Air Canada To Not Allow Pets On Planes

Dogs on Plane

Starting July 15, Air Canada will be banning all pets from their passenger planes. Last September, the airline decided to stop carrying pets in the cabin due to concerns over passengers with allergies.

The airline decided to stop carrying pets in the cargo hold because of “increasing load factors as well as tighter security measures that are leading people to check more bags.”

More about Air Canada’s ban on pets after the jump.


“Animals in the hold actually reduce the amount of space we have for luggage because you’ve got to leave an area for ventilation or oxygen and as well they require extra handling,” said airline spokeperson Peter Fitzpatrick.

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  1. Traci says:

    “I’m hiding behind a screenname…you all have screennames! Shibadiva, I doubt that is your birth name. Get back to the issue at hand instead of jumping to attack someone who is standing up for animals and those who love them.”

    Well THIS IS my screen name.

    And I can’t stand being around here much for all the sniping and nastiness and bigotry and flaming on this and other threads. There. If you want to be nasty to someone, Itchmo made “The Ring” on the Forum for that.

    What’s with having to put each other or some other group (in general) down. Stop throwing frigging stones whether they be at the Chinese, Canadians or someone else who contradicts your agenda here.

  2. Traci says:

    My screen name and my real name:

    Traci Cleaver

  3. JJ 2 says:

    Traci, do you agree with seal hunts and the way they are killed or the dog and cat trade in China? I never attacked all Canadians (I have relatives in Canada) and have never posted a thing about China, though I know what is going on there and it upsets me terribly. I also realize that there are people of all nationalities…Chinese, Canadian, etc…who want to make some positive changes which are more humane and compassionate. I do wish more Canadians would vote for candidates who are against the seal hunts…that would be the surest way to end the hunt, as Canada is a democracy and their politicians would listen to the voters. You are right in that we need to stop bickering…everyone on here has something in common…a love for animals. But I can never agree with anyone who defends any practice in which an animal is made to die in agony. It is simply wrong.

  4. Traci says:

    “But I can never agree with anyone who defends any practice in which an animal is made to die in agony. It is simply wrong.”

    Who here defended it?

  5. JJ 2 says:

    Traci, I wasn’t implying you did…no one on here would defend it, I’m sure. I was just stating my opinion in general, since you stated people are criticizing folks who express opinions contrary to their agenda. I think we all have the same goal (or agenda) here…to promote and encourage kind treatment of animals.

  6. JJ 2 says:

    High Note…I totally agree with you. that sounds like a reasonable and fair solution…a good compromise, I think. Besides, pets aren’t on all flights, so folks with severe allergies could perhaps get priority on pet free flights and folks with pets could go on other designated flights.

  7. shibadiva says:

    JJ2 wrote “Shibadiva, I doubt that is your birth name. Get back to the issue at hand instead of jumping to attack someone who is standing up for animals and those who love them.”

    I understand that I’m not addressing JJ who I know well on the forums, but rather the individual who used the JJ ID at the beginning of this thread. You’re correct that is not my birth name. It is the screen name I use on the forums and on other discussion threads. What’s your point?

    Please explain what issue at hand I need to get back to. This is the Air Canada thread, isn’t it? Were my posts in support of AC’s actions? Did you read my posts about voting with one’s wallet and choosing another carrier?I didn’t accuse you of hijacking JJ’s ID. All you did, IMO, was make a few unnecessary insulting statements.

  8. Pit Bull Lover says:

    Ohhh, this place cracks me up.

  9. shibadiva says:

    Pit Bull Lover. It’s the melamine. ;o)

  10. JJ from IL says:

    shibadiva love that comment - its the melamine, LOL. We can all vote with our wallets and chose to avoid a company and their products to make our point known. It has so far seemed to have made a big impact on the pet food sales - the same can be accomplished with an airline, hotel, big chain store, etc. Let’s stay together on all of this to achieve what no one single person could do alone for our beloved fur children.

  11. JJ 2 says:

    JJ from IL…I totally agree with your last comment. If we stick together and vote with our wallets, that’s the best way to make positive change happen. And on the bright side, the pet friendly airlines, hotels and businesses will hopefully be rewarded with more business (a lot of folks routinely travel with their pets, even just for vacations…and a lot of these people are frequent flyers) and this will encourage them to remain pet friendly.

