A Rescue Dog Never Has A Day Off

BriarBriar, a four-year-old yellow Labrador, is an Arran mountain rescue search dog. Briar is trained as an air-scenting dog and locates people or things touched by them. She can smell people up to half a mile away.

When Briar and her owner were taking a leisurely walk, Briar disappeared for 10 minutes and started barking. Briar’s owner had realized that Briar was tracking down someone. After walking for 10 minutes, Briar and her owner found a hiker who had fallen and was injured.

Briar’s owner was completely surprised that Briar was able to locate the injured man because it is rare for a search and rescue dog to locate a missing or injured person when off duty. He said that: “when she’s not working she doesn’t usually react and turn into work mode but she did this time.” Good job, Briar.

One Response to “A Rescue Dog Never Has A Day Off”

  1. Susan says:

    My hat is off to Briar.

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