American Nutrition Caps Reimbursement at $500

American Nutrition, the maker of several brands of recalled pet foods, has issued reimbursement instructions for pet owners. However, the claim is capped at $500 of actual medical expenses and requires verification by the veterinarian. From what we’ve read from our reader comments, many claims far exceed $500.

See the claim form. (PDF)

(Thanks Eleanor)

43 Responses to “American Nutrition Caps Reimbursement at $500”

  1. ally says:

    If I even try commenting on this right now, I’ll go stark raving postal.
    Unfrakking believable.

  2. straybaby says:

    They must not own any animals. And if they do, they must not vet them!~ When I had a cat with ARF, I think I spent about 1000. And since his was from an infection that antibiotics could knock out, the treatment was pretty straight forward compared to what is being done to the pets that have been poisoned.

    And if I recall, my vet threw a few breaks in there because I had another cat with cancer at the same time, so my face (and credit card!) was pretty darn familiar.

    In NYC, it’s about $200 minimum for cremation and to get your pets ashes back. And that is for cats and small dogs . . . these companies really need a reality check!

  3. Debra says:

    Unbelievable. A $500 cap sounds like a slap in the face.
    Check out this article from the Wall Street Journal Online (”How Much is Your Dog’s Life Worth?):

  4. Sandy says:

    While it is true MOST states see animals as property legally…ONE CAN ….get reimbursed for ALL their expenses…you do not have to accept this offer. I sued Pfizer over a shit drug they sold without an insert informing the owners and vets of the side effects and dangers…WE SUED THEM IN A CLASS ACTION SUIT…It took years because we refused a gag order and that held it up and so on but it came down to ALL expenses..even carpet cleaning…..I predate the reclls with my sick and dead cats but plan to get on a CAS …….Dont just sign and accept their [EDITED] offer unless it covers ALL your expenses…Sad to say the cost of the animal will not factor in unless its a purebred which I had…I learned a lot in that suit and I will stress again it TOOK YEARS and the lawyers got much money…but here and now we are for our pets…and for them WE WILL FIGHT AND BLEED THAT COMPANY DRY

  5. Ellie says:

    I know from past experience (luckily, my cats have not had food-related problems this time) that just basic bloodwork and a three-day hospital stay on an IV runs at least $500. And recall that the ASPCA vets are recommending keeping up aggressive fluid therapy for longer than usual–which translates into a longer hospitalization and greater expense for the owner.

    On the other hand, at least ANI has started the process. I don’t see that Menu has done anything yet, even though they grandly said they would early on.

  6. Mia says:

    I have spent that much at my Westie’s derm vet annual visit! I am most definitely going for the max on this one. My guy still is not the same!!!

    Mad as hell in S.Calif. Mia

  7. Pet Connection Blog » Pet-food recall: Saturday afternoon news and open thread says:

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  8. menusux says:

    Doesn’t this remind you of what goes on after tragedies like airplane crashes, when the company sends people to get the bereaved families to hurry up and settle by signing something when they’re still in shock?

    And if they do sign, there’s fine print which says they accept the settlement as full payment, meaning they can’t sue after signing the document. Things like this go on to try to limit the company’s liability.

    If you choose, there seems to be no reason one can’t take other legal action against ANI–why one would just have to sign this paperwork and take their $500 offer or nothing.

    Question here also is–there are companies other than ANI liable for the foods produced at ANI’s plant; whether ANI altered their formulas without their permission or not–their names are on the bags and labels.

    Before I signed for the $500 with ANI, I’d want to check if doing this would make me ineligible to file a claim with the food brand. It may turn out that someone could file against both ANI and the food brand which would mean that more treatment expenses would be able to be met by those who made them necessary. I’d hate to see anyone sign this hurriedly and in doing so, lose out on reimbursements which are rightfully theirs.

  9. Steve says:

    DON’T BUY IT. Get an attorney or join a class action.

    Don’t run scared of these people. Give them a taste of their own medicine and more.

  10. Steve says:

    American Nutrition.The Ogden, Utah based firm annually produces more than 290,000 tons of pet foods and snacks with 2001 sales exceeding 160 million dollars.


  11. Phil says:

    I see there’s an email on the form if anyone wants to tell ANI what they think of this derisory offer!

  12. JollyCat says:

    A $500 cap.

