Accused Chinese Firm Also Makes Pet Toothpaste

A Chinese firm whose products were seized at the border also lists making dog toothpaste on a well-known trading site. When the FDA warning was issued, we also warned against pet toothpaste made in China. It is not known if any companies exported pet toothpaste into the US or Canada.

The NY Times (reg. req.) found that stores in the US have been selling the affected brands. The blocked items were found in 3 ports: Miami, the Port of Los Angeles and Puerto Rico. Also, the NYT says “in addition to the United States and Panama, tainted toothpaste has been found in Australia, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua.”

Suzhou City Jinmao Daily Chemicals Co. Ltd., denied any role. An employee reached by phone said “It is not allowed. There are restrictions limiting its use.”

US officials said using the affected brands, which include Cooldent, Clean Rite and Oralmax, presented a low risk to human health but that chronic use, particularly among children or those with kidney or liver disease, could be problematic.

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P.S. We will not tolerate racist comments on this site. As we said before, sweeping generalizations about China doesn’t help you, our readers, or our pets. Thank you.

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  1. Steve says:

    Out of Control

  2. Steve says:

    I agree. This isn’t about human beings. It’s about rampant corruption.

    Any comment I make toward China is targeted at the leadership. Who should no better. Which they don’t.

    Government lying to the people is nothing new. Doesn’t matter where you live.

  3. Sylvia says:

    Putting all the blame on China gets the U.S. criminals off the hook. They love that!

  4. menusux says:

    OK,folks–I have another pet toothpaste made in China by a different supplier. Please understand that we have no way of knowing if this product is tainted or not, so I’d believe that the best way of preventing problems would be what FDA advises for human toothpaste made in China: Don’t buy it and if you have some at home, don’t use/discard it.

    I am seeing this brand sold here in the US and will try to get all URLs up where it’s for sale:

    Pet’s Tooth Care Kit
    “Pet tooth care kit puts the bite on bad breath, gum disease and infections. All-in-one toothbrush has 3 flexible heads with soft bristles to gently massage gums and firmer bristles to clean teeth. Pleasant-tasting, non-foaming tartar control toothpaste contains tea tree oil to keep gums healthy, a natural sweetener. Pets love it. This set includes toothbrush and 2.5 oz. tube of toothpaste.”

    The brand name is Triple-Pet All-Natural Toothpaste–you’ll see the tube better at the URL below:

    Sold here:

    At, Amazon Marketplace & Dental Depot on-line store,,,,

    eBay store: Lakeside Natural Foods

    There may be more stores both on & offline, but you get the idea that Triple Pet is made in China.

  5. Flamin says:

    Yep, and I’m starting to believe that’s what they want us to think. That’s why we’ve been hearing more about recalls, or avoid products from china.

    What if it was someone who wanted to get the Bioterrorism Act of 2002 amended?

    Fair use applies

    Produce industry vows better tracking of veggies
    Posted Wednesday, March 21, 2007

    The Bioterrorism Act of 2002 requires food processors and shippers - but not growers - to keep records showing where they get their produce and to whom they sell it. But such records often fall short in helping determine the sources of contamination.
    more here

    Tracking not only big companies, but the home gardener? Veggies go into pet food, so add this pet food recall to the list of baby food, spinach, cantaloupe, peanut butter, ect. Talk about a food shortage. In my opinion, this was allowed to happen to amend these laws. This time, I think they just spiked our foods with a little more toxins. God only knows what else they will put in it, just to create panic & fear.
    The nwo globalists have a short time, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

    going to the beach…ttyl

  6. menusux says:

    The company whose products were seized deal in various soaps, detergents, petroleum jelly and shampoos as well. You’ll also see more types of human toothpaste they produce at the link below:

    And you’ll also see that they produce a pet shampoo too:

  7. Garyn says:

    This is just so scary. I used to brush my dog’s teeth every night before I went raw. He is a bit of a weirdo in that he WANTED his teeth brushed every night when I brushed. I used the Four Paws and CET most recently. I hope they are Ok.

    Right now the Feds are prosecuting employees of a large company for exporting expired medical equipment. So if you sell bad equipment to foreign countries you go to jail (as you should) but if you are instrumental in poisoning the entire human and animal population of America, you are not investigated, arrested or tried. Something is so drastically wrong with this picture.

