A Banana Sandwich Saves A Dog

CandyWho knew that banana sandwiches could save a dog’s life? (Who knew that there was such a thing as a banana sandwich?)

Candy, a Jack Russell, went fishing with her owner and accidentally swallowed a bait hook, line and sinker. Literally.

He rushed her to the vet and the x-ray showed that there was a 2 inch steel hook stuck inside her. Instead of performing surgery, the vet told Candy’s owner to feed her a diet of banana sandwiches. After two days, Candy passed the hook and the problem was solved. Candy’s vet said that it’s sometimes better to feed a pet a high fiber diet instead of performing surgery and “banana sandwiches come very high up on the list.” The banana — not just for monkeys.

5 Responses to “A Banana Sandwich Saves A Dog”

  1. Debbie4747 says:

    That technique may have worked that time, but if it had gone the other way, the hook could have torn up the dogs insides pretty bad, and surgery may not have helped after that. Glad it worked, but I wouldn’t want to take that chance.

  2. petslave says:

    Or maybe the guy had a limited amount to spend (or wanted to spend) & that was offered as an alternative treatment, or the dog wouldn’t have done well under surgery.

    This brings to mind a childhood incident in my family–my brother invented his own ‘dart gun’ from a drinking straw & straight pins (unbeknownst to my mother). He went to take a deep breath to shoot the pin & sucked it into his mouth & swallowed it instead. Evening emergency room visit, xrays, everyone sitting around waiting to hear if he needed surgery. I don’t remember if there was a special diet involved, but the doctor told my mother to check daily to see if the pin had passed through (I’ll leave out the details). If it hadn’t in 3-4 days, he would have to go through surgery. Everything came out OK in the end (haha). Hopefully he isn’t reading this forum!

    So it might be not be that unaccepted a practice to do this. But a fish hook? Barbs & curves? Well, as long as someone doesn’t get the idea they can home treat their pet that has swallowed something dangerous!

  3. e wem says:

    Or it might have been a suggestion to someone who didn’t have any money. I know people who had their pets euthanized because they could not afford treatment. Luckily I have not yet been faced with that. I probably would try any home remedy first too.

    I am so glad the pup made it. He looks like a sweet little buddy

    I store all home remedies in my files. You never know if you may become stranded somewhere somehow and a home remedy is all you can do regardless of money. This is a keeper

  4. Flamin says:

    Oh cute dog!

    I fell for this story hook, line and sinker!

  5. Bella's Mother says:

    Our Bella swallowed a fish hook as well. My husband took her to the emergency vet and even though it was still in the stomach, they wouldn’t scope her to remove it. They wanted $2300 to do surgery to remove it. I was at work and started searching the internet for possible treatments. We opted to try the banana sandwich approach. With much prayer and two and a half days of sandwiches, she passed it easily. I understand the risk of perforation, but also know that not all alternative medicine approaches are bad. I am so grateful that I found this posting.

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