A Gym for Your Cat

Kitty Kat Circus GymDoes your cat need a workout? (Is he getting a pot belly? Or is she making bigger dents in your couch than she used to?) Time for your kitty to get a workout with the Kitty Kat Circus Interactive Gym. The gym holds up to six cat toys and stimulates your cat while he gets those abs of steel. No pain, no gain.

One Response to “A Gym for Your Cat”

  1. Karen V says:

    I dunno, but that looks like Overstimulation to me, mu cats might run (which in turn, leads to weight loss).

    Just strategically place this magnificent peice of marketing around the house, and your cats will get plenty of exercise as they try to run away (just don’t let them see you do it, anxiety is known to cause all sorts of unpleasant side effects in kitties, such as their showing their appreciation in your bedding!)

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