American Dog Owners Assoc. Calls For Suspension; Memorabilia Store Stands Against Vick

VickThe American Dog Owners Association (ADOA), formed in 1970 to combat dogfighting, announced that it is calling for the NFL to suspend Michael Vick in response to his recent dogfighting conspiracy charges.

“The ADOA would like to see much stiffer penalties for the organizers and owners of the dogs used and bred for fighting,” stated Maureen Hauch, a spokesperson for the organization. “In addition, those who attend these fights are only charged with a misdemeanor, when a felony would be a more fitting charge for such an inhumane crime,” she added.

The organization would like to see Vick suspended from the NFL and ordered to make positive public service announcements about the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Sports memorabilia stores are also taking a stand against Vick.

Brian Gray, the owner of American Icons, has removed an autographed Vick photo that once hung on his wall of his Frisco, Texas sports memorabilia store.

Gray plans to destroy the photo valued at $500 and any other Vick-related apparel or items in his store. Throughout the month of August, customers can bring in their Vick memorabilia and join in the demolition festivities.

“We are not going to deal with this anymore,” Gray said. “We say forget Michael Vick. Just because he plays on a field, he is not a hero or role model. We don’t want to finance someone who is behaving in that manner. We specialize in heroes and he is not one of them. I just couldn’t find a way to justify selling the item.”

Gray said that he didn’t want to sell the autographed picture because he was afraid that some of the royalties would go back to Vick.

After all of the Vick memorabilia is collected, Gray will make a donation to the SPCA based on the items that people bring in.

The owner of this Texas store said that the destruction of all of the Vick items will likely happen in September. He will be posting updates on a website to offer details of the Vick destruction event.

He wants people to know that he is serious and he wants to give an opportunity for sports fans and animal lovers to say enough is enough.

Gray’s idea has been acknowledged by the SPCA, Sports Collectors Daily, Jersey Case Memorabilia Blog and Small Business Tips. His stand against Vick has been spreading rapidly.

Source: Press release, Plano Courier

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3 Responses to “American Dog Owners Assoc. Calls For Suspension; Memorabilia Store Stands Against Vick”

  1. Roberto P. says:

    Oh, Emily, I love this story! Spay or neuter your Vick. LOL!

  2. Jenny Bark says:

    Good the more people who stand up the more young kids & adults will know what Americans think of people who fight dogs & bate animals. I like to see stiffer penalties for owners & felony charges for people who attend.

  3. Mat BNP says:

    Look, I hate the idea of dog fighting as much as any resonable person, but seriously, have we learned nothing from what happened to the lacrosse players at Duke? I’ll remind you that their situation looked really bad too, at least as bad as Vick’s. They stood ACCUSED of raping a woman. The public decried their actions, but then decried the media for making them out to be bad guys when the truth came to bear. If the truth about Vick is that he was fighting dogs, then I am all for any kind of retribution you can think of. However, shouldn’t we all step back and wait to see how this plays out in our justice system before we crucify him? After all, indictments and accusations are not convictions. Not yet anyway.

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