ABC News Reports Vets Expect “Thousands More Deaths”

Finally, the media is beginning to understand the magnitude of this recall. ABC News reports:

March 22, 2007 — As investigators look for a cause behind the 15 confirmed pet food deaths, doctors at New York’s Animal Medical Center suspect there will be a much larger rash of cases after learning of an additional 200 cases of kidney failure in animals.

Doctors at the hospital, which is considered the Mayo Clinic of veterinary medicine, say they noticed the kidney failure while studying sick animals from last Friday to Monday, and traced the cases back to the 60 million cans and pouches of recalled food from Menu Food.

“I was shocked and surprised, acute kidney failure is not a common problem,” veterinarian Cathy Langston told ABC’s David Kerley. “I’ve already heard about 200 cases, and so I bet that there are probably going to be thousands.”

There are reports of tainted food still being left on store shelves (read some of our comments). It’s been almost a week since the recall was announced and I feel like the word has still not made it out to everyone.

The Cornell lab where the toxin search is being conducted has ruled out molds and heavy metals as the cause. They are focusing on a pesticide or chemical.

One Response to “ABC News Reports Vets Expect “Thousands More Deaths””

  1. CatLady says:

    The word has NOT gotten out to everyone. I know someone who was chatting with her employee today and mentioned the pet food recall only to get a blank look in return. For heaven’s sakes, people, mention this in conversations with your coworkers and friends. Make sure that they haven’t had their heads under a rock for a week… for their pet’s sakes!

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