Animals Removed From A Pet “Rescue”

Warning: This story may disturb readers.

Chaucer’s Charity Pet Rescue located in the state of Illinois is definitely not a rescue for pets. Animal control officers found one dog and two cats dead in the house and the remaining animals were living in horrible conditions where fecal matter filled the house. The 14 cats and 3 dogs that are alive have been placed in foster care.

One woman who couldn’t physically take care of her dog anymore gave her dog to the rescue thinking that her dog would be well taken care of. Instead her dog died at the pet rescue.

This is not the first time that the woman who runs the pet rescue has been charged with animal cruelty. In February 2006, 42 cats, 9 puppies and 3-4 dogs were removed from her house because of poor conditions, and her pet rescue was shut down. She was not licensed to continue operating her facility.

6 Responses to “Animals Removed From A Pet “Rescue””

  1. Monika says:

    I’m not sure if this article goes into it but I did a search on this criminal and she left the animals alone in that filth with the water cut off in April sometime.
    A 60 Great Dane was found who was supposed to weigh at least 80 lbs. A dead Australian shephard with a plastic container over his head (but did no suffocate). Petrified cat under the bed. Please tell me she isn’t being slapped on the wrist for this as is often the case. We need strict pet abuse laws. She should be in jail. There was an instance with her in February 2006 when over 40 cats were removed. It’s the same with child abuse - they come, they inspect, they might take some away, but they do nothing further and things only get worse. This stuff just gets me so angry.

  2. Gary says:

    The key is the fact she was caught once before, why, wasn’t she terminated then?

    It’s the same thing when these courts let child predators go free time and again until the predator finally kills a kid. There is something drastically wrong with the present laws.

  3. Shayla Hawkins says:

    I totally agree that our laws need to be “clearer” and that our courts NEED to make a ’statement’ and prosucute these cases. AND give jail time to the offenders (and I don’t mean just 20 days in the county lock up). It TX were that man beat that puppy chained to a tree ON VEDIO… was charged a small $$ fee and let go (ordered NOT to own an animal). Those kids in NH who set their ‘nieghbors little dog on fire (one they’d played with and cared for), were sent to counseling. AND at age 18 their record of the offence will be exploged. So in the years to come.. when they mistreat another animal OR human… it won’t come up. We know that the experts say that children that hurt animals are gearing up for larger and more violent things as adults. Its time we make people accountable for their actions.
    Its sad that children sometimes don’t have every advanage in life… but to give them a “walk” because of their less than stellar start is to basically OK their action to hurt, abuse and mistreat our furry frieinds. IN our country the laws are how we make the public complie… the courts need to hold up their end of the bargain.
    Shayla NM

  4. Anonymous says:

    That is so sad! I think people who are charged with animal cruelty should spend at least 10 years in prison.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Not only they should spend 10 years in prison, they should have a $2,500 fee.

  6. RubyDog says:

    There are so many animals suffering at the hands of “humans”. There definately should be tougher laws. People that abuse animals should be banned from ever owning another animal, yet who will enforce that?

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