Animal Control Officer Dragged By Dog Owner

A dog owner in Georgia tried to leave with his dog, which was impounded by animal control, without paying the fees. But an animal control officer tried to stop him from leaving, and she ended up being dragged for nearly two miles while holding onto the man’s car hood.

Larry Henderson was told he owed $85 in impound and boarding fees to pick up his dog. The dog was picked up as a stray. Henderson refused to pay the fees and grabbed his dog.

Animal control officer Christy Champagne tried to stop him by sitting on his car hood. As he drove off, she was forced to hold onto the hood, so she wouldn’t fall off. Henderson drove for 1.7 miles with Champagne on the hood of his car before police officers stopped him.

Authorities said Henderson was charged with reckless conduct and simple battery.

Champagne said she is fine except for a sore arm.

Source: CBS46

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9 Responses to “Animal Control Officer Dragged By Dog Owner”

  1. KimS says:

    I hold the officer realizes that her job doesn’t pay enough to warrant risking her life for $85.

  2. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    Really! If someone stuck a gun in my face and demanded the $85 from me in my store, they can have it!

    I hope the guy that did this also realizes how stupid it was to maybe kill someone over $85 too. Now this unbelievably dumb act of his is going to cost him a lot more than 85 bucks!

  3. Sharon says:

    Any person who would risk their life over $85 is an idiot.

  4. Jenny Bark says:

    I’d like to hear his side of the story before I say anything bad about him. Reading the article on gas chambers. 10-12-07 on Itchmo, 80,000 pets where killed in 17 metro Aatlanta counties in 2005. More pets killed than all of Great Britan. I can’t help but wonder why he was only charged with reckless conduct & simple battery. Need at least his side of the story & what happened to the dog.

  5. kaefamily says:

    Perhaps, her method was unwise. but why is she being called name and harshly criticized when she demonstrated her dedication to her job regardless of the lousy pay check?!! She should be recommended for upholding higher principles. There are just too many who think, “Who cares. It’s someone else’s problem.” This country would be a much better place if there are more people like Ms. Christy Champagne.

  6. Don Earl says:

    Do AC officers have police powers of arrest?

    It sounds to me like the AC officer needs to back off on the Dirty Harry movies for awhile. Assaulting people and jumping on their cars strikes me as a bit over the edge for a dog catcher.

    I would assume this fellow was required to identify himself in the process of picking up his dog. His conduct was out of line and his dog wouldn’t have been picked up if he’d kept it confined to his property, but wouldn’t it have been more appropriate for the AC officer to call the police? So and so, at such and such address, just did this and that, go get him? Could the AC officer have simply followed him out of the building and written down his license number if identification had not yet been provided?

    Clint and Mel hood jumping in the movies is fine for make believe, but in real life I’m pretty sure it’s not possible to hang onto a car well enough to prevent going for a rather remarkable tumble if the driver were to slam on the brakes. A poor stragegy at best.

  7. Nora and Rufus says:

    Wellll yea, geezzzee. You would think they could follow up on that payment AFTER he left. Pursue it with the police at his address at a later time.

  8. Lorri says:

    that certainly was an unwise and overzealous act.

  9. roxanne says:

    There are many ways to enjoy Wine and Champagne. For me, i like it nice and chilled served with a fine meal.

    A wise man once said ” A day without Champagne is like night.”

    Cheers to all !!

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