Angora (Lake Tahoe) Fire Kittens Doing Well


The first pets that were rescued in the Angora Fire in the Lake Tahoe area were six 11-day old kittens whose mother had escaped from the temporary shelter. To care for the kittens, Pet Network Animal Friends, the shelter that has been helping all of the pets from the fire, bottle fed them every few hours.

After round-the-clock mothering, another animal organization was able to locate a foster mother for the kittens that had just weaned her 8-week-old kittens and still had milk to spare.

The six kittens are doing well and have been named Ember, Ash, Flame, Coal, Char and Soot.

More on helping pets from the Angora Fire after the jump.

From Tahoe Daily Tribune:

How you can help:
Pet Network is collecting a database of volunteers who have expressed interest in helping with animal care and transportation. Call 832-4404.

Drop off cites for pet food and supplies such as cat litter and all sizes of pet carriers, in addition to the Pet Network shelter, include: Atlantis Hotel and Casino in Reno; Fandango in Carson City; and Raley¹s at the Y.

More help for pets, pet owners
• Lake Tahoe Humane Society and S.P.C.A., 1221 Emerald Bay Road at the Y, will help with temporary ID tags, collars, leashes, etc.

The society is also accepting donations and making distributions of dry name-brand dog and cat food, cat litter and pans and towels. Foster families are also needed. Call (530) 542-2857.

• El Dorado Animal Control, 1120 Shakori Drive in Meyers, will accept pets at the shelter for people who have been evacuated. Officers are also available to rescue animals. People who find animals displaced by the fire may take them to the shelter. Call (530) 577-1766.

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  1. Trudy Jackson says:

    Thank goodness these sweet babies were saved. I’m glad so many were. thank god for the volunteers. I feel so bad when something like this happens to the poor helpless animals.

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