An FDA Visit to a Victim’s Family

Yesterday, a reader informed us that the FDA would be visiting their home to talk about their pet who died. And she graciously shared her feelings about the visit. The visit didn’t yield any answers, nor resolution, but our parent was comforted by someone who was apologetic and sympathetic. Although it would take “a couple of months”, the FDA did promise to make the lab results available.

Here’s what she said about the visit (after the jump):

There was a very nice gentleman who came to my house, and spent something like 3 1/2 hours talking with me and my husband about the events leading up to Lily’s death and what we had seen and done during the time what she was at the vet. We gave him a detailed rundown, a copy of the vet bills, the tox screens, a few cans of food, and a couple of empty cans that we had fished from the bathroom trash (good thing we hadn’t emptied it!) He took a statement, and told us that we could send in a request for a copy of the lab results a couple of months from now.

All in all, there was not a lot that he could tell us except that there would be a huge on-going investigation, they still weren’t 100% sure that aminopterin was the culprit or if it was, where it had come from. Wheat gluten was still in question, and so were a lot of other ingredients. He was very apologetic, and sympathized with our loss, but I got the feeling that they are a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing. What that can tell you, I am not sure. I was left feeling somewhat confused by the whole mess and like I hadn’t had all of my questions answered, but more because I could not think of the right ones to ask. He was very upfront about the state of the unanswered questions that they all have, so my guess is that at this point, they don’t have a huge idea either.

Thank you Deb, and please accept our condolences for your loss.

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  1. Evy says:


    I am so sorry that you lost Lily and I am glad that the FDA guy seemed to be so nice to you. Warm hugs to you and I think they will start figuring some thinks out in the next week or so.

    There is no compensation enough for your loss.

  2. jj says:


    I so sorry for your loss. My cat Chelsea was 16yrs old. (older then most of my grandchildren) She was a very vital part of our family. I was feeding her Special Kitty from Walmart. On march 16th my husband gave her breakfast-at dinner time she wasn’t interested in anymore Special Kitty so we gave her tuna fish (a treat she loved) On March 17th she passed away.

    An outside marketing firm hired by Menu foods did finally call me after several calls to Menu foods. They took information but never expressed any sympathy. I feel so guilty for giving her this food. Honestly this has been a very hard thing to deal with.

    Thanks for listening. JJ

  3. Pam-Oakley says:

    My oldest “baby” is also 16 years old-and I know if anything would happen to him because of this “error in quality control”-I don’t think I could be so nice.
    I am glad that someone at least came out to investigate, and try! I too think they are overwhelmed-but it seems that there is too long of a delay from “KNOWING and INFORMING”
    JJ, may GOD keep Chelsea and Lily in his “special place” until you meet again.
    Many hugs and warm purrs also from my Salty Dawg Baby Boy.

  4. pj0908 says:

    Is that Lily on the KOPS home page by chance? You have my deepest sypmathy. I lost 5 - Zak, Casanova, Sassy, Mr. T and Malcolm. It was the week before Christmas and I still cry as I type thier names.
    I’m glad the FDA visied. I called but had to leave a message and I have heard nothing. I’m sure they are overwhelmed but we are also. There just seems to be so many questions and so few answers.

    “You can tell the character of a nation by how it treats its animals.”
    Mahatma Ghandi

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