Another Recall May Be On The Way

PetConnection reports that a rice protein distributor has issued a recall notice to three companies, of which only two followed through. A third, unidentified company in the Midwest, has yet to issue their own recall.

If this recall is announced, it would mark the third time the FDA has been wrong in believing that the recalls are over.

The distributor, Cereal Byproducts Company announced the recall on May 4.

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  1. andy121106 says:

    I am currently feeding my 5 month old Pug——-Eagle Pack dry, my cat –Purina One Sensitive sytems dry food. I have switched my dog from Purina(breeders choice) to Iams smart Puppy(he did not like) to Nutro(I switched because of they where part of the recall), to what I thought was safe Blue Buffalo until they showed up recently– to the current food Eagle Pack. As all of you I am impaitienly waiting the discloser of this manufactuer. It is ridiculus and should be criminal that the FDA and this distributer can withhold that information when they know for a fact that the hold out received tainted product.

  2. Trudy Jackson says:

    It is crimnal, and a shame to this nation. I need to know what’s next? How many pills do I have to take now?? Trudy

  3. sandi says:

    Might it be Midwestern Foods, makers of Pro Pac?/

    How about Muscatine, makers of Blue Seal Feeds and Needs.

    , or are they owned by Kent?

  4. sandi says:

    How about Blue Seal Feeds??

    Midwestern , manufacturers of Pro Pac

    Agway manufacturers,


  5. LorieVA says:

    I am betting on FF PURINA plant 1160. Two sick cats at my house and several others on here have sick or dead cats from same plant number. Funny they say their food is safe but it is the only food they both eat. And they both go poisoned.

  6. andy121106 says:

    Lorie VA,
    How fast did your cats become ill, was it slow or fast, was it dry of wet food? I am feeding Purina Dry sensitive system systems formula, my cat thew up 2 weeks ago 2 days in a row then nothing seems to be acting normal but now that you brought Purina up I am concerned and curious, if you have time please let me know.

  7. Trudy Jackson says:

    And I feed Mine Purina One right now?? Trudy

  8. LorieVA says:


    it was FF wet with gravy, it was 2 cans into a new case of FF they have eaten FF for 6 years and out of the blue both cats became ill within 24 hours of each other. The youngest more so than my older 16 punder. Both refused to eat lots of lip licking, very skittish, when they would eat they would vomit. They seemed to us the liter box less and did not drink water. When they did try and eat they acted like their mouth hurt to eat. Food would fall back out.

  9. andy121106 says:

    Thanks for the quick response, I should have derived that FF meant fancy feast with all this going on my mind is mush and I drew a blank. I am sorry for what you have had to go through —–all these companies should be forced to pay dearly for the misleading products they have put on the market!

  10. Lisa Clay says:

    I’ve stated this before - IF THIS was a product for INFANTS and there was a sick baby, we would ALL know the companies they supply.

    We need an underground group of people who work in the companies with recalled ingredients, helping to let this information reach the media. I realize they would have to risk their jobs but they’d also become overnight heroes for providing the information that their COMPANIES won’t.

    Many have already said this, but I’m sure we will have the official word late Friday afternoon or maybe Saturday morning. What I hate is that I may be feeding another RECALLED pet food and I won’t even know if I am until SOMEONE decides to tell the public.

    In my opinion, this practice of not releasing life-saving information for our pets, should be illegal. I’d be interested to know why it IS legal to delay going public. And I’m sure the answer has to do with money.

  11. lablover says:

    many of these companies mentioned today do not have manufacturing plants, many are just brokers of many products. They never see or handle the product, they just match up buyers with sellers.

    I am surprised there is not more backlash onto China!! The pet food companies do stringent testing on inbound products, but it is the Chinese who are poisoning us and their own people! Why not boycott Chinese products? Their human rights violations alone should make you want to not buy their products, and now they purposely taint the supply chain. BOYCOTT CHINA!!!

  12. ann says:

    I just spoke with Cereal Byproducts Company. I asked them who their two customers were that issued the recall. They kept repeating to check the FDA website. Well, I kept repeating that there was no info on the FDA website specifically linking recalls with their company. Again, I was told to check the FDA website. I teach 4th grade, and get straighter answers out of 9 year olds!

  13. MCgirl says:

    I feed my two cats Wellness Complete Health chicken dry for now; I do not trust Wellness or any other brand right now. As long as stuff is imported from China I don’t think that any pet food is safe. My next choice will be Nature’s Variety Raw Instinct dry & their freeze dried diet but I am NOT starting this until I see what happens for a while—I don’t think that the recalls are stopping anytime soon. It’s sick that we have to abide by companies who only worry about profit!!! Why hasn’t the media reported more?? Sponsers??

  14. lablover says:

    dear ann, did you speak to someone in charge, or just someone who answered the phone? maybe due to legal reasons they aren’t allowed to speak to any Joe (or Ann ;) ) that calls?

    I wonder how much of this slow release of information is FDA-mandated versus the companies?

    I still assert that the FDA’s main focus is preventing the largest-FOOD-scale recall. McDs is the largest buyer in America of chicken and beef. Each beef patty can have over 100 different cow-meat in it…. and same with chicken. I’m sure McDs does not want to recall every chicken nugget or beef patty that they sell.

  15. ann says:

    I spoke with someone who answered the phone. I figured if it was public info (like they said) that they would have no problem saying who they sold their product to. Apparently, the only one we know about is Royal Canin….

  16. sandy says:

    I feed my cats fancy feast seafood and some chicken/beef. My 17 yr. old cat suddenly began to list to one side, teeter, and fall over very recently. I chalked it up to his diabetes. But a friend in the Baltimore area, in casual conversation, mentioned the same EXACT symptoms with her cat, beginning at the same time. I was stunned. No, beyond stunned. It did not occur to me that it could be anything except old age and diabetes. It may be just a horrible coincidence, but maybe the problem is now more widespread, and older animals cannot fight it as well as younger animals. Has anyone else had this problem of late? I decided to write, because too many people did not see the “writing on the wall” because no one was told of the problem, and now at least we know that problems have existed with tainted food.

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