    Me wonders just how many people they think will file a claim.

  13. Anna K says:

    $500.00! What are you kidding me? When was the last time any of these so called executives went to the vet? We are up to $650 on blood work-ups alone for 3 dogs! So far so good but had to have one repeated 3 times. Got a call from one manufactor because I had opened a claim back in March but the girl did not have the 33 pages of bills, reciepts of both food and vet ,nor the print outs of the test results so she said she will call back. Don’t understand how you can even make such a call if you don’t have the imfo in front of you. (this was from the insurance claims dept) So sick and tired of dealing with incompetant people

  14. Rollo says:

    Cremation alone cost me $300, and that doesn’t include an urn.

    Natural Balance, whose recalled food came from ANI, expected $100 million in sales this year alone.

    Note that the claim form requires the vet to list 3 possible causes for the pet’s illness. Is everyone catching that? When the vet complies with instructions, American Nutrition gets the loophole it needs to not pay you a cent. They can say that your vet isn’t sure what the cause of illness was, therefore, they don’t owe you anything.

    I hope some vets have the courage to write the following in that section:
    1. Poison pet food
    2. Contaminated pet food
    3. Pet food contaminated with poison

    I really hope no one is desperate or gullible enough to fill out this claim form. JOIN ONE OF THE CLASS ACTION SUITS INSTEAD!

  15. Fivecatsandadog says:

    I would like to apologize on behalf myself and the rest of us Ogden residents who have souls for the embarrassment and shame ANI is causing. It seems like Utah and/or Ogden can only make headlines when something goes horribly, horribly wrong.

    I am grateful that my pets have (so far) been lucky and escaped harm from the greedy bastards at Menu and ANI. (and Dick Van Patten’s NB, which we switched to in order to go with safe, all-natural.. we’re feeding Black Gold to our dog now and “Veterinarian Formulated” or “VF” for the cats, hopefully they’ll still be safe come the next morning of recalls..)

    If we had lost any of our kids because of the filthy ANI, I’m not sure what I would have done. I am so sorry to any of you who have.

    These recalls have made me embarrassed to be an American at times, but this sort of attitude from ANI makes me very embarrassed to be living in Ogden as well.

  16. SmileOnADog says:

    My email letter to ANI:

    Subject: 500.00? It’s a bad time to make jokes!

    You have got to be kidding, capping reimbursable fees for sick or dead animals at 500.00.

    That amount doesn’t even begin to cover it, as kidney issues at the vet’s office, requiring hospitalization, are usually 800.00 -1000.00 or more. Sometimes expensive surgery is needed to physically remove the crystals, which could run 1300.00 or more. Side issues from compromised kidneys, like hyperthyroid, and needing irradiation can cost 1200.00 or more. CBC’s alone can run 150.00. A week at the vet’s office receiving meds and i.v. drips/hydration could add up to over a 1000.00 alone.

    Not to mention the lifelong medicines the animals may have to be put on, human meds, uncovered by insurance. Not to mention the subsequent vet checks and close monitoring of an ill pet. Not to mention the emotional trauma and loss suffered by the owners of a much-loved, POISONED pet. Not to mention the loss of the pet’s quality of life if it survives.

    You are not a company, but killers. You are not acting responsibIy, you’re adding insult to devastation and injury. I and everyone I know will never solicit your brands again. You’ve made a deal with the devil, and you’re on your own with it.

  17. Ellie says:

    It’s hard to fathom how ANI can arbitrarily decide to cap reimbursement at $500. It seems it’s a no-brainer that they should reimburse all actual costs of vet treatment related their food.

    I can understand that they might not decide all claims are valid–but for any claim that IS valid, they really ought to pay the full amount of documented vet bills.

    As I see it, if the pet died from the contaminated food, that’s a whole separate issue–arguments can be made about what a pet is worth. I’m sure there will be lawsuits about that.

    But to set a rather low cap on reimbursement of documented out-of-pocket costs for vet care–it’s baffling.

    I just had a thought–I don’t have pet insurance, but I wonder if pet insurance companies might be inclined to go after ANI and Menu because of insurance claims they have to pay related to this food fiasco.

  18. Anna K says:

    If anyone out there has pet insurance and they pay for anything I would like to hear about it because that’s a whole other can of worms to be opened. I will be greatly surprised if the insurance co’s pick up any expenses. I just hope this will all be over soon and everybody’s pets are ok. My thoughts and prayers to anyone who has lost their beloved animals.