  12. shibadiva says:

    JJ from IL: More power to the companies that take advantage of the market opportunities now, to give us what we need (pesticide and GMO f ree foods with no rendered pets, and humane travel options) and not sell us carp products and services.

    Menu Foods traded UP negligibly today from 2.67 to 2.70 (although maybe not negligible for the banks who traded it), but I’d say Mr. Henderson might be feeling like President Shimada of the Chisso company that was responsible for the Minamata mercury poisoning tragedy mid-last century.

    Image by Eugene Smith here:

  13. shibadiva says:

    Plug for Westjet. They are probably Air Canada’s major competitor here in the Great White North. They are pet-friendly. I’ll be flying Westjet next time I go to Montreal.

  14. HighNote says:

    Traci, I read your commits on putting down other countries and all and I for one was putting down China. I will continue to put them down till they take responsibility for saling tainted goods and so far they are taking no responsibility at all. When a manufacturer from a country kills people in Panama and other countries with anti freeze cough syrup and we find it in our country in the toothpaste too and China said they were not responsibile but the person that bought the product was. This is outlandish! They need to clean up their act if they are going to deal with other countries and till they do I will put them down! I will also put them down for acting like it was nothing when they came over here for talks and their melamine products killed all the pets. They are letting people get away with this in their country and this just is not right!

  15. Sandi K says:

    Highnote, I agree. I have absolutely no problem saying things about China whatsoever after their product killed my cat. They have done nothing to own up to it and some of the companies are either back in business or never stopped doing business. Even if they did, you can bet, it is only a matter of time, before the same thing or something similar will happen again. It is only a matter of time. And for me, Im not sure “putting down” China is really the best description, for me its called “extreme anger”. For anyone who doesnt have that anger, try picturing your dear sweet pet literally starving themself due to not wanting to eat, losing weight, throwing up sometimes 3 times daily, having pain to the point they are moaning, then going into seizures, then a coma, then taking their last breath. If that doesnt give you extreme anger towards China and Menu Foods, I dont know what will.

  16. Traci says:

    I never said I had a problem with commenting on the country of China in a bad way–or even Canada. I said generalizing negative comments about Chinese and Canadians was one of the things that bothered me. I specifically used “Chinese” and “Canadiens.” I am very bothered by China. The first few posts on this thread contained some ugly and generalizing comments about those who are not “some” Canadians (I read that as their are thousands of lotto tickets printed, SOME may be winners).

  17. Traci says:

    there not their

  18. Sandi K says:

    Traci, I understand what you are saying, thank you. I think what all of this has done as far as pet food contamination goes, is frustrated and angered alot of us. I think the fact that this is barely even being covered anymore on the news, and that FDA is being allowed to not have to give answers anymore is just really causing major frustration for folks like all of us here. It doesnt matter what we do, nothing seems to work, and no one in government seems to care. Its a recipe for anger and venting. No matter what any of the disagreements may be here, Im confident that we all have the best interest of our pets, ill or dead, at heart and I know we all wish the government would do something. I keep hoping that any day something will change and things will be heard, I hope its not false hope. Best wishes

  19. Canadian Transportation Agency Suspends Air Canada’s No Pet Policy | Itchmo says:

    […] month, Air Canada announced that it would be banning all pets from their passenger planes effective July 15. They decided to stop transporting pets in the cargo hold because of limited luggage space. Last […]

  20. louisa says:

    I have a problem with any airline taking pets in the hold, even though my mother is allergic to cats and thinks that I must be crazy. I am Golden Retriever person and was in a stopover in Atlanta at about 4AM a few years back. Some guy in the passenger lounge was actually angry because Dela “made”him have his Chesapeake Bay Retriever (crated) with him between flights. His wife and three kids were wisely somewhere else.My mother disappeared,as she does when things get awkward. I didn’t tell him to be glad that he knew that his dog was safe and not fried, I just offered to get his dog some ice. Thanks to Starbucks, he was happy after that. Free ice…
    BTW, I was in China during the pet food recall. I ate rice and kept my fingers crossed. Wondered what I was going to discover when I got back. Met a lot of great people,but the government is a whole other story! My two dogs and cat were fine.

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