Animal Shelter Employees Suspended For Alleged Stabbing Of Dog

Pit BullTwo Buffalo Animal Shelter employees have been suspended after a worker allegedly slashed the throat of a pit bull during a holiday party.

The pit bull was treated for his injuries and is recovering and doing well.

The SPCA of Erie County is investigating the incident, and animal cruelty charges may be filed.

The animal shelter’s director was suspended for 30 days because of the incident, but officials confirmed that she was not present at the party. The director said she was extremely upset when she heard about what happened especially since it involved an animal control officer who has worked for the city for 28 years.

An employee who attended the party called the SPCA to report the incident. The pit bull was in his cage when the animal control officer cut him with a box cutter-like device.

The city’s public works commissioner said, “We still don’t know exactly what happened. But we took immediate action, because this is something that’s really upsetting. There’s going to be no leniency here.”

The identity of the man who allegedly injured the dog has not been released, but city officials said he is a veteran animal control officer who has a perfect record.

SPCA Executive Director Barbara Carr said she is worried that this unfortunate incident will cast a shadow over the Buffalo Animal Shelter which has a dedicated staff and group of volunteers. Carr doesn’t want other animals to suffer because of something terrible that someone did.

Source: The Buffalo News

Photo: WKBW

19 Responses to “Animal Shelter Employees Suspended For Alleged Stabbing Of Dog”

  1. Michelle says:

    Animal cruelty charges MAY be filed? They SHOULD be filed. Why, if this dog was in a cage, did the animal control officer feel the need to cut his throat? That is utterly insane and disgusting. I really hope this officer gets fired from his job and has animal cruelty charges filed against him. Disgusting excuse for a human being, much less an animal control officer.

  2. Nora and Rufus says:

    TERMINATE THIS PERSON! PROSCECUTE THIS PERSON!!!!!! AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE!!!!!! NO EXCUSES!!!!!! This would not be the first time this person has abused and tortured!!!!!!! That poor Bullie Doggie!!!! SAVE THE DOG!

  3. Velvet's Dad says:

    I agree with Michelle and Nora and Rufus. A “perfect record”?? Something wrong there. The man’s employment should be terminated immediately and he should be prosecuted for willful and unprovoked animal cruelty.

  4. KarlaSanDiego says:

    I am really starting to wonder what else goes on in these shelters. Why do we continue to hear about abuse done in shelters by animal “care” takers. This is not acceptable. Animals are brought into shelters for care and to be adopted by a wonderful loving family….not to be abused and tortured.
    This makes me sick.

  5. Tanya says:


    It’s the “all planes are dangerous cause i hear about crashes” syndrom. We think that there is more “evil” in teh world lately, but that’s largely because we now have online-at-the-ready news that puts stories up instantly, and across the globe.

    Statistically, almost “zero” shelters have incidents of violence and cruelty. Statistically, vets are safe and gentle. Statically, breeders and those with more then 5 pets are good people who take wonderful care of their animals. Cops are for the most part, good people who love thier animals, etc.

    but we see all these stories on Itchmo, and think “oh my god, it’s an epidemic”.

    Just remember how wonderful and loving most rescues are, how great most foot ball players are, etc., and it will be a merry christmas !

  6. amimal lover says:

    Never thought I would have a pit but I do. Why is it that they are the brunt of all this cruelty? It is the minority that make them mean, the rest love them like they are a member of our family. These actions are not acceptable, and it is high time these people start paying for their actions. No more slap on the hands because they are just “ANIMALS” AOR CATEGORIZED AS VICIOUS. tHE GUY WHO DID THIS IS AN IDIOT!!!! Does not mean the rest of us are. Fire him!!! Punish Him!!!! and make sure he is never allowed around another animal again!!!

  7. Dianne says:

    The number one resistance to the No Kill Movement are shelter employees who have come up the ranks with the “who gets killed next” philosophy. Fire them all.

  8. NH says:

    Huh? Am I reading this right?

  9. toni says:


  10. The Lioness says:

    Holy moley! This guy should be immediately fired, put under psychological counseling, and forbidden to ever work with animals again!

    Animal control workers and shelter workers see a lot of awful things. maybe they should be periodically debriefed, screened, required to go through so much counseling in a year? I don’t know the answer, that would be my recommendation, if I were in a position to make such recommendations to anyone who has the power to implement it.

    Jeebus! It’s an animal shelter, not a garbage dump! That dog may have been someone’s loving pet or may have been on his/her way to a loving forever home!