  19. Elaine Vigneault says:

    My pet insurance caps each claim at $1500. And that’s the most basic level of insurance. Clearly, the industry that determines reasonable pet health costs decided $1500 is reasonable.

    My cat has bladder stones. The exam, blood test, and x-ray cost over $300 alone. The surgery he must have this week will cost over $2000. And that’s just bladder stones, a very common problem for young, male cats. Imagine if his illness were more difficult to diagnose…

  20. Kiki says:

    ANI should provide reimbursement for whatever the vet fees were (based on vet reports, including euthanasia). In addition, if a pet died, they should also pay for the cost of a new pet. If the pet was a champion, they should pay for future earnings.

  21. AnnaZ says:

    ANI, MENU, and all the rest of them should pay for everything because if they didn’t bother to check what the hell they were producing they deserve to loose their pants. If they didn’t put this [EDITED] out none of us would have to be going to the vet for this problem and further more they should have to pay for pain and suffering they caused all pet owners. They are all a bunch of greedy b##!!!ds!.

  22. Sarah says:

    I agree, don’t sign any release forms with these damn pet food companies. I have posted this before but incase anyone missed it, Natural Balance will refund your expenses if you sign a release of all claims forms, which states: “I / we hereby release, acquit, and FOREVER discharge Natural Balance Pet Foods Inc. and its subsidiaries, parent company, affiliates, shareholders, officers, directors, employees, agents, sales reps, distributors, and retailers, and Wilbur Ellis Company of and from any and all actions, causes of actions, claims, demands, damages, costs, loss of services, expenses, and compensation, on account of, or in any way growing out of, any and all known and unknown personal injuries and property damage resulting from or to result from the possible exposure of my pet to toxic substances in any NAtural Balance product”.

    “It is further understood and agreed this settlement is the compromise of a doubtful and disputed claim, and that the payment is not to be construed as an admission of liability on the part of Natural Balance Pet foods Inc.”

    Please don’t anyone sign such a form that FOREVER DISCHARGES a guilty company that had fatal ingredients in their pet food. They are liable, period.

    Is it not involuntary manslaughter / petslaughter?

  23. Anon says:

    This company does not have the ability to “arbitrarily cap” the amount of damages that can be recovered. As a potential defendant, it can do no more than make an offer of settlement. I’m sure there will be plenty of people who take them up on their offer, many of them probably unaware of the fact that they will undoubtedly be required to sign away their right to sue.

    This is not intended as legal advice, nor should it be construed as such. However, the obvious alternative to taking this company up on its settlement offer is to pursue the matter in court. Class actions often yield very little in terms of monetary damages for individual defendants. Fortunately, many states’ consumer protection laws afford individuals an alternative. In my state, for example, a prevailing plaintiff in a consumer protection action is entitled to treble damages up to $10,000, plus attorney fees and costs. The provision for attorney fees can make it worthwhile for an attorney to take an individual case on a contingent fee basis. All I’m suggesting is that people research and weigh their options carefully before making a claim and understand what rights they’re relinquishing.

  24. Anon says:

    Sarah and I must have had a Vulcan mind meld.

  25. Sarah says:

    Anon - That would have required physical contact. We did not have VMM folks!!

  26. Boutique Owner says:

    Unbelievable. First they see no problem poisoning pets and then they arbitrarily decide what saving one is worth. I hear ANI is a real dump from the outside. Apparently they don’t feel it’s important to keep up their facility either. They have done nothing to help their image. It shows me that this was something done on purpose. If they were truly not at fault and the Chinese sold them products they were unaware of, wouldn’t they feel so bad that they would do whatever it takes to save their’s customers’ pets’ lives? (and in turn their image)This tells me everything I need to know. They knew exactly what they were doing.

  27. Marilyn says:

    Just looked at their claim form. Yep, they’re looking for ways to avoid responsiblity. Besides wanting to know your vet’s diagnosis *and* two possible rule-outs…

    It’s not enough to know that the pet ate their food, they want to know what other kinds of foods they ate; all medications, supplements, etc taken during the last six months - most likely so they can blame the result on someone else. I’m sure they are very aware that we have all been switching from food to food over the last couple months if not longer. Now, they are looking for a way to use that to avoid responsibility.

