retailing the product!

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