Anderson Cooper Says Wheat Gluten Toxin May Have Been Added on Purpose

Sick DogCNN is reporting that the FDA is looking into the possibility that melamine was used as additive to increase the protein content of wheat gluten. We don’t who or when in the process this happened, or even if it’s true, but its deeply disturbing. The FDA is also investigating other theories as well.

Transcript is here. Highlight is below:

…the investigation took a new turn today, when the FDA told CNN it is looking whether there could have been a profit motive for deliberately introducing melamine into the wheat gluten. In other words, it might not have been an accident and may have been about money.

37 Responses to “Anderson Cooper Says Wheat Gluten Toxin May Have Been Added on Purpose”

  1. Jonathan says:

    So is China not to blame or what?

  2. Traci says:

    Seems no one is to blame for this disaster. I guess it’s soon to be called an “act of God.”

    That was a snark.

  3. Sue J says:

    If protein content is measured by detecting nitrogen, then this would make some sense since melamine has a high nitrogen content. But I’m not sure that anyone would actually test wheat gluten for protein content - just speculating though.. anyhow, I just saw Sundlof (FDA) say on CNN that the entire batch of wheat gluten had now been traced, and that the Sunshine recall should be the last of it. Don’t think I am going to run out and buy any cuts and gravy dog food though… long way away from trusting anyone just yet…and as far as I’m concerned some people still got some ’splainin to do…

  4. johnypaycut says:

    Let see? how many offenses does it take to expell the communist party
    from W.T.O.? i wonder who in my goverment is watching the list ..
    i can’t help but think we’r are being tested..
    i suspect you’l eventually end up fighting a war , if you fail to pass ..

  5. Jonathan says:

    You would think they have access to mass spectrometers to detect compounds outside of the norm. The whole procedure takes an hour at the most and its pretty evident once you get a delta from a known good sample.

    Johnypaycut as far as I am concerned this is war! I am too old to go to Iraq anyway even if they did bring back the draft.

  6. Jonathan says:

    Mess with my kitties you pretty much declared war. I play for keeps too;)

  7. Jonathan says:

    If I still had access to an F-16 Menu Foods would be nothing but a smoldering mess.

  8. Sabine says:

    I’m not surprised. Melamine is 66% nitrogen, and protein value in feedstuffs is measured on a nitrogen basis. What a “great” way to enhance the protein content of a poor quality product.

    As someone said to me recently “But hey, China is also the world’s leader in counterfeit prescription drugs!” - in regards to commercial pet food, under the current situation of virtual non-regulation, nothing surprises me anymore.

    It’s very sad that so many people have to learn such a harsh lesson about their choices of pet food. :( My heart goes out to each and every single person who has lost a pet to this tragic example of greed.

  9. Jonathan says:

    Well at least the FDA did tell us something today, I still wonder why there hasn’t been more press conferences. A little concerning to say the least.

    It makes me want to speculate and think the worse.

    Not big into the whole conspiricy theory mentality, however the mind wonders when you don’t know what the hell to think.

    Think positive and fear the worse,

  10. Jenny says:

    How can you not speculate? Look at what they call fiber disease in people. Reports have been coming in for YEARS. Neurological, physical and psychological complaints going hand in hand with burning, itching, painful sores that often leave disfiguring scars. They seem to think these people are delusional because they don’t know what it is. Related to the current misery and deaths ? I don’t know but the theme sounds familiar.

  11. Steve says:

    FBI needs to get involved with this.

    Find out what the hell is going on here.

  12. Steve says:

    A criminal investigation and jail terms are warranted.

    This situation is OUT OF CONTROL.

  13. Paula Parker says:

    I have three dogs, all affected by Alpo and potentially Ol Roy dog biscuits. Our vet cannot give answers to my questions because “we don’t know”. My hound received a steroid injection because he is having skin problems/itching. He was high normal (29) BUN (1-29 = normal). I have a black lab who barks every time I go into the kitchen for a treat, which I give her (Ol Roy). I am terrified what I’ve done to her. She turned her nose up at Alpo wet food months ago, and I have been hand feeding it to her until the recall was announced. Maybe she could tell it was tainted.

    I am lucky. My neighbors’ dogs on either side of me are dying.

    These dog food companies wanted to profit from this? I hope every dog owner joins me in NEVER buying ANY of their products again!

  14. Debbie says:

    Steve & Paula, I agree with you both 100%. Criminal investigation and jail terms are in order, and neither will I purchase any more of the poisons from pet food companies whose ONLY true concern is big bucks! Their ads have been nothing but DECEPTIONS for years!…and there is NOTHING they can say or do that will ever sway me to believe them ever again! But sure enough, they will convince a naive public of their integrity! Yes, naive public, you will once again believe the same “quality” (and cheaper) company brands, which will still have slowly toxic to fatal additives, preservatives, and “by-products” (remains of diseased animals), that they have had for years! One alternative is “Natural Balance” pet foods, whose company also does not do tortuous lab experiments on animals. See: for more info.

