Anti-Slaughter Legislation Signed In Illinois

The state of Illinois which had the nation’s last operating horse slaughterhouse has now made it illegal to kill horses for human consumption. The slaughterhouse had been shipping meat overseas. The Illinois governor was proud to sign the bill and and said that it was “past time to stop slaughtering horses in Illinois.” Opponents of the law say that the horses are humanely euthanized and that horses should be treated the same as cattle or other farm animals.

Update: Now a federal judge has ruled the horse slaughter plant can temporarily resume its operations while this anti-slaughter law is being challenged for being unconstitutional. Cavel International Inc., a Belgian company, has filed a lawsuit claiming that the “state has no constitutional authority to ban the slaughter of a particular species because some people object on moral grounds. The suit also says the law would restrain interstate and international commerce and infringe on federal authority over slaughterhouses.” A judge granted a temporary restraining order that would prevent state and county officials from enforcing the ban while the suit is ongoing. The restraining order expires after June 14.

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25 Responses to “Anti-Slaughter Legislation Signed In Illinois”

  1. Steve says:

    Who are these “opponents”

    Lets get busy

  2. Susan says:

    However, the company is appealing:
    “Belgian-owned Cavel International Inc. filed a lawsuit May 25 claiming a new law banning the slaughter of horses intended for human consumption is unconstitutional.”;nID=23

  3. dogmom 3 says:

    I’ve owned horses all my life. I know what goes on behind the scenes. Go to an auction anywhere in this country and you’ll see the horror’s of what humans do to them. This is a disaster from humans over breeding and all of the back yard breeders. Slaughter gave these people an easy out if it wasn’t the horse they wanted or a colt didn’t turn out just like they wanted. Send it down the road and make it someone else’s problem. And the (kill buyers) are always at sales just buying away. Fact: there are too many horses in this country. Total mess? you bet, man did it man has to fix it and it isn’t going to be easy. If you want to really see the horrors of horse slaughter go to USHS.ORG. The bad end of this is that horses are being shipped across the border into Mexico and there they don’t shootthem they try to cut the spinal cord. Beyond imaginable!!! And into Canada as well. It sickens me to the core.

  4. ann says:

    Dogmom 3 - went to, found the historical society. Is this the right link?

  5. kristy says:

    I am a vegetarian who thinks it’s just as wrong morally to kill a pig as it is to kill a horse. However, it’s scary to think that the “state has no constitutional authority to ban the slaughter of a particular species because some people object on moral grounds” Wow! Let’s just kill anything. If I want to slaughter the stray cat down the street for dinner, I should have the right to do so without repurcussion! Who cares if others object on moral grounds?

  6. ann says:

    This bill is a welcome end to a different kind of trail of tears, starting with the slaughtering of mustangs in the 1960’s…….I’m glad I’ve been able to see the end to this shameful chapter in our history in my lifetime.

  7. YaYa says:

    I sure Hope some Idiots in the Illinois Gov, Do Not let this Bill be Stopped, because of a Foreign company who provides Horse Meat to France and a few other countries in Europe, can’t/won’t do it over THERE! {it a delicacy over there - BLECH!}{And Not that I want this to Happen ANYWHERE!}

    Tho the VP for this Foreign Company is a guy in DWF Texas.

    I want this Bill to pass with No {more} hold-ups.
    Horse meat is Completely Unnecessry!

    BUT DogMom3 is Right. At the Auctions they hang around and wait. Dirt Cheap rock bottom dregs.

    For one thing we need more means to dispose of sick and dead/dying horses and place to legally Bury them is we Choose or cremate.

    AND in particular little girls {and boys} with Whems
    should Not be allowed to get a “pony”.

    There are Too many uncared for horses in this country from Folks and their selfish Whems.

    When I was a Member of the Hooved Animal Humane Society, I called time and again to have peoples neglected Horses REMOVED fom them.
    {in the state I lived in that was all it took, a call to an “officer” and a witness like me}

    Just disgusting what people do.

    And Now—-They are Cloning some QH! Insane! We Do not need More Uncared for Animals. {or Experiments or this one is the wrong color or wrong “look” etc etc etc!}

    Martin you around?
    Did you ever call “Mr.” Jacobs? :-P

  8. dogmom 3 says:

    Ann, I apologize it’s Boy I just get fired up sorry

  9. 7 dog mum says:

    What we don’t know eh? I read a story of a horse truck on the way to a slaughter house. it crashed. many horses died, some survived.
    among them a 1 year old thoroghbred colt, a pregnant mare…….many were loved ‘pets’ at one time, these are not old and sick animals they are healthy horses. It made me sick to my stomach, just so sick.

    The live horses were rescued, the kill purchaser wanted to reload them and take them to be killed…….these few, made it to a sanctuary but they had to be paid for.

    Overbreeding in many species to supply demand - trends - greed. It has it’s consequences, but most people never realize it. I’ts a quick satisfy
    quick to throw away society we have today.

    This must be stopped.

  10. 7 dog mum says:

    TV should have some REAL reality shows. imho.