  8. Debra says:

    I’ve got a tube of the Triple Pet All Natural Toothpaste that menusux mentions above (got it at PetSmart). It says “Distributed by Benedent Corporation, Houston, TX 77282-0567″ and “Made in the U.S.A.” on the tube, so hopefully mine is safe.

  9. menusux says:

    I’d check with Benedent because right now what’s not known is whether they transferred their production to or from China at some point or if the Triple Pet product shown is counterfeit, like the designer goods and so on. Counterfeit goods of all types have been a big problem with the Chinese imports.

    The Chinese company showing the Triple Pet toothpaste on their trading page has not been accused of selling tainted toothpaste, but think it might make this VERY muddy situation re: pet toothpaste made in China slightly clearer if you got some information from Benedent.

  10. Debra says:

    Benedent uses an export trading company - Transcon Trading Co., Inc. of Irmo, SC - that distributes “high quality US made products.”

    “Transcon strives to appoint distributor(s) in each country for each manufacturer. The selected distributors must commit to a growth strategy for the manufacturer’s product range in their particular market, thus maximizing sales for the product line represented.”

    “Transcon maintains working relationships with offices in the United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, China and Chile supporting market information gathering and on-ground contacts for Europe, the Far East and South America.” (Quotes are from the Transcom website.)

    Looks to me like the products are US made but sold in China and then resold. I’ve got an email in to Benedent for clarification…I’ll post if/when I get a response.

  11. martin says:

    I think I’m going to start using baking soda. Is that safe? I have an old box in the frig. Dont know what to do when that one runs out.

  12. Steve says:

    This is pretty serious. That U.S. Corporations have completely neglected import inspections and taken for granted they would receive safe ingredients.

    The question is, how long has this been happening and why.

  13. TC says:

    Of course, corporate america is definitely to blame before anyone else’s actions are even considered. Oh yes.

    Corporate america buys from Japan and Europe and Canada with no issues; and they buy from China, India, and Mexico, and end up with a disproportionate number of tainted goods, with the ones from China leading the pack in pet deaths, and given the toothpaste factor, maybe humans are next.

    There must be something different that corporate america does when it buys from China, India and Mexico and gets much tainted stuff, then when it buys from the other nations and gets way less tainted products.

    What could that be?

  14. TC says:

    And of course, I am a complete fool to be personally boycotting products from the first group, in favor of buying those from the second group.

    Corporate america does need to not only get their act together, they need to be criminally sanctioned for deliberate acts of intentional greed driven product adulteration that cause illness and death.

    However, to only blame them lets a big cause of this issue off the hook, which is carelessness by our government in choosing healthy trade partners. I only want my tax dollars spent to police our crappy corporations, not those of foreign nations. What say we cut trade with offender nations until they decide they would like to do things differently? And more heavily police, enforce, and whack our own offenders either into shape or bankruptcy?

    It would be a good start. But you know it will never happen.

  15. menusux says:

    And now the Chinese government is trying to tell us how to run our country–attempting to tell us their contaminated products are fine for us:;src=ap

    China Rejects FDA Warning on Toothpaste
    June 3, 2007 Associated Press

    “China rejected a warning issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration urging consumers to avoid using Chinese toothpaste because it may contain a poisonous chemical used in antifreeze.

    “Calling the FDA warning “unscientific, irresponsible and contradictory,” China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine said in a statement posted on its Web site late Saturday that low levels of the chemical have been deemed safe for consumption.

    “China’s main food safety regulator said in its statement that the ingredients of toothpaste exported to the U.S. is offered to the FDA, showing the amount of diethylene glycol. Also, the toothpaste’s labeling has already been registered with the FDA, allowing it to be sold in the U.S, the statement said.

    “The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine said experts from the Health Ministry had deemed diethylene glycol a “low-level” poison that does not accumulate in the body and found no evidence the substance caused cancer or deformities.

    “It also said European Union standards allow for a certain amount of the chemical and cited a 2000 Chinese study that found toothpaste containing less than 15.6 percent diethylene glycol was not harmful. The Chinese toothpaste the FDA is concerned about contains between 3 percent to 4 percent of the drug, according to the FDA.

