A Teenager Saves a Cat’s Life

It’s great to know that teenagers can be such good Samaritans (it’s nice to read this kind of story especially after the stories of some children abusing innocent animals). Evan, a 13-year-old boy, was walking by a ditch and heard a cat crying and saw a cat frantically clawing at the concrete. Evan jumped into action, climbed a high fence, and stood on a narrow ledge to save Cooper, the cat. Cooper’s paws were bloody and his claws were torn out from trying to climb up the concrete. Usually the ditch is dry, but that day, the ditch was full from rain and snow. A driver passed by and called the number on Cooper’s collar and Cooper has been returned to his owner and is resting from his dangerous adventure.

3 Responses to “A Teenager Saves a Cat’s Life”

  1. e wem says:

    Oh that was close. When my black cat Oggie was a kitten I was running water for a bath. I heard cries. I ran to the bathroom and the kitten was trying to claw himself up the sloping walls of the tub. He slid down under the water twice before I got to him.

    Since it was a bubble bath he was covered in suds. He was so angry he swatted me when I tried to dry him off.

    I imagine a similar scene with this poor kitty. That boy was truly a hero

  2. JJ says:

    Evan definitely is a hero…a young man of character and heart.

  3. louisa says:


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