    I’ll bet this is not the first time this guy’s done it. “Perfect record?” Maybe that’s just because he hadn’t been caught yet!


    ~The Lioness

  11. Lynn says:

    PERFECT EMPLOYEE? Are you nuts? I’d say the boss hasn’t been watching this employee over the years. I’ll bet this is not the first time this happened at this shelter involving these creeps.

    No, Tanya, I don’t necessarily think it’s an epidemic when I read the articles on this website. I doubt any of us come away with that idea.

    But I do see a POTENTIAL for things getting out of hand. And that’s why I am not inclined to dismiss it as one bad apple in the barrel. I want to nip it in the bud.

    Check out the statement, “SPCA Executive Director Barbara Carr said she is worried that this unfortunate incident will cast a shadow over the Buffalo Animal Shelter which has a dedicated staff and group of volunteers. Carr doesn’t want other animals to suffer because of something terrible that someone did.”

    What is she saying? [”Unfortunate incident” my a**.] This is a damned disgustingly reprehensible act and has all the makings of a serial killer.

    You don’t suspend someone like this: you stand tall and terminate them and call the cops.

  12. Lynn says:

    Start sending those emails to these people to terminate the Director and the employee[s] responsible for this:

    Buffalo Animal Shelter
    380 North Oak Street
    Buffalo, New York 14203
    Phone: 716-602-7887

    Mayor Byron Brown

    Go to this website and file a complaint.

  13. Sharon says:

    There are too many mentally ill people walking the streets and apparently our society’s solution is to give them jobs at animal shelters. Would it have been “an unfortunate incident” if he had slit a fellow employee’s throat? the line between animal abuse and the abuse of humans is a very faint one.

  14. KAEfamily says:

    Was he drunk when he slashed the throat of the dog? If he was then he has shown his true self. He has no business working for an animal shelter.

  15. Debra says:

    What a lynch mob! It was a deplorable, horrible crime, no question, and needs to be dealt with accordingly. The man is described as a long-time, exemplary employee. I would look for early onset of Alzheimers. He should never work with animals again, but he may well be someone who needs some compassion. We shouldn’t throw animals away and we shouldn’t be too quick to throw people on the scrap heap–except Michael Vick, that is.

  16. Sylvia says:

    ALL employees who were involved in this horrendous incident should be immediately terminated, there is no excuse for this. And as for 28 years with a “perfect record”, I don’t believe it - he may have a perfet r ecord but he has done many many cruel things in the past, he has just never been caught before. Fire and prosecue now - there is no second chance deserved here.

  17. catmom5 says:

    Just emailed my complaint in. Let’s make sure the mayor understands the severity of this action.

  18. Lynn says:

    Re comment by Debra on December 18th, 2007 at 11:33 am

    Yes, call me part of a lynch mob. Let me ask you: if you hired a baby-sitter and came home and found your child’s throat slashed…….but the sitter had excellent references…..

    No, you won’t get me to be lenient. People, even when they are intoxicated, know right from wrong. I think if someone does some sleuthing and talks to other employees they’ll find out a lot that they haven’t heard before. He’s been there a long time so he’s obviously made friends with the supervisor, who may well be covering up for previous actions and is working the system.

    No, this disgusting excuse for a human being has violent tendencies and serious anger management issues. He goes on the scrap heap with Vick. And the sooner the better.

  19. Debra says:


    It is a matter of perspective. Many are ready to believe the absolute worst and, let’s face it, humans frequently do not disappoint us. They will do the absolute worst all the time, every time. However, when I do not know all the facts, in fact, know few of the facts as accounted via a very brief news account (how many newspaper accounts are truly accurate?), I prefer to shift my perspective slightly and rather than color the story with the bleakest view, to allow the possibility that this person has an exemplery 28 year record working with animals and that this horrible act is a completely new, out-of-character act. Well, then I think, hum, 28 years? an older person. Hum, behavior not heretofore seen? dementia or alzheimers. I am not saying he should ever be trusted around any animal again. I am saying rather than assume he is a depraved, evil person, allow the possibility that he is a sick person who needs medical help more than jail time. You do not know this person other than what you have read here and yet you have condemned him as unredeemable. I have to admit that I like my dog or any dog better than most people, but I try to be more positive than negative.

    This is my last post here. You seem to take umbrage with whatever I say and I am tired of butting heads with you.

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