    “Therefore the warning issued by the FDA … is unscientific, irresponsible and contradictory,” the agency said.”

    I have URLs of Google cached pages for two of the toothpastes in question. According to the pages, they are FDA-approved. However, saying so doesn’t make it so; these pages have been removed from the trading site they were being sold on. You get page not found for them and can view these only via Google cached pages.

    And if you look back at an IHT story from May 22, 2007, you will see where the Chinese government closed the factory where at least some of the diethylene glycol toothpaste was made and questioned the manager of the firm whose products are only found on cached pages above:

    China investigates tainted toothpaste
    IHT May 22, 2007

    “A team of government investigators arrived Sunday afternoon in Danyang, Jiangsu Province and closed the factory of the Danyang Success Household Chemical Company, a small building with about 30 workers in a town nearby, according to villagers and one factory worker.

    “The government also questioned the manager of another toothpaste maker, Goldcredit International Trading, which is based in Wuxi, about one hour southeast of Danyang.

    “But Shi and other toothpaste makers in the region said that diethylene glycol had been used in toothpaste in China for years, and that producers did not believe it was very harmful.

    “But Hu also said that most toothpaste makers in the region continued to use diethylene glycol because it was considered a cheap substitute for glycerin.

    “”You know, if you’re in the export market, the margins are small, so people use the substitute,” Hu said. “Even one percent or half a percent price difference can matter to people here.”"

    Until the government of China can speak with one voice, there’s no hope of the food and medicines situation there improving and our only hope is to refuse what they wish tell us won’t hurt us as there’s ample proof they are wrong.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Alritey Then. Pay Attn. People Yes All Along Our Goverment Deserved Blame For Not Watching The Food Supply But We Are Not The Only Country That Is Getting A Much Larger Amount Of Tainted Products From China. The Toothpaste Went To Multiple Countries Where Thr Have Been Deaths From It. Thats Why Its On The Watch Lists Now. What I Believe Is China Is Running Out Of Natural Resources For Products They Export In Mass And Lookin For Ways To Keep Prices Where The Rest Of The Worle Now Expects Them To Stay. We Are Not The Only Place That Every Item We Pick Up Is Made In China. Cheap Labor And Cheap Materials Are In Demand In Every Country That Can Afford To Buy Them And Alot That Cant. Everything Is Now Disposable Because Of Two Reasons The First Is It Was Never Built To Last But The Second Is Why Its Not Made To Last We Get Bored And Must Have The Newest Product On The Market. Kids Game System Works Fine But They Gotta Have The New One That Just Came Out Because They Want It. I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT

  17. menusux says:

    Whatever was done regarding the claim that the toothpaste label was registered with FDA, thus allowing it to be sold in the US, it’s not enough:;src=ap

    “China’s main food safety regulator said in its statement that the ingredients of toothpaste exported to the U.S. is offered to the FDA, showing the amount of diethylene glycol. Also, the toothpaste’s labeling has already been registered with the FDA, allowing it to be sold in the U.S, the statement said.”

    “Dentifrice products may be marketed in the United States as drugs or cosmetics. Dentifrice products intended to prevent or mitigate dental cavities/decay (anticaries toothpaste) are regulated as over the counter (OTC) drugs. OTC anticaries toothpaste containing diethylene glycol cannot be marketed in the U.S. without an approved new drug application (NDA)…. Thus, FDA regards any OTC anticaries drug product containing DEG to be a “new drug” as defined by section 201(p) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the Act). “New drugs” must be the subject of an approved NDA under section 505 of the Act to be legally marketed in the
    United States. Presently, there are no OTC anticaries drug products containing DEG approved for marketing in the U.S.”

    The bottom line is that in order to legally sell the toothpaste in the US, the companies would need to file New Drug Applications for each of them. It would mean submitting testing just as one does for drug (Rx & OTC) approval. The process takes–bare minimum–from submission to no hitches and the drug is approved on “fast track”–10 months. Some have taken years and anyone connected with the pharmaceutical industry can tell you that the process is expensive–can run into millions of dollars just to approve one drug. I wouldn’t believe that any of these companies have that kind of $ to put forth to really get FDA to approve their products.

