A Dog’s Life In Iran

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  1. shibadiva says:

    And yet the Qur’an teaches this:

    “There is not an animal that lives on the Earth, nor a being that flies on its wings, but forms part of communities like you. Nothing have We omitted from the book, and they all shall be gathered to their Lord in the end.”
    ~~ Al-Qur’an 6:38

    From a BBC report:

    “Hardline judiciary agents and police occasionally clamp down on the practice, fining owners and confiscating their pets from streets and parks. In June, police banned the sale of dogs and penalised anyone walking a dog in public. The practice is seen by conservatives as a corrupting influence of decadent Western culture. But despite the clampdowns, dog ownership has been on the rise, especially among rich Iranians in the north of Tehran.”


  2. KAEfamily says:

    Not unlike other religions, their leaders interpret the verses to solely fit THEIR personal agenda; not for the mutual benefits of the general population. No surprises here.

  3. Lynn says:

    I just hope their guardians are able to keep them safe.

  4. Max says:

    Not much of a surprise - isn’t this the same type of government fundamentalist system that punished a 19 year old girl for being gang raped?
    I hope the little dog and all dogs there will be safe - worry about that young women walking him alone after dark so she won’t be caught.

  5. MaineMom says:

    Agree with all previous posters and pray the vet, Ali, is not persecuted or proscecuted for tending to these beloved pets. Is it any wonder we cannot have peace on earth when so many cultures are so divided because of their pre-historic religious beliefs regarding animals?

  6. hazel says:

    I agree with the comment made here…but would suggest we consider how some Christians justify the often abusive ways animals….particulary farm animals are treated by claiming that we have the Biblical right to do so. I believe the Bible intends for us to be faithful and kind stewards.

    Perhaps it is the same with Islam…some act out of their own twisted prejudices not their religions true teachings??

  7. shibadiva says:

    The BBC ran this comparison of major religions on their website. They’ve summarized the teachings, and as pointed out above, we often stray from these. In all cases, the religions are anthropocentric. Christianity is right up there, claiming its right to domination.






  8. MaineMom says:

    shibadiva - thanks for the bbc links, they are informative and concise.

    hazel - after reading the bbc synopses, imho no religion is exempt. All beliefs can and have been spun to satisfy human need and greed through the centuries.

  9. Anonymous says:

    One of my pups licked a Muslim woman’s hand once and the woman was very disgusted. She said she had to wash her hand seven times to cleanse herself of the impurities from my dog. I told her never to come to my home again and while she was washing herself those 7 times to please consider washing the rest of her body because she obviously had not in days.
    I rinsed the pups mouth out after she left so he wouldn’t have any impurities either.

  10. janet says:

    I tried Friday, Saturday and now today and the article and/or picture does not come up, just a blank space. I think the word dominion means that we should care for animals, not dominate and abuse them. I so agree with anonymous and I would wash out my dog’s mouth too and tell that muslim to never come to my house again

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