Arrest Made In Previous Dog Napping Case

EdnaBill Whiting’s life has drastically changed since his dog, Edna, has disappeared. This beagle mix went missing during Halloween night and ten days later, Whiting received a phone call from a boy threatening to kill Edna if Whiting didn’t pay a ransom.

Whiting said he received another phone call several hours later from the same boy saying that Edna was dead. Whiting was unable to find out who had Edna and if Edna had been killed for certain.

Recently, Philadelphia police have charged a 15-year-old with harassment, terroristic threats, theft by extortion and other counts for allegedly calling Whiting. Police worked for weeks on tracing the calls to Whiting’s cell phone.

Authorities still have not found Edna.

Whiting said, “I’ve had tears today a couple of times. I don’t see any happy news in this. I don’t have a dog coming back, apparently.”

He added that the only good thing that came out of his horrible situation is the attention focused on animal cruelty.

Source: MSNBC

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17 Responses to “Arrest Made In Previous Dog Napping Case”

  1. Lynne says:

    That’s just heartbreaking.

  2. Tanya says:

    I could imagin some of his feelings… that ‘oh, gee, great, well glad you found the guy so he can’t do it again, but how does that help me????”

    It’s oen of the few times i really think being totally selfish is acceptable. !

  3. Poodlluver says:

    My gut wrenches at the thought of what poor Edna has gone through.
    Words can not describe how I feel for this poor dog and her heartbroken owner.
    The kid better be extremely grateful that I’m not the one deciding what his punishment would be.

  4. Robert Davis says:

    This is a heartbreaking story. I still have hope for Edna, but right now the odds don’t look great. My thoughts are with you during this rough time.


  5. trudyjackson says:

    This is too heartbreaking. I do wish they would find Her alive somewhere. I’d make sure the so and so talked.

  6. mittens says:

    filthy little pig- where the hell are his parents? unfortunately they usually just pinch these under age monstrosities instead of truly holding them accountable for their actions. 15 years old and already so far gone… that poor sweet dog…

  7. Sharon says:

    I agree with mittens. I think his parents are the ones that belong in jail. How about telling the kid to tell them where the dog is, dead or alive, or go to jail. This country has been dumbed down so much that both parents and their children are not fit human beings anymore.

  8. Gindy says:

    You can bet the little monster has done something like this before. Maybe a kid sister’s doll or a pal’s bike, but he has stolen something and then ransomed it before.
    Perhaps Edna’s situation has saved some child or adult human or other dog or cat in the future by being the victim in this case. It’s the only good thing about it, that an evil person (and at 15 this POS is more than old enough to know right from wrong) has been taken off the streets.
    If this thing were my spawn, I would let him rot forever. And yes I do have kids, none of whom would ever so much as harm the hair on a spider let alone a little lost dog.

  9. Nora and Rufus says:

    Anyone, kid or adult who could do something like this is not a candidate for rehab. They are deviant and there is no fix for that. I cannot imagine why no one knows where Edna is, dead or alive. That kid should be strung up until he talks. Enough of this molly-coddling. This sickening deviant individual should get no nice treatment at all. This will only enable him to go on and hurt/kill others, animal and human.

  10. NH says:

    I hope that guy finds his dog. I often think what I would do if my dog went missing. I can’t imagine functioning normally…like sleeping, eating, working, socializing. My one goal in life would be to find my dog.

    This story breaks my heart. That kid and his family should all be ashamed of themselves. Trash begets trash.

  11. Faye says:

    What is this world comming to! No, What is the youth comming to! Every pet website is constantly reporting HORRIBLE things that children and teens are dong to animals. What will they grow up to be? What kind of parents do they have? I would probably be arrested for my opinion for what the punishment should be for these offenders! God help us if this is the future generation!

  12. Tanya says:

    Faye -
    Before you blast the American Youth at large, remember, sad, tragic, horiffic stories which sensationalize news sell. We (sadly) LIKE to read about things that we can get our feathers ruffled about. We like to read about things that let us vent - be it about politics, dog nappers, or crappy Animal Control agents.

    but the reality has been shown over and over and over again that for every “bad” news story there are thousands of “good ones” untold. For every guy that shoots someone in a drive by, there is a neighbor from the same class, same color, same sex, same age who is going over to check on his or her neighbor “just cause”. For every CEO of Enron, there is a boss who goes and sees his employees at the hospital, or makes sure they get opertunities for education by grants he personally offers.

    We can easily get cynical in this world, by reading all the negative stuff out there. But take the time to start a conversation in an elevator, or complement someone on thier great looking tie, or any million of little other things, and you’ll remember that most of us (even teh teens) are still really good people !

    and on that note, go pet your cat, or play catch with your dogs, or take your kid to the park and have a beautiful day !

  13. The Lioness says:

    My heart still goes out to Mr. Whiting. This is a personal hell he is living through.

    I hope little Edna is OK, but I seriously doubt it.

    I agree with Whiting: The exposure of his story is good, because it exposees more animal cruelty.

    Evil can’t hide forever.

    If they find this kid did torture Edna, he should be charged as an adult or locked away in a mental ward.

    ~The Lioness

  14. Denise says:

    I think the kids should get some time put away. They had no reason to hurt this dog. also I am not so sure the parents thould get off the hook so easily. I would look at the way the kids were raised and go from there. something went wrong some where. what is wrong with people. I never let my dog out alone. I am so sorry Robert that you have not got your baby back. My God what does it take for the judges and other authorties to realize that our pups and kitties and other pets are memebers of our families. make an example Judges harsher laws on these animals hurting our babies. what can we do here. if anyone has any iideals please post

  15. Concha Castaneda says:

    As I recall, there was a reward (on the tag). The kid wanted a midnight meeting and Edna’s owner would not agree to that, so they hurt the dog so that he could hear them hurting the dog over the phone! Also, the phone company who could have provided instant access to the phone record (as a result of the patriot act or something) wouldn’t release information to the police. All sorts of reasons that this didn’t have a happy outcome. Had it been me…I would have agreed to the midnight meeting and I would have also contacted the police to intervene after I had hold of my dog. The teenager told Edna’s owner that he really wanted to kill his dog. That should have been NEON warning that 600 dollars would not appease the compulsion to kill. It was all about immediate gratification! This story watered down doesn’t really sound right. Too many factors left out. My heart goes out to Edna at the rainbow bridge…and her owner for hesitating.

  16. Cate says:

    The monster will walk, of course, as they always do. But the Philadelphia police have done their best and the ‘terroristic threats’ charge is a good one.

  17. Faye says:

    A hundred good stories does not make up for One where any animal is killed or hurt in anyway by any CHILD. What kind of child could do that! There is no excuse for it at all, and most of them don’t get the punishment they deserve, and if it were your dog, lets see you find good stories out there to ammend for that bad one!

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