    The FDA URL above also lists all the other names diethylene glycol can be known by; there are many, so you might want to bookmark the page for possible future reference.

    Unlike China, where the government has seen fit to block internet access to websites which provide information counter to their statements and beliefs, we have the freedom in the US to visit any websites. We also are able to access our government’s food and drug information pages where the law is both quoted and explained as to why diethylene glycol is totally unacceptable as a toothpaste ingredient.

  18. Rick says:

    We should be concerned about what is in our own American made toothpasted as well–like Sodium Fluoride, which the EU lists this way:

    •Toxic if swallowed
    •Irritant (eyes, skin, or lungs)
    •Irritating to eyes and skin
    •Contact with acids liberates very toxic gas

    We should be concerned about everything that is in our personal care products. I put this link up in another post, for more info please go to:

    go to the top of the page and click on oral care to find out what’s in toothpaste…

  19. e wem says:

    Unfortunately the toothpaste I use, Oravive, is made in China. I was reading a financial article about a new mineral complex that could improve healing of bones because it duplicated the calcium phosporus complex in the human body. The developers, medical researchers at US universities, decided to first market it in a toothpaste because it is easier to get FDA approval for a toothpaste.

    I found the toothpaste and they showed how it cured sensitive teeth by actually correcting the problem at the gumline, instead of just numbing nerves like all other sensitivity toothpastes. It ended my sensitivity in two brushings. It also rebuilt my enamel. My teeth had become translucent and are now opaque again. But it is made in China.

    Gol Dang. I just bought a special offer of a bunch of it. Why did they have to use China? They probably went to Alibaba on the web and saw an offer to make anything you want, cheap.

    I blame US companies and China equally. China is used because

    1. It is a police state that welcomes capitalist customers. It keeps its people in line. No one strikes for higher wages in China. No one protests (for long) about toxic factory waste or abusive conditions.

    2. No one in China ever sues a US company. Except the Chinese government, if it feels like it, can sue anyone it wants in the US under our US laws. China can sue us.


    3. No one in the US sues anything in China. You can’t. It is a police state.

    Isn’t it a perfect marriage. Move production to a police state where no one is allowed to rock the boat or they go to a concentration camp, called re-education (see the epoch times for proof)

    None of the America customers can sue the Chinese factories. But China can sue the American ‘distributors’ who can claim

    a. they are shocked, shocked shocked to find out there is gambling, I mean, something improper going on at the Chinese factory they innocently, naively bought from

    b. we didn’t make it, they did. Go sue them in China

    c. If you sue us, we will fight it because we didnt do it. If we lose, we can afford to pay the settlement because - we are paying pennies to have the stuff made for us in China so we are rolling in cash. Any settlements are just a business expense

    What a set up. Two sets of crooks get together to by-pass the legal system that gives us citizens some protection when government oversight fails.

    The third partner in this, our government is so excited about the marraige of China and our businesses they dont want to rock the boat either

  20. Sylvia says:

    Shell game.

  21. Chuck says:

    Before toothpaste was invented, people used to use a mixture of baking soda and peroxide. Just dipped their toothbrush into the peroxide and sprinkled some baking soda on it. That solution seems a lot safer to me instead of having questionable fluoride and contaminants in commercial toothpaste.
    This is how the greed continues. When commercial toothpaste first came out, the opening of the tube had just a small whole, which would have provided enough paste for the purpose. Then the t/p companies realized that they could make more money if people started putting more t/p on their brushes. So they widened the opening.
    As time when on, they thought of another money-making idea. They changed the material of the tube so that it is harder to squeeze out what’s left in the bottom of the tube. So people would be more inclined to just throw it away and go on to another tube.

  22. sez who says:

    According to snoops, urban legends for toothpaste from dollar stores….

    They discovered that Crest, Colgate and other brand names weren’t the same as from Walmart, grocery stores, etc…

  23. Katie says:

    So China’s equivalent to our FDA says that they tested and did research on DEG and have decided it is safe; therefore our FDA is wrong! I would not trust any so called medical research done there or any product safety testing. I sure hope the FDA and US Gov’t finally stand up for us and say NO MORE!!!!

