A Sanctuary For Special Animals

SpiritWe celebrate dogs when they perform well in an agility competition or they are the perfect model of their breed. How about when a dog is able to overcome being blind or having only 3 legs or being deaf? Most times, a lot of these animals that are disabled (usually caused by abuse and neglect) are euthanized. They are not given the chance to live a normal life and be loved by their owner. Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary located in Montana rescues disabled animals and provides them with a loving and caring home. This non-profit organization was started by two Seattleites in 2000 when they quit their jobs at Boeing and moved to Ovando, Montana to start this sanctuary for animals who deserve a second chance. The ranch is home to about 80 animals and more than half of them are blind, some are deaf, have muscular dystrophy, are paralyzed, and all just want to be loved. (Insert after-school special music here.) One of the animals that just arrived at the ranch is Spirit (pictured here) who was paralyzed due to abuse. Amidst her tragedy, she is a happy and energetic dog. We all could use a little “spirit” in our lives.

2 Responses to “A Sanctuary For Special Animals”

  1. AndreaD says:

    OK, way to make me bawl my eyes out at work, guys. Really, though, thanks for this post!

  2. Donna says:

    Handicap animals need a chance at love too !

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