A Cocoon For Your Cat

Cat CocoonThe Cat Cocoon is a “multifunctional piece of feline furniture” made of laser-cut corrugated cardboard. The cats can use the exterior to file claws, massage backs, and rub cheeks and the interior can be a good hiding and napping place. There are also various peep holes, so your cat can stare at you from inside. It’s made of cardboard and costs $249.99. No, we really did write the words cardboard and $249.99 in the same sentence.

3 Responses to “A Cocoon For Your Cat”

  1. ThreeBadKitties says:

    $249?!?!?! I thought $24 was expensive but it was something I was interested in, my kitties would love it. $249? Sorry Three Bad Kitties… no cardboard for you. (However, I did pay $17- at UPS for a 48″ box that makes an excellent tunnel. They love it.

  2. Wendy44 says:

    My husband cut a hole in a box that we got stuff from Amazon in, and the cats sit in it all the time. Works for me.

  3. Cheryl says:

    I have one cat that likes to hang out inside a paper grocery bag.

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