    And, they are looking for medical history for the last *3* years, by asking for any other vet your pet may have seen during that time. You may be sure, they’ll be calling those other vets to see what services they may have provided.

    I, too, think the $500.00 limit is appalling. Unfortunately, some people may feel they have to take it since they are running short of funds and still paying for ongoing treatments.

    If you want to get your medical costs on the record, come to the forum titled Medical Costs for Treating Affected Pets. I’m starting to collect information that can be used to document the economic impact of this on people’s lives. But I need more people to post if the information is going to be meaningful.

    I’d like to start by sending a letter to ANI about their $500 limit, including some figures from the forum.

  28. Ellie says:

    Just a few points.

    There’s nothing on the ANI form that I see that constitutes a waiver of any future action. I am not a lawyer, and I don’t know if filing a claim is a tacit waiver of any kind, but on that form there’s nothing spelled out.

    I don’t want to be in a position of seeming to defend ANI–I think they should definitely reimburse all related vet expenses–but, really, they can’t be expected to just pay out money without documentation. It’s legitimate for them to ask about a pet’s medical history and foods eaten and all the rest. Not every pet illness and death in the past few months is traceable to food. And those that are aren’t all ANI’s fault–Menu has the much bigger burden, with its repeated waves of recalls.

  29. menusux says:

    Sarah Says:
    May 5th, 2007 at 9:45 pm

    “Natural Balance will refund your expenses if you sign a release of all claims forms, which states: “I / we hereby release, acquit, and FOREVER discharge Natural Balance Pet Foods Inc. and its subsidiaries, parent company, affiliates, shareholders, officers, directors, employees, agents, sales reps, distributors, and retailers, and Wilbur Ellis Company of and from any and all actions, causes of actions, claims, demands, damages, costs, loss of services, expenses, and compensation, on account of, or in any way growing out of, any and all known and unknown personal injuries and property damage resulting from or to result from the possible exposure of my pet to toxic substances in any NAtural Balance product”.

    “It is further understood and agreed this settlement is the compromise of a doubtful and disputed claim, and that the payment is not to be construed as an admission of liability on the part of Natural Balance Pet foods Inc.””

    First time I saw the NB fine print. They have a lot of nerve to ask someone to absolve them from likely future medical bills related to the toxic substance(s) in the food they produced, to call any claims doubtful and disputed and to expect to keep their supplier, Wilbur-Ellis, from liability on top of that!

    Seems funny that NB would be worrying about covering W-E’s rear and not letting W-E fend for itself legally in this. The NB website mentions that ANI was the producer of NB’s canned product–and if I remember correctly, Diamond did the NB dry–but there’s not one word in the NB fine print specifically mentioning either of these companies–just NB & W-E. That’s odd, because you’d think they’d specify ANI and/or Diamond, just as they did W-E.

    There’s also the aspect of the damages done to human beings here too–some people may need professional help because of the loss or serious illness of their pet(s)–especially given the fact that the person was unknowingly feeding their pets toxins, courtesy of all these companies. But we hear zero about any of them offering to help people in this way.

    If pain and suffering aren’t able to be legally considered for the victims, they surely should be legal in the case of their people, who certainly have endured more than their share of it too.

    The NB wording re: W-E bugs me–there’s something here that looks wrong–are they including W-E because of something that hasn’t come out?

  30. Marilyn says:

    I would expect any company to require some documentation that a claim is valid. Such documentation might include proof of purchase of the contaminated foods, your veterinarian’s diagnosis supported by test results, or lab tests confirming melamine in the food for example. Required documentation should pertain to the illness and / or death in question related to eating contaminated food.

    I do think AN goes too far in asking for medical history going back 3 years. I think they are looking for anything in our pet’s histories that could be used to disqualify them. That could be almost anything. Ever take Rover in because he had an upset stomach from getting into the garbage when he was a puppy? Did your Fluffy have a UTI 18 months ago? Well, now you have an established history that Rover eats things he shouldn’t so how do you know it was the food this time? Maybe Fluffy’s UTI was never resolved or misdiagnosed, so she’s having more problems now.

