A Plea For A Home

Shelter DogsIt’s so easy for us people to toss something aside when we tire of it or it’s too hard to take care of. That is exactly what people have been doing with their dogs. Shelters around the Seattle area are overcrowded due to an increase of dogs being brought in. One reason is that people have gotten bored with their dogs that they got as Christmas presents and are now bringing them to shelters. Also, during the cold months, people leave their dogs outside and if dogs escape, some owners don’t bother looking for them, and those dogs are stranded. With springtime here, puppies are plentiful and some new puppy owners are not realizing the hard work to care for a young pup and are giving them up. At some shelters with no more room, euthanization is occurring more often. The cries for a loving home are being heard all around the city.

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