  11. YaYa says:

    And I forgot, some of the horses are Stolen that head to the {can’t say the word :-( } The thief gets a couple hundred dollars per head.

    I got my first horse at an Auction. He had papers too. He was Marvelous. A retired Barrel Racer. At 15years.
    He was the Best of horses. I didn’t have to train him or much of anything. He was So well behaved and tolerant too. We used him for kids lessons, he was so Sweet and gentle.

    The Best Trail Horse I Ever rode too! {tho would like to take a few trees like Poles! LOL }

    I had him a Long time.
    He lived to be 27. I do still miss him.

    I Do Love my New horse who was 7 when I bought her. Trained. She’s my Big Baby :-D
    {I do spoil them some :-) }

    There are SO many Good horses just waiting to find a home who are ready to go.

    Just little need for MORE and More, to the point of over-breeding.

    You can find what you want out there without BREEDING!

    If folks would just buy from the existing market, the over-population problem would be cut down in a few years. It’s an investment that takes some time and time for research. IF folks would just Do It.

  12. DMS says:

    I wonder where Dick Durbin is with all of this? Hopefully on the right side.

  13. Lee says:

    I am an FOB (Fan of Barbaro) and I am a member of the website Tim Woolley Racing and you can read much about this here. If you go straight into Discussion Board and Chat it will give you a lot of info also. We are fighting to end the slaughter of our horses.

  14. Anonymous says:

    “the state has no constitutional authority to ban the slaughter of a particular species because some people object on moral grounds”

    And I thought Hitler had been defeated

    I cried when I read Black Beauty and the story never changes.

    You can see photos of the barbarism at such sites as but beware they are so terrible.

    The horse is a domestic animal precisely because it gives its trust to humans. This is how the trust is repayed.

    Globalization continues to beat at our right to govern ourselves. To do so it must remove the connection between the authority of the state and the moral code of the people.

    These stupid Americans still insist the state serves them, not the other way around.

  15. e wem says:

    soryy I did not mean to be anonymous

  16. ann says:

    we need to have horses reclassified as companion animals. They should. minis are even being trained and udes with great success as seeing eye guides for the blind

  17. 7 dog mum says:

    I notice not many people posting, it really is sickening, and hard to stomach. But people NEED to know! MANY of these animals were at one time loved pets….I didn’t sleep a wink last night and cried for hours, this is so disgusting, that I think people don’t WANT to know about it…………

    What we could all do if were cared to know.

  18. MMM says:

    Eating horse meat is ultimately no worse than eating any other meat, even if the particular horse in question was once a pet. That an animal once had the great good fortune to be owned by someone doesn’t make rendering it into food any more profoundly sad than the deaths of those animals who were bred specifically for such use.

  19. JJ says:

    Itchmo could you please check the post in here on 6-1-07 at 7:45pm. That is not me and would like to see that post cleaned up with the swear words of whoever used my name on here. Please check their email address for that post and have them print a retraction in this section with their real name and ask them to not use mine anymore or change theirs. I do not use the complete spelling of swear words in anything I post if I do use any as a lot of others do not either. I did not post anything in this section, just happened to read it today. Thanks for your help.

    ITCHMO ADMIN: JJ is a very common name. Perhaps you should consider a more unique pseudonym.

  20. YaYa says:

    I must say that MMM sounds just like the sort of critter that would work, in such a place as a Horse Slaughter house. Certainly has the mentality for it.
    Inhuman as opposed to Human.
    {just stopping by too on a pass by at 5am on a Sunday, to stir the pot with brutish rancor as an unfamiliar here?}

    The Foreign companies who own these Slaughter houses don’t even pay US taxes to have their death house here.
    They do not test the ‘meat’ for contaminants.
    The hides are not used, no glues are made, dog food was removed Years ago from US market shelves.

    BUT Above ALL Else A ***HUGE Majority*** of the Horses going to these Slaughter houses are *****STOLEN***** PET/COMPANIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GET IT?!

    It has Nothing to do with “A USE”.

    Folks don’t say “oh gee I’m sorry you come to the end of your road, i’m sending you to slaughter now” THAT IS NOT HOW IT HAPPENS!

    The Untold Numbers of Stolen Horse is Appalling due to this Disgusting practice.
    It’s Quick Bucks Period, just like a drug addict-thief!
    {besides the odd few vultures, who wait at the end of auctions to ‘buy’ at the low buck bid and turn around and make a couple hundred on a Slaughter house sale- what kind of human does such a thing? {Mmmmmmmmmmm— I’d probably get Bleeped by Ben for THAT One :-P}

    Cattle are Bred for a service/purpose. Meat or dairy.

    Most of those Stolen horses are on Regular health maintenance meds as well. Dewormers, Bute, a little West Nile Vaccine, etc. tossed in for good measure- I hope YOU at least, Enjoy Your Stolen Horse Meat!

