A Child With a Heart for Animals

Child with a heart for animalsMolly makes cat toys out of old socks and then sells them to raise money for shelters, animal groups and other pets in need. And she is only six-years-old. She recently raised enough money to buy four pet oxygen masks for fire and rescue teams. Molly also has won an award from the American Humane Association in the Be Kind to Animals Kid Contest. Now, Molly wants to focus on her fundraising efforts for a cat that was born with no eyelids and the Last Chance Ranch. Thanks Molly for all of your hard work and helping out all of our furry friends out there.

One Response to “A Child With a Heart for Animals”

  1. Jacqueline Marcia Anderson says:

    Dear Molly and momma,

    You have given me inspiration to do something helpful for all the unwanted, homeless pets, myself!

    I hope that someday you will become an exceptional veterinarian to share your intelligence, skillfull hands and love for everyone’s animals! I would surely want you treating my pets!

    God Bless You Both,

    Proud mamma of Master Bailey Benjamen— a rescue pup from the humane society of Buffalo, Minnesota

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