Animal Vandalism

Vandalized DogVandalism can be prevalent on buildings and walls around a neighborhood, but now vandalism has spread to animals. Vandals spray painted Wiley, a dog, with red spray paint — on one side of his stomach, it said “Go” and on the other side, it said “Home”. His owner is shocked and said that it was a malicious act and that Wiley always stays inside her yard. Neighbors all agree that Wiley isn’t bothersome and are surprised about the act. Now, Wiley’s owner is facing the problem of trying to get the spray paint off of Wiley but nothing has been working so far. If only Wiley could tell us who did it…

7 Responses to “Animal Vandalism”

  1. Stephanie says:

    That is awful. People never cease to amaze me. How cruel.

  2. Shirley says:

    Maybe baby oil? I know it will get sticky stuff off. (Like those price tags that they insist on putting on the front of picture frames ;-) Otherwise, I’d just let it grow out. Please don’t use anything caustic.

    It never fails to amaze me how some people treat animals!

  3. Jill says:

    It will grow out. My brother-in-law has two foxhounds from a shelter. One had a number bleached into his side and the other had the number painted on when he got her. They both grew out.

  4. Canadian Reader says:

    I may get blasted for saying this, but what is cruel is that the dog’s owner lets him wander around the neighbourhood.

    Hardenbrook (Wiley’s owner) “admits Wiley walks with the neighbor kids to the bus stop”

    “Others see Wiley wandering around the neighborhood.”

    “But says he mainly stays in his own yard.”

    “Marilyn Hardenbrook: “I don’t know why he would be out of the yard; he pretty much stays in the yard.”

    He stays MAINLY in his own yard? He shouldn’t be ABLE to get out of his own yard. He gets out of the yard because your yard is not secured, lady. One day, while he’s walking the kids to the bus or merrily wandering around the neighbourhood, he’s gonna see a squirrel and chase it and when he gets *hit by the bus that is coming to pick up the neighbourhood children, you’re going to *wish it had just been spray paint on your dog.

    Instead of worrying how to get the paint off of Wiley, you should be wondering how to fix your fence so that Wiley can’t get out. If you love him, you need to keep him SAFE at home.

  5. Bichon Mom says:

    Canadian Reader was me. (Sorry, I typed in the wrong username)

    I meant to also add another scenario …

    “Beth Stemberg, Neighbor: “He does come through, yeah he does come through, about every morning he’s got his 7 o’clock run!”

    So the dog is out on his “7 o’clock run” and he spots a squirrel and chases it across the street. A car swerves to avoid hitting the dog and instead hits someone standing on the sidewalk, like maybe one of those kids who is waiting for the bus.

    “The Bannock County Sheriff’s Office says they are still investigating the case.

    If they do figure out who spray painted Wiley, they will likely not issue a citation but a stern warning!”

    IMO, the Bannock County Sherriff’s Office should be fining the owner *and warning her of the danger to Riley and others. It’s not like this dog escaped from the yard just once. It sounds as if he goes (unattended) on a daily romp through the neighbourhood, when in fact, he should not be leaving the owner’s property without her and without being safely on a leash.

    The paint will grow out of his fur. But I’m afraid that there is a real tragedy just waiting to happen.

  6. Gail B says:

    I agree Bichon Mom - it is cruel and irresponsible to let him wander. The days are long gone when dogs could just be “let out” to roam the neighborhood.

    Spray painting the dog was not a responsible thing to do either. How about walking Wiley back home on a leash and talking to the owner about why you don’t like having him wander into your yard, etc, etc.

    People can be so…

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