A Cat Lady With A Big Heart

Sleeping CatsAll of us pet owners have a soft spot for our furry friends, but some pet owners definitely go above and beyond the call of duty.

For the past 30 years, Ruth Dankers, a 69-year-old South Carolina woman, has opened her heart and her home for all stray and feral cats that come by. She doesn’t have the heart to turn them away or bring them to a shelter. 11 cats live inside the house and about another 22 live outside, and all of them get adequate and nutritious meals and lots of attention and love. Dankers’s daughter, Patti, also takes care of the cats and they use money from Ruth’s disability check and Ruth’s husband’s retirement check to help care for the cats. They make sure the cats are spayed or neutered and take them to the vet when they are ill. She has even given each and every cat a name. All of the cats are truly a blessing to her and she provides them with a little slice of heaven.

2 Responses to “A Cat Lady With A Big Heart”

  1. vickie belvin says:

    hi, god bless you!! i also have 11 cats indoors!! and take care of, including tnr ferals in my area, i also have a 40×24 outdoor fully enclosed cat enclosure so my ’sweetties” can go outside safely!! which includes all types of climing shelves. and a little pond on each side. they truly are my life, me and my mon finance them, i have to use her social security check, to help with all the vet bills, and/or food, which i feed only the best food i can, thank god i never fed any recalled(as far as anyone knows at this point) may you find your peace of heaven now and forever!!

  2. johnypaycut says:

    With Cats I never intended to volunteer,
    I got drawn into this.. first 1 stray, a hobo who made her living begging food from tourists, at Tinker st. cafe , woodstock ny. (one time home to
    bob dylan). then it was another elderly tom ,freezing in feb. snow storm?
    after that, a orange tom to replace the old cat who passed away. then
    my friends pregnent female who gave birth while staying with me , over
    the christmas holiday, while my friend was homeless ? after i moved off to the woods, the little furry buggers kept showng up, hungry, stray, cold..
    unwelcome by neighbors , abandoned. they’d stay sometimes , or find a better home. the other’s only wanted a quick meal , and move on.
    im now feeding 3 ferals ,with my 1 “housecat”. over the last 20years
    im sure i have fed hundreds .. and i’ve placed over 50 in homes..
    i have never regreted it..

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