Abducted Dog Found 1,500 Miles From Home


An Arizona woman wrote a letter to her local newspaper that Bobby, her beagle-terrier mix, was missing since April 3. The woman was suspicious that her neighbors took her dog when they were dog-sitting. The neighbors said that they had returned the dog to her mobile home.

A sympathetic and determined news reporter that read the woman’s story tracked down the couple to Fort Wayne, Indiana and tracked down their address by using county records. She wrote letters to the couple’s neighbors to see if they recognized a dog that matched Bobby’s description. One neighbor contacted the reporter and said the couple called the dog “Bobby” and said that he was a stray from Arizona. People have been snatching babies for years. Now it’s spread to dogs.

Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control seized Bobby from the couple and Bobby will be returning home to Arizona on a free plane ride (I wonder if he got upgraded to first class).

6 Responses to “Abducted Dog Found 1,500 Miles From Home”

  1. Lynne says:

    That’s terrific! Kudos to that reporter. One person can make a difference.
    Thanks for a good news story. I needed that.

  2. k says:

    Thank goodness for diligent news reporters! It’s great that Bobby’s going home to his family. Interesting, though, that the abductors are being charged with “misdemeanor theft”; I guess stealing someone’s pet is considered the equivalent of shoplifting a loaf of bread. I wonder what penalty such a charge carries?

  3. Lynne says:

    Here’s a major irony for you: if the theives had stolen a $1,000 painting of the same dog the charge would be a felony in most states.

  4. k says:

    Oh, brother!

  5. pavlovscat says:

    YEAH! A story with a happy ending. That is one great reporter.

  6. AZSue says:

    I saw this story on the local news last night. This lady is very elderly and when interviewed she said, “I just had to put down my Pekinese and I was all alone, Bobby was all I had left” It just broke my heart that someone would do that to this woman. Like there aren’t enough dogs to rescue from overcrowded shelters…geez!

    The best part of the story was that a camera crew met her at the airport to record her reunion with Bobby…you should have seen him lick her face! It was truly an awesome moment!


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