    Remember this item on Menu Foods FAQ…
    “10. Are there other ways my pet might get sick and show similar symptoms?
    Yes – antifreeze ingestion, certain rodenticides and some medications. Certain lilies have been shown to cause kidney failure if consumed by cats. Grapes have been reported to cause kidney failure in dogs and may affect cats. Physical damage from trauma and cancerous conditions can also cause kidney damage.”

    When Menu Foods posted that, readers complained that they were trying to “explain away” their pet’s illnesses. I think AN is trying to do the same thing. I guess I’m not surprised. I really don’t expect them to do otherwise, unfortunately. But I don’t think it is right.

  31. Marilyn says:

    I would expect the company to require documentation to support a claim. Such documentation could include proof of purchase of the contaminated food; veterinarian’s diagnosis supported by test results; lab tests of the food showing contamination, for example. But documentation should pertain to the case in question.

    I do think AN goes too far in requiring 3 years of medical history. Lots can happen in that time. Ever take Rover in for an upset stomach after getting into the garbage as a puppy? Now you have history that proves that he gets into things that he shouldn’t — how do you know for sure he didn’t do it again? Did Fluffy have a UTI 2 years ago? Maybe it was never resolved, or was misdiagnosed. Can’t blame the food now for something that started two years ago.

    Remember this statement from Menu Foods FAQs: “10. Are there other ways my pet might get sick and show similar symptoms? Yes – antifreeze ingestion, certain rodenticides and some medications. Certain lilies have been shown to cause kidney failure if consumed by cats. Grapes have been reported to cause kidney failure in dogs and may affect cats. Physical damage from trauma and cancerous conditions can also cause kidney damage.”

    When that was first posted, readers complained that Menu was trying to “explain away” their pet’s illnesses. Now, I think AN is trying to do the same thing. I’m not surprised. I don’t expect anything different from them, unfortunately. But I don’t think it is right.

  32. Anonymous says:


    The more I think about NB, the more odd it seems. NB is attemptimg to protecting W-E. W-E imported the tainted RPC whereas ANI and Diamond did the manufacturing. Perhaps NB is buying a lot more ingredients from W-E.

    Due NB behavior in this mess, they permanetly lost me as a customer. I won’t use it and I’ll make sure my friends don’t use it as well.

    The ANI 500 dollar cap is crap. Do not apply for it. Sue them for damages including:

    1) Medical bills
    2) Loss of work
    3) Transportation
    4) Future medical care
    5) Possible loss of pet
    6) Legal fees

    Pain and suffering would be nice as well.

  33. Ellie says:

    Where is the Natural Balance release form online? I don’t see anything at the Natural Balance site.

    I have doubts about the accuracy of the form as quoted here. It simply doesn’t make sense–Natural Balance has been claiming that ANI is responsible for the contamination of some of the products that aren’t supposed to contain RPC. And I have nowhere seen anything about NB being directly connected to Wilbur-Ellis, so why in the world would W-E be mentioned in the claim form? Something seems fishy here.

  34. Sarah says:

    Of course Natural Balances release form doesn’t make sense. They are liable but trying to get people to sign fast and limit their costs in the process. It’s all about $$ for them.

    The quote is 100% per verbatim from the “release of all claims” form that I have right in front of me. NB sent me a 6 page fax. There are several other parapraghs on the main release of all claims form, and it also came with a 4 page form to be filled out that is called a “questionaire”. Both the release of all claims and this so called questionaire needs to be signed and sent back to them in order to get reimbursed. Don’t let them (or any other company) intimidate you into believing that if you don’t sign their forms, you won’t get paid because that is completely false. There are other ways to get your money from them, don’t let them take advantage of you because they need to pay for what they have done, without you giving up any of your rights, especially FOREVER!!!!!!

    BTW they have called me every day since (except today - but it’s still early!) to ask me to sign the papers and send them back. Despite the fact that I have told them I would never sign those papers and I also told them not to insult my intelligence and that someone would have to be retarded (no offense to mentally challenged people out there) or illiterate to sign something like that.

    I find it so unbelievable to FOREVER discharge NB …from possible exposure to toxic substances in any Natural Balance product. Are there other toxic substances in NB products that aren’t recalled yet? If MELAMINE was the culprit then why not specify it as such? Do they intend on having more toxic substances in any of their products from now til forever that requires such a waiver??????????