    Isn’t it interesting that anything made and produced here, has to follow our safety guidelines before it can be exported and yet the rest of the world can import poison to us and they feel justified to do so!!!


  24. TC says:

    And I am thinking, hey, if they want to eat that way and brush with that stuff, fine by me.

    I don’t want to. I am not interested in listening foreign lectures any more than I listen to my domestic agencies lecture me. The reason I live here in the USA is that I want the protection of these laws, even the ones I don’t totally agree with, I do believe we have the power to change if we are aware and wish to.

    I am totally ticked off that my government, past and present admins included, have been gradually turning over the reins to other countries via this trade crap. And rendering our laws ineffective and worthless. Without debate on the merits.

    If our law says NO to X, but you can do X in China, and then have it come right back here, then you don’t really have a law thats says NO to X anymore. At least not in a realistic way. And this end run around our laws is done with the guidance and encouragement of our government. I am sick of it.

  25. petslave says:

    Flamin–can you post the part of the article you referenced, Tracking Veggies, that covers home growers? I can’t find the article in their archives & even if I did, it costs to access it.

    This sounds like the bill they want to put into effect that makes everyone that has any kind of livestock to register & microchip all of their animals–cows, pigs, goats, chickens, even horses. Even if you have one chicken. Supposed to be for our ’safety’ in case of outbreaks of disease, but more like for total control of our food supply.

  26. k8e says:

    So the “legend” is true… (thanks for the link, 1:41pm)

    I’ve been wondering about this for a long time, not about toothpaste specifically, but all the food and OTC drug items they sell at the closeout stores. The same conditions that create the incentive to sell expired/unapproved toothpaste at the closeout stores also exist for many many other products as well!

  27. mittens says:

    what’s so disturbing is that the national stores that call themselves’ whole foods’ and organic or are like trader joes have all the same foreign cheapo imports.i dont see the difference in buying food at target or kmart only it doesnt come with the cali furry feel good rainforest vibrations that are just a marketing lie. the biggest chain around here has the smallest shoddiest selection of pet food-some of which are either made in the recall plants or by menu or they refuse to say where their store brand is trader joes they have human meats and meals made in china- who in their right informed mind would risk it? and all the toothpastes in these joints have some artificial ingredient ripe for adulteration. what’s ‘ whole foods’ about that?

    i’m with chuck-ive used baking soda and peroxide in a pinch before for my teeth. it’s very refreshing= just do not swallow the damn stuff. all my groovy granola label toothpastes( toms, jasons etc )have some suspect crap in them…isn’t their some sort of bark or roots Indians chewed for their teeth? where can i get some of that that Monsanto hasn’t sprayed with plastic based insecticide?

  28. k8e says:

    You nailed it, 3:46pm. Very simply and clearly stated. That’s exactly what we should be arguing to our representatives. Which is what I’m about to do right now.

  29. petslave says:

    YES, mittens, to both of your points. Even the small natural foods co-op I shop at has goods made in China there (so much for them touting the sustainable, fair trade line!). Plus of course they have all those organic prepared foods that don’t say Product of US on them.

    I want to try the hydrogen peroxide/baking soda toothpaste, BUT, where are either of them made? I was sure A&H baking soda was US, but I just looked on the box to be sure & foundno info, then website, no info of where it is mined & processed. Maybe I missed it. Then looked at the hydrogen peroxide–I have a drug store chain brand, no info on that one but ‘Distributed by’ on the label.

  30. mittens says:

    petslave- i guess what this all points out is that we’ve with the help of big business and our own damn government cut ourselves off from being able to produce for ourselves and support our population. the irony is that we’d be employing ourselves in doing so and wouldn’t see all our jobs flying off to where big companies can employ virtual slaves with no protections, rights and very little regulation.
    apparently however baking soda is mostly made in america! wyoming to be exact. yes! we can eat all the baking soda we’d like- wooooo! of course that’s not advisable nor healthful.

