A Teenager Pleads Guilty to Abusing His Dog

Warning: This story may disturb some readers.

An Alberta teenager has pleaded guilty to torturing his family dog, Daisy Duke. Last October, when one of his friends was leaving the house, he accidentally drove over Daisy. Afraid that his mother would get angry at his friend, the teenager and his friend decided to kill the dog and pretend that she ran away. They dragged her behind a car and ran over her with the car. Bystanders found the garbage bag that they put Daisy in. Daisy suffered a broken spine and pelvis and fractured skull, and due to the extent of her injuries, a vet had to euthanize her. The teenager will undergo a psychological assessment and will be sentenced on August 1.

13 Responses to “A Teenager Pleads Guilty to Abusing His Dog”

  1. KimS says:

    They should run over this narcissistic monster with a steam roller and hang him by his nuts.

  2. Jenny says:

    OMG - I would die if I had such a rotten kid. They should run over him since he has no value for life.

  3. Dana says:

    If I was this person’s mother, I’d run and/or never turn my back.

  4. 3FURS says:

    If he’s not proven to be mentally ill, he should get jail time.

  5. kaefamily says:

    Killing and torturing animals are early warning signs of a murder to be. And this has already exhibit the symptoms.

  6. Cathy says:

    Why the psychological testing? Just throw his freaking sorry ass in jail and be done with him.

  7. Pit Bull Lover says:

    Nauseating. The “teen” is now 19, and poor Daisy Duke was a member of *his* family!!

    This Calgary Herald article adds a bit of info:

  8. Buster says:

    PENALTY: The SAME. Tie the perp to the back of a car and drag him till he’s nothing. Nothing less!

  9. Lynn says:

    Disgusting. Screw the mental exam - BOTH kids obviously have a serious lack of ethics problem. [Parents everywhere: see what’s happening to kids? Pay attention, damn it!] Those vile monsters need to be off the streets, behind bars, for life. They have the makings of a serial killer.

    How on earth is it that they even thought to do that?

    Poor Daisy Duke.

  10. Lynn says:

    Did you note the appalling statement by the kid’s attorney? “It’s not like they kidnapped the dog or they did something bad to someone else’s dog. It started as an accident.”

    So if I hit an old lady in the street accidentally I should string her to the car and drag her for miles until she dies?

    “Someone else’s dog”…….we’re back to animals being property.

    What’s happening to our value system?

  11. High Note says:

    I remember when i was young watching two young boys throw a cat into a burning trash can. I screamed in horror and they just laughed. I could not understand why they would be so very cruel. The cat came out very quickly and ran off. I wondered if it was okay but it was too frightened and I could not find it.
    There are a lot of boys today that are just as cruel. Parents do not realize that their children could do such things. It is like they take out their inner anger on some little animal. Usually cats. A lot of hunters think that cats suck quail and pheasant eggs and if they see them in the country, they shoot them. We had one of our cats shot.
    I spoke to one hunter about this and told him there was no way a cat could suck eggs. Their top jaw is attached to their head so they cannot suck anything!

  12. Terra says:

    listen guys. i know the family of the dogs owner.. i happen to be getting married to the actual owner of daisy. and i just happen to know Charles to. You can judge that family all u want but u should really listen to BOTH sides othe story before u accuse someone of being a murderer. When i first heard wat happened i thought to that wat kinda guy could do this. but i started to listen to what he had to say and part he acctualy did in that horrific iccident. I went to all of the trials and i heard every last word that they both had to say. FIRST off it started as an accident, and yes most of u are right, they should have atleast taken her to a vet. But they didnt. The media will take wat they hear and explode it to everyone telling them fake shit! i want u all to know that Charles is not a monster. EVERYONE makes mistakes. It completely natural. SECOND he will be getting in paying the consequences of what he did. Its not like hes getting of scott free. THIRD as much as everyone wants to blame it on Charles, it wanst just him, from the stories they BOTH said, They younger one which i cannot name, did most of it, Charles was mostly a bystander. The Younger one cmae up with the idea and went with it, And im not making charles seem, innocent cuz he is far from it. Charles did not stop him what so ever, but while the younger wans dragging daisy, Charles went home and he cried becuase that was his brothers dog, bestfriend, his baby girl! So now before u all jump to conclusions.. Look at both sides of every story u hear on the news!

    Terra [Redacted by Admin]!
    R.I.P Daisy Duke!! you will forever be loved and remembered!

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