A Different Kind of Commuter

Bus Riding CatWhat would you say if you saw a cat sitting by you on the bus? Well, this is what one English cat is doing. For the past three months, he has been riding the same bus route three times a week and gets on and off at the same stop. And he does this by himself. As soon as the bus doors opens, he jumps on the bus and then sits at the front and waits for his stop. He always gets off at a stop near a fish and chip shop (coincidence perhaps?). Drivers have nicknamed him Macavity and say that he is the perfect passenger because he never disturbs anyone but he just doesn’t pay. Enjoy your travels and your fish and chips, Macavity.

5 Responses to “A Different Kind of Commuter”

  1. Emily says:

    That is hilarious! Muta the cat also rides the bus in the Japanese anime movie “Whisper of the Heart”..or is it “The Cat Returns”? . I highly recommend them both!

  2. Joan Steik says:

    Thanks, Itchmo, for the way too cute story! I have sent this on to a few friends - this will bring a smile.

  3. Katie J says:

    I love it! I want to ride a bus with a cat! And I have a suspicion that Macavity has a canine counterpart. I saw, in a Brussells train station, a big white labrador dog walk in the doors and through the hall as though on his daily commute. He was clearly alone and no one really paid him any mind. And I swear, Girl Scout’s honor, that he was wearing sunglasses the whole time.

  4. EelKat says:

    so cute!

  5. mona rolid says:

    Very funny story.It is what we maybe can expect from a dog but a cat?

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