  31. Debra says:

    I got a reply back from Benedent (customer service on a Sunday, can you believe it?). Here’s what they said:

    Hi Debra,

    Our toothbrush is made in Houston, Texas. Our toothpaste is made in New London, Connecticut. We export our product worldwide, including to China. The website you reference in your note ( is for a reseller located in China. They purchased our products from our international distributor, who is located in Irmo, South Carolina.

    You should be promoting our products because we are 100% American and we are working to put something positive on the balance of trade.

    Roger Bayer

    So, my little ones will continue to use Triple Pet All Natural Toothpaste, which is great, because it’s the only one they like.

  32. mittens says:

    the edgar cayce oral health products(heritage brand) are made by Barr- their tooth powder does not have anything suspect. here’s barr’s website-they seem to manufacture many health care products at their own plant but it is unclear where the plant is located.

    the heritage products test for pesticide resdidues and claim they will provide more information on requset. i use their herbal gum care treatment.

  33. HomeGrown says:

    We all want change and the only way is to email the people who have the authority to do it. Right now the Food Safety Bill has been tabled and without our input will slowly die. It has been sent to the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions. If you scroll down you will see the Food Safety Bill. At the top of the page is a place you can email the committee.

    Flood them with emails!!!!!

  34. Anonymous says:

    To Who Ever Asked If There Was A Root Or A Bark To Chew For Your Teeth. Im Sure There Is Juzt Dont Remembr What It Is. Check A Book Called Green Witch You Will Find Lots Of Herbal Remedies For Everything. They Do Work And Work Well. Nxt Time A Cavity Hurts Put A Whole Clove In It. Works Better Then Anbesol, Tastez Better To. Got Arthritis Try A Hot Ginger Compress. Fresh Ginger Boild In Water And A Rag Is All It Takes. Much Safer Then The Pills Docz Are Giving And Smells Better Then Any O.t.c

  35. petslave says:

    I remember reading about some group of people somewhere that chewed on a native type of sugar cane & had really healthy teeth. Of course they also didn’t eat M&M’s, chocolate ice cream or soft drinks with the equivalent of 4 heaping teaspoons of white sugar at that time either.

    The clove for cavities is interesting–the main ingredient in most of those OTC tooth pain formulas is clove. Can’t beat the natural stuff for a lot of things.

  36. petslave says:

    mittens–thanks for the baking soda info. that’s reassuring! I remember reading that on the A&H box itself years ago, so it was strange that it isn’t on there or on their website now. now if we only know about the hydrogen peroxide.

    Debra - I read your post about Triple Pet & thought, great that they make it in the US, but are the actual ingredients from the US? I went to the website & they have a note right at the top of the Triple Pet webpage that says everything is sourced from North America as well as made there! Now if only all the other companies would post that quickly, they could make more money & lose fewer customers. But then maybe they can’t make that statement…….

  37. k8e says:

    Ex-FDA researcher: Many dietary supplements tainted

  38. Debra says:

    That notice on the Triple Pet website ( wasn’t there before I contacted them. It’s so nice to find companies that listen to their customers’ concerns and act quickly and appropriately. Makes me want to keep doing business with them.

  39. Gail says:

    The “stick” that cleans teeth that people were wondering about is neem…but you can get it in organic food stores in a tube and it often is combined with peelu…It is from India…and used in Ayurveda

  40. petslave says:

    See Debra–you were a small but important force of change there!

    K8e - scary article about supplements–1 in 4 samples tested don’t meet safety/quality standards! I quit taking my supplements last month & haven’t added any to my dogs’ home cooked diet. But they & the cats are still getting it in the canned food & all those people foods like milk & cereal have vitamins added. Yuck, I’m not up to eating breakfast this morning….

  41. ANDYcat says:

    WE CANADIANS have to take on the role our dozy media isn’t and GET THE WORD OUT….neighbours/friends/groups/blogs.

    I’ve wasted more time trying to wake up the CBC….from the local station straight up to the Ombudsman……….all asleep at the switch!!!!!!

    This crap is probably already in dollar stores, discount stores…maybe even at the Green Grocer!

