A Second Chance for Old Dogs

Old Dog Haven Everyone loves a cute cuddly puppy, but how about a 10 year old dog that has heart and eye problems, walks slower, and just isn’t as young and active as he used to be? Old Dog Haven, a non profit organization located in Arlington, WA, finds and provides loving homes for senior dogs that have been given up by their owners. Ever since their start in August 2004, Old Dog Haven has helped over 500 senior dogs and given them the care and medical attention that these precious pets deserve. Every dog, young or old, should be loved as much as they love us.

One Response to “A Second Chance for Old Dogs”

  1. derrick/victoria says:

    Can you help Duke, we took him from our former landlord who wanted to put him down, he is 11 years

    and still in good health, we keep him inside at nite because we think he has arthritis from his days as a hunting dog, we just want him to enjoy the rest of his life happy, we have moved to a place with much less land and it is hard fro
    him..Please call 360 306 8758 360 815 0515

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