Animal Welfare Activists Say Pets Being Slaughtered For Meat In Zimbabwe

ZimbabweWarning: This story may disturb some readers.

Animal welfare activists say that pets are being slaughtered for meat in meat-starved Zimbabwe and record numbers of pets are being abandoned or surrendered to shelters by owners that are not able to feed them anymore.

Zimbabwe is in economic crisis. The official inflation is more than 7,600 percent which is the highest in the world.

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said the organization does not have enough resources to feed all of the surrendered animals or are not able to find them homes. They said they have no other choice then to kill the animals and destroy the bodies.

Veterinarians are relying on infrequent donations from South Africa because they have run out of drugs to euthanize animals. Veterinary practices do not have enough supplies to even feed animals.

One animal welfare activist said the situation was “too ghastly for words. We are accused of giving the country a bad name.”

The activists said they have been threatened with arrest for speaking out about the horrible situations and their offices were raided by police agents of the Central Intelligence Organization. SPCA inspectors were ordered not to speak of details of the surrendered, abandoned, killed or eaten pets.

A animal protection activist said it is not illegal to eat dog meat in Zimbabwe, but there are laws on how animals must be humanely slaughtered.

The illegally slaughtered meat sells for 10 times more than the government’s price on the black market.

Source: CNN

Photo: Associated Press

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6 Responses to “Animal Welfare Activists Say Pets Being Slaughtered For Meat In Zimbabwe”

  1. Traci says:

  2. Lynn says:

    Thanks, Traci. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own little world that we fail to see how bad things are elsewhere.

    There may be laws about slaughtering animals, but when people are hungry they won’t give a damn about breaking them. I have to wonder if they won’t reach a stage [if they haven’t already] where pets will be stolen and slaughtered.

    This situation presents so many different animal and human issues. One isue comes up in my mind and I wonder what your views are.

    How do you feel about donating money to veterinarians so they can buy drugs to humanely euthanize the animals that have been turned in?

  3. Moony says:

    Except euthanizing so many presents another problem - disposal and contamination of the environment which is still needed to try and grow crops and feed cattle, etc. And honestly, as bad as it sounds, I think the animals would gladly give their lives to sustain their humans if they knew that was the reason they were being killed.

  4. Gindy says:

    Moony don’t even go there.
    Please, they’d give their lives for humans. HA! A lot of humans I know and read about are less worthy of life than the animals they eat from the grocery store meat counters.

    Many cultures eat what we consider pet animals.
    Having been to a small Spanish village, there were freshly killed small dogs and cats hanging up for all to see and buy. Not me, as I am a vegetarian, but there didn’t seem to be a big freak out about it.
    And China, oh my if you love animals never go there… you will want to nuke the whole country.
    A pet is only a pet if you are not starving, then it is food. For heaven’s sake, people kill people and eat them when the situation arises.

  5. Traci says:


    I would like to sit here and say no matter what, I would never eat my pets. But, then, I say that living here. I really believe that I wouldn’t and, if I did, the guilt would last a then guilt-ridden lifetime; but I say that being well-fed and not brought to my most basic survival instincts by starvation. Look what happened in the Potato Famine, stories abound of family members eating their deceased kin–and I can easily see it moving to people killing people as Gindy says (first, preyed upon outcasts and weak and, then, battles to the death).

    Should they be euthanized? What is the future of all those animals now? Starvation or feeding the starving. I would say whether or not they are eaten it would be better to kill them painlessly. Ideally, they would all be airlifted along with their starving humans but we know that isn’t going to happen in the real world (look at Rwanda and how beings are abandonned to suffer by prosperous nations who would rather spend billions making war and stuffing the pockets of corporations). At this point euthanasia would be the kindest in a country that is one straw away from total collapse and largescale famine. I say that as I get ready to head up to a no-kill rescue to help with evening meds.

  6. nora says:

    It is a shame the dogs and cats have to live there at all if they are now nothing more than a food source. They are entirely at humans mercy or disposal. The corrupt and greedy government doesn’t even care about it’s own humankind. What a disgusting and scary way to have to live. We are so blessed here in the U.S.A. and we should thank God everyday!

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