  42. petslave says:

    Speaking of natural tooth care, xylitol was mentioned earlier - this is not a bad chamical addititive to toothpaste & gum, it’s a natural sugar made from birch bark that actually inhibits the growth of mouth bacteria. Many dentists are recommending chewing gum with xylitol for oral health care. What I don’t get is why they have to use both xylitol & the deadly aspartame in the same gum. I use xylichew, made in Finland–it doesn’t have any of those bad chemicals in it. There are also Peelu gums available.

    Xylitol is, however, toxic to dogs, so keep the gum/toothpaste/candy in a cabinet away from them. Remember that onions & chocolate are also toxic to dogs, whearas dogs can eat some pretty rotten meat that would make us very sick. Different animals have different reactions to foods.

    You can buy bags of xylitol to use as sweetner for cooking in health food stores. Be aware that ’some’ people can get stomach upset/diarrhea from too much xylitol–just about everyone I know that’s eaten larger quantities, including me, has this reaction, so I think they should say ‘most’ people on their package warnings.

  43. mittens says:

    petslave-xylitol is also toxic to cats. my cats lick the bathroom sink for water. i try to make sure they do not have contact with it.

    some animals ate the tainted food and didn’t die. i really don’t see your point. xylitol makes some people sick but not others. why does that make it any better or worse than aspartame which if i am not mistaken has plenty of ‘rumours’ about how ‘deadly ‘it is swarming around but no proof. sorbitol is also derived from ‘ natural’ sugar but diabetics cannot tolerate it even though it is used as a sugar substitute. the body breaks it down as sugar so they can’t have it.

    there are plenty of natural items like nuts that can kill ‘ some people’. youre going to find someone who has a bad reaction to just about anything especially now a days where children can’t even bring bpj sandwhiches to school because of say one kid who is allergic. xylitol is a poison to pets. why isn’t it in humans too ? maybe it’s only a matter of proportion but still…animals are attracted to sweet tastes that’s why they lap up antifreeze and die. so as a result i do not want no xylitol in my toothpaste.

  44. Trudy Jackson says:

    Please Read- I’m going to try every blog, so you might see this again.I know some people on ITCHMO and PETCONNECTION are probably going to write a book about all this horribe mess. And I think that’s good.
    I am writing a book now, but it’s not scientific data and all that. Not any of it.
    It’s from my Heart. How many of You have lost pets, who were they, what were they like in your life? How has this affected Your whole life, even if you didn’t lose a pet, it has had to have affected You and your way of life
    I am devistated by the lose of My pets and all this danger with the pet and people food.
    My whole world changed after 9/11, now it has changed again.
    Our sweet pets paid the price and need to be heard.They also might have saved our lives in the process.
    You can do a tribute, a poem, a story, etc. about them and you. Or just how it’s changed your life around.
    My life, My trust, My way of thinking, will never ever be the same again. We owe it to them and us as a tribute.
    Also, we owe so much to ITCHMO and PETCONNECTION for all the wonderful information. they have My deepest Respect.
    Please send Me an email with your story, tribute, poem, etc. . Or just Email Me and i’ll give you My phone and mailing address.
    You can name your tribute, poem, story, etc. Please write down that I can use have full permission to use it, and sign your name. thanks so much, Trudy Jackson, .

  45. petslave says:

    mittens–I was just responding to some earlier posts where people were kind of freaking out that xylitol was one of those evil unnatural chemicals (for instance like aspartame). I just wanted to say it’s actually from natural sources–not saying everyone or anyone should use it because of that. I totally agree if people don’t want it around because of pets, but wanted to make the point that if you do want to use it for it’s benefits, it is natural but also toxic to pets. Info on it:

    My reference to other ‘toxins’ was to point out that there are other natural things that are also toxic to our pets but we know to keep them out of the way. I doubt anyone is not eating chocolate because their small dog could die if it ate a candy bar. Guess I waited too long to respond to the xylitol frenzy & it was out of context–I couldn’t get back on the computer till later last night. Here’s info about aspartame, enough to make me say no to this one:

  46. petslave says:

    Trudy–best of luck with your book–it sounds like a wonderful idea & a chance to get the sweet pets’ stories out there.

  47. Trudy Jackson says:

    Petslave, thank you so much! We’ll see.

  48. Trudy Jackson says:

    Petslave, I hope you end up sending Me something, sometime. Please, Trudy

  49. Phil says:

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