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About Itchmo Pets Network

Itchmo Pets Network is a group of web sites dedicated to informing and serving pet owners. Started by a husband and wife team (and their awesome dog), the main news site, Itchmo.com, received national attention through the extensive and in-depth coverage of the pet food recalls that started on March 16, 2007.

Itchmo has supplied pet-related news to US Senate and Congressional staff, as well as dozens of national and local news outlets. Itchmo was also featured on USA Today and the Los Angeles Times for our coverage of the pet food recall.

Itchmo is headquartered in Seattle, Washington with a network of tipsters, writers and moderators spread out across the country. We provide essential news for pet owners as well as original articles, editorials, humor, pictures, videos and more.

News reports from Itchmo can be heard every week on WGN Radio (Tribune Broadcasting) and is syndicated to hundreds of local radio stations though the Animal News program. Itchmo editors make frequent appearances as guests on Seattle’s own KIRO Radio.

Itchmo also operates the ItchmoForums where more than a thousand dedicated pet owners discuss issues that are important to their family’s well being. Itchmo Pets Network also provides pet-related product reviews on CatStuffReviews.com and DogStuffReviews.com.

We love what we do because we love our cats and dogs — just like you.

Editorial and Management Staff:

Ben Huh - Editor and Publisher, Itchmo Pets Network

Ben holds a BS in journalism from the prestigious Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. His articles and photos have been published in newspapers like The Oregonian, The Baltimore Sun, The New Orleans Times-Picayune and dozens of others. After leaving the newspaper industry, Ben has spent extensive time working for Internet and software companies. This is Ben’s second start-up. Besides the Seattle area, Ben has also lived in Chicago, Seoul, Hong Kong, New Orleans, Ft. Lauderdale, Portland, and Sacramento.

Emily Huh - Editor, Itchmo Pets Network

Emily is the news engine that drives Itchmo.com She’s an avid reader of the news and the official ombudsman for the Itchmo Pets Network community and an expert on pet news. Her previous career was in management in the early-childhood education industry. She applies her considerable experience in educating children to pet care. Emily graduated cum laude from the University of California at Los Angeles and is a native of the Bay Area and has also lived in Colorado, Chicago and Singapore.

Terry Bain - Writer, Itchmo Pets Network

Terry Bain is a humorist and author of the books You Are a Dog and We Are the Cat. He’s also an accomplished fiction writer, whose stories have appeared in Book Magazine, The Gettysburg Review, and Prize Stories: The O. Henry Awards. Terry lives in Spokane, Washington with his wife, three kids, two dogs, and a cat. He blogs about books and writing and other blessings at bainbooks.com, and his other collected and sundry thoughts and explanations syndicate themselves here: Terry Bain’s Amazon.com Author Blog. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, in his spare time he’s teaching himself to play the ukulele.

Andrea Dickson - Writer, Itchmo Pets Network

Jennifer L. Moore - Writer, Itchmo Pets Network

Jennifer L. Moore is a freelance writer and animal advocate located in the Washington, DC area. She can be contacted at jmoore@audiodef.com. Samples and notes about her work can be viewed at http://paper_clip.livejournal.com.

Patty Richard - Writer, Itchmo Pets Network

Patty Richard is a native of Rhode Island and currently lives on Prudence Island, where she waits anxiously for tourist season to be over, then waits anxiously for hunting season to be over. Although most of her professional life has been geared to printing and publishing, she has a shockingly short attention span and has performed all manner of unrelated tasks ranging from peeling potatoes to monitoring seawater quality parameters for NOAA. Somehow she always ends up back in the publishing business.

She has always shared her home with pets. Her current pet family consists of two cats: a 20-year-old tiger tabby named Rochester (alias “King of Beasts”) and an adopted feral, approximately 7 years old, named Nermal. She is also the de facto guardian of 6 chickens: Bertha, Gimpy, Big Red, Little Red, Little Blackie and Psycho-Chicken.

Patty’s ambition is to win Powerball, buy a small island in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and retire into obscurity. She’s already accomplished the obscurity part.

Phillip “Fil” Tsai - Writer and Administrator, Itchmo Pets Network

Fil is the curator of the ItchmoForums community and serves as the official referee and superintendent. He is an avid enthusiast of pets, cars and cooking. Fil graduated with a Computer Science degree from Northwestern University and is a St. Louis native.

Dr. Edward Wu, MD - Contributing Writer, Itchmo Pets Network

Dr. Edward Wu covers the happenings of the trend-setting New York pet scene for Itchmo. He received his MBA and MD from Northwestern University and currently practices in Brooklyn. He is also an avid photographer, well-versed in wines and a fan of all things technology-related.

Advisory Pet Member

Nemo, a cream-colored miniature Poodle-mix, is the Official Dog of Itchmo. He serves as the inspiration for the company and reminds us to smell the roses — that he peed on.

Itchmo Pets Network is expanding and looking for writers as well as an Official Cat. Applications are accepted at our tips email address.

Press Contact:
Contact Name: Ben Huh
Contact Email: ben@itchmo.com
Contact Phone: (425) 444-3766

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