A Medal for a Hero

Here is a follow-up to the story about George, the Jack Russell terrier, who died when saving five children from the two pit bulls. George is being given two posthumous medals. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, New Zealand’s main animal welfare agency, is giving George a Medal for Bravery. George’s second medal will be coming from a Vietnam war veteran who is sending his own Purple Heart award for his heroic act.

2 Responses to “A Medal for a Hero”

  1. Sylvia says:

    I’m very proud of George and American Jerrell Hudman!

  2. william pippin says:

    My name is William Pippin. I served in Vietnam as a Marine. I earned two purple hearts. This past saturday, aug 23 2008, I was looking up some articles about the purple heart. I came across the story about George, and the Marine sending one of his purple hearts to georges owner. I regonized the last name of the Marine. I called my squad leader in Indianana and ask him wasn’t the Hudman we knew named Jerry. He agreed. Still the last name haunted me. I google searched his phone number up, and called Mr Hudman. It was the same Marine that we knew as Jerry. We had a short visit over the phone. Even in death, George still is working to help others. As a result of the article about George and the Marine, four Marines were reunited after 41 years.

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