A Cat Survives a Six Story Fall

Sassy, a cat, lived on the top floor of an apartment building. Last week, when she was out on the sixth-floor balcony, she tumbled off and then bounced off the third-floor balcony and then landed on her feet. Sassy came away with a broken femur, and she should be expected to make a full recovery. Sassy’s vet said that “the height of the fall might have been the reason the cat survived. They are able to position themselves in mid-air to form a sort of parachute that slows the fall and allows them to land on their feet.” A local charity, Animal Assistance, donated funds towards Sassy’s surgery because Sassy’s owner is on disability. Sassy’s owner says that she will make sure that it doesn’t ever happen again and will put a screen around the balcony. Sassy, what a tough cookie — you definitely deserve your name.

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