A Lap Dog Survives the Wolves and the Wild

Gambit, a 2-year-old miniature pinscher, ran away for 11 days in the wilderness of northern Ontario. His “grandparents” who where dog-sitting were extremely worried for Gambit, an 11 pound lap dog, because he is used to city life in downtown Toronto and is not used to the wilderness. They were especially concerned since two wolves were spotted in the woods two days after Gambit went missing.

Eleven days later, Gambit came back and jumped into his grandmom’s arms unscathed. His grandparents said “his wanton and excessive barking is what may have fended off the wolves. Believe it or not, he’s a little quieter than he used to be … and he wants to be cuddled a lot now.” We nominate Gambit to be on Survivor.

One Response to “A Lap Dog Survives the Wolves and the Wild”

  1. Brandi says:

    Way to go Gambit!

    This is similar to my cat’s story. He is a purebred indoor only cat who got out during some home renovations. He was missing for almost 2 weeks in the woods around our house. We have a lot of coyotes. He survived by hiding under a shed several houses away. They were amazed when they saw him because there is always a lot of coyote activity on their property. My cat was so scared he wouldn’t let us near him, but when we finally got him he didn’t want to leave my side for days. Only thing that got him were the mosquitoes.

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