Air Force Base Uses Military Working Cat To Control Rodents


Wizzo the cat is waging a war on rodents.

This military working cat lives at the 95th Mission Support Group’s supply warehouse on the Edwards Air Force Base in California. Wizzo works around the clock to support the supply unit’s mission.

Wizzo is called the unit’s “mobility rodent deterrent”. He also is nicknamed the “weapons systems officer” for the warehouse. He was brought in for pest control at the warehouse, and he definitely earns his keep by doing an excellent job.

The supply group first realized that they needed Wizzo when they noticed rodent droppings in and around some of the mobility bags. A contract manager for the supply group said that when mobility bags sit for an extended period of time they can become prone to holes chewed in them from rodents. This makes the bags unserviceable, which costs the Air Force extra money and can create health issues from the droppings.

Employees tried everything to control the rodent infestation before using Wizzo. They tried poison, but the rats and mice would just get sick and crawl behind the walls and die. Nothing was successful until one-year-old Wizzo joined the team in 2006. He was adopted from an animal shelter in Lancaster, CA.

Wizzo meets the first person that comes to the warehouse in the morning and drops off the prey at their feet. He proudly gives it to them as if he is handing in an assignment.

In total, this rodent seeking cat has caught a bird, a rat and three mice. The supply team keeps his kill count posted on a board for him.

“It seems that whenever anyone starts to doubt his worth, he comes up with another mission completed,” Ms. Starr [mobility lead supervisor] said.

Everyone at the supply warehouse donates food and supplies for him. The whole team works together to keep their “mobility rodent deterrent” happy and healthy.

During exercises and when there a lot of people in the supply warehouse, Wizzo is put in his cage to keep him safe.

But late at night, the cat is alone to complete his mission amidst crates and supply bags like a furry, four-legged Rambo.

Source: Air Force Link

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  1. catmom5 says:

    If ya want the job done right ~ call a cat!

  2. mittens says:

    i love a cat in a uniform….

  3. Beth says:

    LOL - “weapons systems officer” - LOL - I can appreciate that, having been in a USAF family for over 30 years - this is great!!!

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