    And it IS More than Profoundly SAD, it’s a SIN, to Render an animal who once had the Good Fortune to be “owned” by Some-one!
    More like LOVED and Cared for by Someone, brought Companionship and experiences together through the people They Loved and the People who Loved them.

    They are *Far Far More Than* Property to be OWNED.
    They are near Divine.

    The Difference between Stock raised for food and the Pet Companions is:
    When we die and *we* are Lucky enough to go to Heaven; ALL of the Pets we’ve Ever had, ever Loved, WILL be in Heaven waiting for Us {already}.

    It sounds like YOU, will be a awfully lonely soul.


    For those of You interested in Truthful Information about this :
    {no gory photos here Ok. Just a short few paragraphs.}

    I don’t agree with Every thing there but, it gets the Point across.

    And If you are Ever this unfortunate and have a Horse Stolen, PLEASE go to and Inform IMMEDIATELY:

    This organization along with your Local Law Enforcement offices, will HELP you Hopefuly Find and Recover your horse. Notify them All Immediately.

    You know, they used to *Hang* Horse Thieves :-þ

  21. dogmom 3 says:

    You must not be a horse lover or had the great fortune to have one in your life. Many years ago when I was 8 months pregnant my horse was stolen off of our property. Went out to do chores and she was gone. Wire was cut up at the north end of the field. It was winter, my heart sank. Got the authorities on it right away. A week later we got a phone call saying they thought they had my horse but would not say where “they were”. Said she wandered onto their property. BS She had been kept in a stall as her feet were packed with bedding and manure. They wanted the reward money and probably figured it was easier this way than to sell her. All the sale barns had been notified about her anyway and I’m sure they knew that. Point being, it tore me apart as she and I had been together many years. There is a bond between horse and human like that of a dog or cat. They are part of you. The deputy sheriff was great and some detective work and we had them. Showed up and I did get my mare back. SOB’s. Oh and by the way South Dakota still has it on the books “that they hang um!”

  22. YaYa says:

    Many believe there is/has always been, a Special relationship between Horses and Women.

    {I guess guys have their Cars :-D Oh yeah, that’s by Horse power right?! :-P}

    All the way back to ancient times; long described with the Goddess Epona.

    It’s soulful/spiritual, mental and physical, a respectful ‘condition’, relationship between them. I have No doubts about that. I know More women involved with horses, than men. I think many find that to be the case.

    I Love my Horse and Know she Loves me. Couldn’t shake that knowing, with a stick, if ya wanted to.

    I board my horse at a Special Stables. Tho when I moved her there, I did not know it. It was friends of a good friend and I wanted a serious change for my Horse.

    They weren’t even ‘open for business’ yet when my friend and I both moved our horses there.

    The owners, now good and trusted friends, are involved with and teach an ‘Epona method’ with horses AND people.
    Tho I’m not a student, my horse and I benefit from such a setting.

    The Tao of Equus.

    If you’d like to read up on it or learn a little bit about it, I think you’ll be impressed.

    It began in Arizona, there are Epona certified Stables and instructors/educators/counselors- around the World now, in a short 10 years or so. Most are Women. But it’s definitely Not restricted to Women.

    Here is the URL for the Homepage of the Education Center:

    It’s fascinating Way. I benefit from simply knowing folks, and being around those, who know ‘this way’, as does my Horse, and the Horses around her.

    Many issues can be worked on and even Solved through a Relationship with a Horse. {as with many animals as we’ve learned}.
    Ahhhhhh but there is Nothing like a Horse. :-)

    The Tao of Equus is also a Good book.

    I hope you Enjoy this website!

    It’s always fun to expand your Horse knowledge!

  23. High Note says:

    I had no idea that people were eating horses and anyone sold their meat from the U.S. I only thought they were put in to dog food when they got old and died, etc. I guess that does not sound too good either when you think of them being family pets like our dogs and cats.
    I have never been a true horse lover, but not because I did not want to be. I think they are truly beautiful! Sounds to me like we must have more laws to govern the protection of any domestic animal.
    I raised a calf once and my husband and I cared for our neighbors cows. I never thought a cow had affection before raising mine. But the thing that got to me most was when this one old female cow died in the field one day and so my husband hauled her off. The old bull in the other field had not seen her die, but went to the spot where her body laid and cried and scratched the ground all day long till sundown. It was really upsetting and I cried for him. He knew she was dead and greived for her. IT was hard for me to eat any beef after that.

  24. ann says:

    MMM - You need to visit a few horse auctions, or view a video of a horse being slaughtered. These are not horses at the end of their prime. These horses are stolen, purchased from desperate owners thinking they are going to a good home. I used to compete with my horse, but an accident in the cross ties ended all that. It costs me over $500.00 a month just to board her, this doesn’t include vet bills and blacksmith charges. I gladly pay it for the piece of mind it affords me that my fur angel is safe and loved, and I know where she is. This is above and beyond the fact that I love her and couldn’t bear to part with her. Mini horses are now being trained to be guide horses for the blind. If you make the parallel between people considering horses, dogs, and cats as children, and you have children, maybe you can begin to understand.

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