Animal Rights Activists Say Cat Skin Being Used For Jackets Sold In Australia

Warning: This story may disturb some readers.

Clothing items made from the skins of domestic cats are being sold at markets in Victoria, Australia.

Cat lovers in the area are furious over this illegal trade. Patterned cat skin cuffs have been designed to be attached to jackets. Animal rights activists believe cats are being bred locally in “feline factories” for their skins. They use the skins to make attachable cat fur cuffs and collars.

A veterinary surgeon feline specialist confirmed the cuffs, bought from a local market, were cat skin.

A representative for the Animal Liberation Victoria said the group has noticed a rise in pet skin products. She said: “The number of cats being killed and skinned for their fur will shock and appal most Victorians who love their cats.”

Consumer Affairs Victoria said it was unaware of a trade in pet skins.

Source: Herald Sun

7 Responses to “Animal Rights Activists Say Cat Skin Being Used For Jackets Sold In Australia”

  1. Lynne says:

    I have read of numerous ploys regarding fur trim on clothing. Some of it comes from racoon dogs in China. Some of what is labeled “faux” is actually real fur.
    To be on the safe side I don’t buy anything that even looks like fur, “faux” or not. We all know we can’t trust companies to be honest in what they are selling.

  2. nora says:

    And we can only imagine the conditions these poor animals are born into or stolen or hijacked in horrid ways to be used for this barbaric fashion nightmare. The life experiences and sights these cats and dogs witness before they are hideously snuffed out and you can bet some are skinned while still conscious before they succumb to shock and death. I too, will cry for these innocent creatures.

  3. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    No matter how realistic “faux” fur looks, there are two ways to tell real fur from the fake stuff.

    1- Part the hair all the way down to the root. Look at what it’s anchored in. Faux fur will have an obvious weave pattern at the skin level. Real fur will not, you will see only smooth skin.

    2- Pull out a small pinch of the hair and burn it with a lighter. Faux fur will melt and smell like burned plastic. It will not leave ash on your fingers. Real fur will burn, not melt, it will smell like burning hair and it will leave ash on your fingers.

    Of course if you avoid buying anything with any kind of fur on it, faux or real you’ll not have to worry about the origin of the “fur”, but if you like the look and want to be sure that you’re buying faux fur the two ways I mentioned above will help you find something that REALLY is faux.

    These days I think it’s best to only buy what you know for certain is faux fur and stay away from anything with real fur even if the species is named on the label. It’s just too easy to to say it’s rabbit when it’s really something else.

  4. Jenny Bark says:

    They where selling faux fur on coats around here it turned out to be dog. People found out about it and realy raised holy H!!!. Sky Eyes Women told us what to look for so when you go shopping go out of your way & check the fur. If it is not faux ask in a nice loud voice for the manager & let them know you won’t wear dog or cat fur & you don’t believe anyone else will either, again in a loud enough voice for other people to hear. At home write (not e-mail) a letter for your newspapers editorial page & make shure you say dog & cat. Some people are only dog or cat people so you have to say both even if you know it is only 1 kind, We had it in a lot of stores & they pulled it all. If people can do it here you can do it too. Get your friends to help. I am going to follow my own advice because I haven’t checked for awhile but I bet other people have. I’m like Nora I keep thinking about the babies seeing what is going on & waiting to be hurt real bad. You can do it & save a lot of babies.

  5. bane says:

    Why the hell isn’t the Australian government stopping this?

  6. Cate says:

    This story emanates from one source only, Hardly a reliable source. recently brought us the story of how many Japanese were being duped into buying sheep thinking they were buying poodles. If a story sounds unbelievable, it probably is. If I read this story in The Age, a credible Victorian newspaper, or some other reputable source, I’ll believe it.

  7. Sindy says:

    Don’t buy anything from China that has fur on it. If it says ‘fur’ it could be anything. If it’s a named fur, like rabbit fur, it’s supposed to be rabbit fur. But do we believe anything from China anymore?
    Many stores buy products from China and how do you know that your clothing isn’t dog or cat fur or leather? Is it tested by the FDA (laughing at my own joke). I like the idea of talking loudly in the store…will have to try it in the pet stores in the fur mice toys aisle.

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