    The so called questionaire asks pet history and questions like if your pet was bred for money or entered into competitions, if your pet was a guide dog, if your pet regularly was used in commercial film or tv!!! They ask about medical history, medications ,pre-existing illnesses and allergies. Also food info - types you fed, best before date on bag and UPC on bag, date and TIME you fed your pet the product, and get this - you need to send them 1 cup of the pet food for them to test themselves.

    During recalls, these companies told people to return the pet food for refund, relying on the fact that people would do that in a panic and not everyone would think to keep evidence. They intentionally kept out those instructions.

    Don’t let these companies intimidate you - they are not the victims here. It’s like a form of abuse, our pets are the victims and they are guilty period. They were found to have life threatening ingredients in their pet food that was recalled. IT WAS PROVEN. We don’t have to prove jack [EDITED] to them, besides the current and related vet bills and such. It is irrelevant anything before that or your pet’s history a year ago, or 3 years ago. It would be like, if I had a gun and was cleaning it and I shot you by accident and then I asked you later to show me the bullet and prove that I shot you, even though there is concrete evidence of it. These pet food companies are not innocent til proven guilty - the ones on recall have already been found guilty.

    It would be nice if the same level of proof they ask of victims, they themselves would provide to the public to show their pet food is safe now. Demand that pet food companies reveal proof and show testing that their food is safe and free of melamine and other toxins. If they have nothing to hide, they should willingly have done and do this don’t you think?

    It would be nice if somewhere all claim forms from recalled companies could be posted for comparison and all to view on how crooked these killing food companies are!!!!

  35. menusux says:

    The total s**t here is that if we use an example of a motorist hitting either a human being or an animal, the motorist and/or his/her insurance company would automatically be responsible for A-L-L of the medical or veterinary bills incurred as a result of the accident.

    If, let’s say, someone was injured gravely enough to require extensive surgery to walk again, the motorist and/or his/her insurance company would NOT have the option of saying they would pay only for the person or animal’s medical bills until life was no longer in danger. They would be liable for the needed treatment/surgery to bring the victim back to normal life or as close to it as medically possible.

    This would be true if the person or animal darted into the street in front of the auto, jaywalked, you name it. But we have the pet food companies who accepted everyone’s $ for their products which were not supposed to be toxic, saying how much they are willing to pay per case caused by them.

    If auto insurers are willing to do this and it’s considered part of the liability package you pay for if it ever happens to you as a driver, why do the pet food companies think everyone fell off a turnip truck when it comes to what happened with their toxic products?

  36. says:


    Canadian Pet Owner Finds Way to Help American Victims of Tainted Pet Food.


    There is also a direct link on my website:

    This will allow you to sue for pain and suffering which is not allowed for pet owners in the U.S.

    I’d advise everyone not to sign this disgusting contract on americcan nutrition’s website.

  37. Sami Lyn says:

    this is an outrage! I am in shock! People should not accept this offer. Where are they charging these people for murdering thousands of pets.

  38. TinaB says:

    Deceipt by companies continue. My e-mail was bounced back as “mailbox full” when I sent a message to “By Natures Organics” asking where the canned was made and I got a recording on their 800 number last week. So, I called again today and got thru. The person was very vaque and said it was made by “one of their partners” in the US. I said I couldn’t believe he didn’t know which one as apparently there aren’t that many. I said it was clearly stated that the Blue Seal was made at Menu foods, but the website conveniently doesn’t say where By Natures canned is made. I asked if it was made at ANI and he said he didn’t know!! I said a lot of people are wanting to know this before they order and he said that their food is flying off the shelves even without people knowing that info. He sounded very glib. SO, beware buyers. It seems very fishy that he couldn’t tell me who makes their canned By Natures products. Please stop buying this food and return any you have until they disclose that info, otherwise, they apparently think hiding the information is working just fine and you don’t know what you are getting!!! >:(

  39. StraysWelcome says:

    They can’t be serious! $500 wouldn’t even be 10% of what I’ve spent SO FAR to save my dog’s life after this fiasco. What an insult…

  40. Mandy says:

    I’m boycotting pet food, doing my best to buy good meat that has NOTHING from China in the ingredients, talking to my cats vet about what suppliments to add to their meat, and looking into getting pet insurance.

    Vet bills now cost as much as doctor bills. Most people when they get pets, think about food bills, vaccination costs, and spay or neuter costs. Then something like this happens and suddenly they have to pay thousands of dollars all in one sitting. If they have no way to pay for these costs, pets often end up being put to sleep.

