An Environmentally-Friendly Dog Helps Recycle

HersheyNext time, you don’t recycle because it’s too inconvenient or the bins are just too far away, think of Hershey, a dog that recycles.

Whenever she goes out for a walk, she tries to clean up the sidewalks because she hates to see anything on the side of the road, especially recyclables. Hershey will mostly pick up plastic bottles (she tries to avoid cans because she got cut by one). After picking them up, Hershey will drop the bottles inside the recycling bins. Hershey is known around the neighborhood as the “Recycling Dog” and she often comes home with around 10 recyclable items a day. Thanks for keeping our Earth clean, Hershey. You definitely deserve a good belly rub.

4 Responses to “An Environmentally-Friendly Dog Helps Recycle”

  1. AJ in AZ says:

    That’s wonderful. Did she begin to do it herself, and then was taught where to drop the stuff?, or did her owner set out to teach her to do it? Sounds like a worthy endeavor for all of us to teach our dogs, and ourselves!

  2. k says:

    Clever doggy! Now if only we could train all the people in the world to be so diligent and environmentally-aware ; )

  3. GIndy says:

    My GSWD does this only he likes to keep the bottles (we don’t let him).

  4. Rachael loggie says:

    why don’t let them.

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