A Corgi In The Woods

Sleeping CorgiShh… Don’t wake the sleeping corgi. If you love hiking and have a nature loving corgi (c’mon, we’re in Seattle, everyone loves nature. If you don’t, the recycling police will arrest you.), then the Seattle Corgi Meetup is the place for you. Their next meetup is on Saturday, March 24 and the corgis are all set for a hike on some “secret trails” on Tiger Mountain (one of the members knows where these trails are — we hope). Nice. I love the secretiveness (It’s like a rave. Don’t forget your glow-in-the-dark hiking sticks). 12 people have already RSVP’d. So if you and your corgi are up for a nice workout, some amazing views and even a waterfall, join the Corgi Meetup group for a hike in the woods. (This corgi in the photo is so cute. Oh, what’s that pink thing sticking out of the…)

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