Amber Alerts For Cats And Dogs Help Reunite Pets With Owners

Amber Alert

For most people, when a beloved pet goes missing, owners will post up fliers, search around the neighborhood, or offer up rewards.

But now, there are several services that aid pet owners in their search for their missing cat or dog.

For Rebecca Backer, her six-year-old Labrador Mooch went missing for more than two weeks. She called animal shelters, put up fliers, and searched all over the neighborhood with no luck. Backer didn’t think she would ever find Mooch again.

Then Backer found out about, a nationwide Internet-based company that specializes in finding lost pets. helped Backer by calling all of her neighbors with a pre-recorded message of what Mooch looked like and who to call if they found him.

A country club owner had received one of those calls, had seen Mooch around the country club, and contacted Backer. Mooch, hungry and a bit thinner, was finally reunited with Backer. co-founder Krisylyn Sterlino said, “It’s like the Amber Alert for pets. Plus, putting up fliers takes a lot of time and not everyone sees them.”

Bill Rozich’s Colorado-based organization, Amber Alert for Pets, also helps find missing pets by notifying members through e-mail.

The organization has 3,700 members who have joined and have pledged to help other pet owners in the organization search for their pet if they go missing.

“Most of the members never have any contact with one another; they don’t care if you’re a one-legged person, a Democrat, a Republican, or what religion you are,” said Rozich. “All that matters is that you’re a pet owner.”

He added that his organization has found more than 300 pets.

Backer, who is extremely happy to have Mooch back, said, “It was 100 percent thanks to the phone call that I found Mooch. And he’s been well-behaved since he came back.”

Source: ABC News

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9 Responses to “Amber Alerts For Cats And Dogs Help Reunite Pets With Owners”

  1. Buhawi the Dog Lover says:

    Wow, that’s really nice and cool!

    It’s always refreshing to think that there are organized efforts at finding lost pets. Are these organizations government-supported, or do they exist purely as private entities?

    I wish we have those kinds of organizations in our place…

  2. Lynne says:

    This looks like a great service. If one of my pets went missing, the $60 fee would be a small price to pay for a safe return. What a wonderful idea. I like that they are exempt from the Do Not Call registry, so you can be sure that the people in your area will be called. I’m going to bookmark this site and hope I never need it!

  3. Jenna Z says:

    There is also a yahoo group called K9 Amber Alert where missing and found pets are posted. I wish it was a broken up into regional groups, but it gets the word out.

  4. Robot Cartoons says:

    What a great service. Hopefully my dog won’t wander too far, and I won’t live in an area too densely populated ’cause that last package was real expensive.

  5. kaefamily says:

    An email org could be set up similarly to which is catagorized in various vicinities. Each area can be cross-posted as well.

  6. kaefamily says:

    An email listserv could be set up similarly to which is catagorized into different vicinities. Each area can be cross-posted as well. Hence a larger area is covered. And it will be a free service.

  7. MaineMom says:

    Why couldn’t a lost and found be set up here on Itch?

  8. Jason says:

    This sounds like a great service. It is important to always have your pet properly identified (and your information current). Micro chipping is also a great way to help get your pet back–make sure to see if your local shelters and veterinarians have an universal micro chip scanner.

  9. kathy says:

    Doesn’t do much good for them to have the scanner if they don’t use it like here in Alamosa CO……..

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