    I urge ALL of you to look into getting pet insurance. It could save your pets life.

  41. Janet says:

    I have been lucky to have not lost my pets, due to really keeping on top of this and I now save all pet food bags with date info. I think AN should possibly be boycotted by all and hopefull they will learn the tuff lesson that being stingy will cost them even more in loses.

    I recommend that we all keep any pet food bags printed dates, like on the flap, with a copy of a receipt. It’s a shame it is getting this anal, but that’s the only insurance that works for me. I am really reading all the updates on recalls daily, but it does get overwhelming.

  42. Tower Boss says:

    We just got our email from ANI for the medical claim, and the wife and I were absolutely dumfounded by what we read!

    From: Naomi Keller []
    Sent: Monday, May 07, 2007 7:45 PM
    To: Feed Back
    Subject: American Nutrition Inc. Medical Claim Form

    Please find attached documents regarding the American Nutrition, Inc. medical reimbursement process. I apologize for any delay.

    I know our dog is considered property in the legal sense, but to not even cover our veterinarian expenditures just infuriates me! We had almost $1300.00 in medical expenses alone for the first weekend she was treated, and incurred more costs for aggressive fluid therapy, medications, lab work and eventually her euthanizing and cremation! To be offered $500.00 is an insult, and shows their true motivation in resolving this, corporate greed over corporate responsibility! At least Royal Canin USA has offered to cover the costs of medical screenings for pets that have consumed any of their affected products.

    I had contacted them last Friday after we finally received a letter about the Costco Kirkland Signature food recall, and was informed I would be getting this medical claim form for medical reimbursement! Initially I thought they were going to handle this in a very prudent manner, but I should have seen the writing on the wall.

    It took them 11 days to come clean after Wilber-Ellis notified them & the FDA about the contaminated rice protein! They were the last of the five PF manufacturers to do so, 1 week after Royal Canin USA. ANI’s brand customers pulled products before the announcement as well, Natural Brands (10 days before) and Costco & Blue Buffalo (6 days before). Natural Balance, Diamond, Sierra Pet Products (Harmony Farms), Blue Buffalo, Mulligan Stew, Canine Caviar & Costco (Kirkland Signature) claim they had no idea that ANI was using rice protein in their products! The US taxpayers, through the USDA, are going to compensate farmers for depopulation and disposal of 2500 swine that ate ANI scraps.

    Our dog was diagnosed with Acute Renal Kidney failure in September of 2006, 3 weeks after we had feed her the Kirkland Signature Lamb & Rice / Chicken & Rice food we got from Costco! Our vet initially kept her on the IV fluids 24/7 the first week, and then daily with trips home with us at night for another week! After the two weeks, the toxins in her blood were still high, but not life threatening, so the vet stopped the IV treatment and let her come home full time. We had to administer her prescriptions and cooked special meals for her to eat. She seemed to respond well and was getting back to her old self again.

    Then in December after a progress checkup, the vet told my wife she could feed her canned dog food again. She feed her the remaining cans from the purchase we made at Costco in August. By December 23rd, she was refusing to eat and was getting sick again. We took her back to the vet and she was much worse this time. Our vet tried IV treatment again, but advised us that we would possibly need to make a decision about euthanatizing her soon. He let us bring her home and we feed her baby food and gave her water with a turkey baster. She was home with us for five more days until we took her in to put her to sleep.

    This all happened well before news of the dog food problem had surfaced, and now see that we just poisoned her again in December feeding her that dog food! I know that she would still be with us had we or vet had known to look for Melamine!

    With any justice, this company will cease to exist when all the litigation and fines are levied against it, and the principals running it are incarcerated.

    P.S. The first thing that needs to happen is for the removal of “AMERICAN” from the company name!

  43. SmileOnADog says:

    The full reply back from ANI to my email to them about the ridiculous, 500.00 cap:

    “We will review legitimate reimbursement claims on an exceptions basis when required. The information provided by the attending veterinarian will be critical in establishing the claim validity.

    Thank you for your input.
    Naomi Keller”

    Now I need to email her back and ask her what she’s saying, because, maybe it’s just me, but her reply doesn’t make sense. Is she saying that ANI would reimburse *more* than the 500.00 but on an exceptions basis?
    I don’t get it.


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