  15. Billie says:

    My girls are my children!! Not pieces of property!!

  16. Teri says:

    I’m sure the rest of us would buy the gas for your project.

    Jonathan Says:

    April 6th, 2007 at 12:54 am
    If I still had access to an F-16 Menu Foods would be nothing but a smoldering mess

  17. Jennifer says:

    Sounds to me like our pets were used as lab rats, without consent or even the knowledge that we the owners were dishin it up for our loved ones.
    Fed up,

  18. Jennifer says:

    I agree with Jonathan!!! And Teri sign me up for gas donations. Better yet, here in Texas we do lock and load to defend our property seeing as that’s what the law calls our pets (property) so send the suit and ties from menu foods down Texas way!!! The three s rule still applies in these parts
    Shovel &

  19. Joeline Webber says:

    Menu Foods and the FDA..hand in hand…deliberately letting pets die while they hold back the recall for almost a month after they knew there was a problem. THEN they test it on the poor lab animals they keep who are tortured and neglected and forced to live in untenable conditions. Animal testing is NOT necessary to produce a fine pet food. I will NOT use any product produced in a Menu Products plant EVER until they stop animal testing… yes, we lost our cat to their poison! If anyone has any of this poison food around let’s go feed it to the Board of Menu Products!!! And save a little for the lab people.

  20. Don Rorschach says:

    Here in Texas the worthless pieces of garbage we send to Austin enacted a law that makes it easy for the cattlemen to sue anyone who says anything bad about the cattle. Doesn’t make any difference what the cattlemen have done. Remember, Oprah got sued and spent millions defending herself after she told the truth about Texas beef.

    There is so much medicine and poison the food stuffs manufacturers are loading up the food with, our grandparents would not even recognize this garbage as food. No wonder breast cancer and prostate cancer are epidemic!

    Do not expect the FBI or any federal agency to do a thing against these dog and cat killers. The federal agencies are run by hand picked thugs picked by Jorge Bush who does not even want people seriously injured by quacks to be able to sue for pain and suffering.

  21. coni says:

    my dad who was a truck driver for many many years, remembers delivering truck loads of dog food, that had such a teriffic order that they were always told to open the truck doors and “air it out” for 12-=24 hours, before they could unload it!
    He said it was the most awful smell ever!
    No wonder they use poisonous BHA and BHT to preserve it for a year or two before selling it!
    I am researching for a dog food for my 2 babies that is HUMAN GRADE. I wrote my dog food company asking what kind of “MEAT” and “BY PRODUCTS” by name, beef? Chicken? what?
    is in that brand- 2 days now no response! I went on their site and typed in Ingredients and they could not direct me to where i could see anything!
    I have been investigating ingredients intensely now and will be a Lot More CAREFUL on what I by!
    No more poisoning our pets!!!!

  22. Dale says:

    >Jonathan Says:
    >April 6th, 2007 at 12:54 am

    >If I still had access to an F-16 Menu Foods would be nothing but a >smoldering mess.

    Jonathan, I gotta admit, I like your attitude. It’s time someone’s head rolled over this, be it CEO’s, politicians or the entire country of China (if that’s where the problem “really” originated from).

  23. Lynn says:

    What puzzles me is why any US company would have a need to buy wheat gluten from China. I mean, don’t we GROW wheat in the US? Don’t we have a surplus of wheat in the US? Aren’t we paying to store this surplus wheat with our tax dollars? Seems to me to be a poor business practice to be buying and shipping in wheat from somewhere else. Duh.

  24. Guess again says:

    The US only produces 20% of the wheat gluten that is needed.

  25. Lynn says:

    The US only produces 20% of the wheat gluten that is needed because it has found that the other 80% can be produced cheaper elsewhere.
    Explanation can be found here:

  26. Chris says:

    Cheaper!…This didn’t cost anybody anything, did it?!! Just the lives of our pets! THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL!!

  27. Grizz says:

    While reading the above comments I found myself agreeing with about all of it. F-16 jockey—I’m your crew chief. SSS gal, lock n load, let’s rock n roll. Where I come from you do NOT mess with family and my dogs are family. I’m so dang furious over this I can’t spit. china of course is denying ANY knowledge and all the other crap associated with this. Personally I do not beoieve a word that comes out of their mouths. Deliberate?? I bet it was—to boost the “nutrition” value of the food. In a country where many of the people are going hungry, why not keep the wheat and distribute it to their own. Where’s Einstein to tell us the answer to this one? The dog food companies see $$$. cheap is better etc etc. Bottom line is all that matters. Well, Menu et all. You’ve seen the last damn .01 you’ll ever see from this po boy. THREE days after the Alpo recall hit the list I was in a wally world and out of curiousity checked the labels on the dog food. Guess what? I was in a wally world yesterday, 10 April, and the dog biscuits were still on the shelf in the store I USED to frequent. To their credit though—the computer had a lock out on selling them. Good ol FDA refused to release the names of some companies where they found contamination in the food. WHO THE HELL ARE THEY WORKING FOR???? I went to making up my own dog food about 12 days ago and my two Heinz 57 variety dogs are peppey as all get out—-AND—-chuckle, it costs less.

  28. Chuck says:

    Sabine has it right. All grain products are routinely analyzed for protein content by analyzing for percent nitrogen. The addition of a modest amount of melamine (66% nitrogen by weight) will increase the apparent protein content of any grain product. Clearly melamine was chosen by someone with the intent to deceive–by disguising cheap carbohydrate as protein and thus make money. This is criminal behavior and should be prosecuted

  29. MACH55 says:

    Cook up a big old pot of oatmeal, after it cools a bit add Cherrio`s, rice and meat stuff YOU would eat,(chicken, pork, beef, turkey, buffalo, whatever!) Feed this to our beloved pets untill we get some answers.

  30. Jeff says:

    Natural Balance just recalled a single dry dog item. It’s unique
    ingredient is “Rice Protein Concentrate”. A quick google shows:

    UK-based AMC Chemicals says a new rice protein concentrate can offer
    food makers a non-allergenic alternative to soy and whey that is
    better absorbed by the body than other vegetable-derived proteins.

    The ingredient, produced in China for US firm Axiom Foods, is also
    likely to be cheaper than many of the proteins on the market.

    “The price range on this product is much less than soy and whey”, said
    David Janow, president of Axiom Foods.

    These prices are creating strong demand for alternative protein


    Name:Rice Protein Concentrate (best quality)
    Country of Origin:Shandong China
    Standard Met:Z/BD C001–2005
    Specifications:protein(wet)?80% protein(dry)?82% ash?2.5% moisture?10%
    About this product:
    Advantages: The rice protein concentrate (feed grade) looks bright
    and the color is offwhite .It mainly be used to feed the animals .The
    rice protein concentrate which is the byproduct of rice starch is rich
    in nutrition. It plays an important part in helping animals grow and
    against illness . It is good additive, so the animals can grow
    stronger and eat more . Especially , we can make sure that the animals
    would be needed for it at all times. Also, people can make good use of
    the feed ,then ,much proteins will be remained ,feed energy will be
    improved and feed cost will be reduced .At last ,making animals grow
    stronger will come ture . Finally, we want to say that it is very
    useful for feeding cattle , pigs ,chickens, ducks and marine lives
    ..etc. So it can’t be lacked in the feed line.


    I wonder how many Chinese protein “products” are enhanced with
    melamine. Are we eating it ourselves right now? I doubt we have
    gotten anywhere near to the bottom of this yet!

  31. vlwall says:

    I have always fed my pet high quality pet food, or what I thought was quality. I never used cheap, or store brands. I am fortunate that nothing I have fed my cat and dog are on the recall list. There are foods on there that are considered much higher quality than what I feed my animals. Non-the-less, I have changed them to all organic, no wheat or wheat gluten, no corn or corn gluten, but unfortunately it does have rice, but no rice gluten. If all else fails, I’ll have to start cooking for them. I don’t even cook for myself.

    I would love to see all these #@#%^%$’s go to jail for a long, long time. Maybe we should feed them their own food during their jail term.

  32. ramona winter says:

    Every one with small dogs that i know are cooking for them. We don’t know what is safe any more . Three big dogs own us, please help.
    We need some dinner menus for them???????

  33. Nola Molloy says:

    I am in Australia .I am so sorry this is happening in the Us!!
    I have a question??????
    Are any of these foods coming to Australia?????
    Many of these brands are sold here!!!!!

    How van I find out?????

  34. Cindy Smith says:

    Shame on the FDA and shame on the manufacturers of these pet foods. To loose one pet for a buck is one pet to many. My heart goes out to all those people who have lost their pets and to the ones who know their pets are sick and can’t help them. I have 4 dogs and 3 cats myself. DON’T MESS WITH MY PETS! I agree their should be jail time and someone should pay all the people who lost their pets and pay a hefty price! Shame on you all! And let’s not forget about China. You to should pay. And animal cruelty is illeagal! Good luck to everyone and I hope your pets stay safe.

  35. Anonymous says:

    check out Flint River Ranch Food

  36. Anonymous says:

    Flint River Ranch has all human grade food in their product with no by-products or fillers.

  37. Olivia says:

    Did you read the facts? Someone added poison to animal food, food which has caused our pets to become ill or die. It is surmised that they knowingly used it for monetary profit. Our FDA and the individual pet food distributors also failed in their commitment to provide us with healthy food for our animals by not testing each and every ingredient before placing it on the market.
    This was not ‘an act of God’.

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