Artist Creates Portraits For Those Who Lost Pets From Pet Food Recalls


An artist from Wisconsin was extremely affected by all of the stories that she read about pet owners who lost their cats or dogs to the pet food recalls. She read all of their stories, saw the pictures of the innocent pets, and she wanted to do something to help.

She contacted Jen at PNV2. She decided to use her talent to help the pet owners who were dealing with their loss. She said she could create portraits of some of the pets that had died and give them to their owners free of charge (one of her portraits is pictured here).

The artist, who wishes to remain anonymous, is ill and is uncertain how many portraits she can continue to do, but she said she will continue to do them as long as she physically can.

Here is what Carolyn, from PNV2, wrote about the artist and what she has been doing:

As the tainted pet food victim death toll began to slow, the PNV2 website received an email from an unexpected source. The author had not lost a pet due to the poisoned pet food, but she did have pets and a gift. She had come across the PNV2 website and spent time reading the emails and looking at the faces of those pets injured and killed by this unnecessary tragedy that had affected so many pets and the people that loved them.

The woman said in her first email that she had written it several times but had decided not to send them. Then in the middle of the night, she went to her computer and wrote her thoughts and hit the send button.

The woman was an artist living in Wisconsin, a single parent and a person touched by the many dogs and cats she had seen on the PNV2’s website.

Her heart went out to those who were grieving for the loss of their pets and she wanted to help in the only way she could. She made PNV2 an offer they could not refuse. She offered to create a portrait of some of the lost pets free of charge. All PNV2 had to do was contact the owner, determine if they would indeed like to have the painting and then incur the minimal expense to forward the artwork on to the owner. PNV2 agreed without hesitation.

“Its been a very rewarding experience for us at PNV2. In the midst of this loss and immense grief, the opportunity to witness goodness and kindness was one we had to be a part of.” said Jen Hoeflein, founder of PNV2. “Here we had this amazing chance to help this artist give a lasting gift for no other reason than because she could. The artist has asked to remain unnamed. She never wanted to take away from the focus which was the loss of pets who were also family members.”

Since that first email, many paintings have arrived and been passed forward to owners of lost pets. “We never know which pet she will select to paint. Each painting seems to capture the life of the pet now lost”.

Hoeflein said: “Personally, I feel honored that we were able to play a role in this act of kindness. We have been enriched by the generosity of one person’s efforts to touch others she doesn’t even know. We don’t know how much longer the paintings will continue to arrive. And even if this is the last one we ever receive, we will always know we helped to make something good happen and that’s all anyone can ever ask for in life”.

Photo: Jen Hoeflein

8 Responses to “Artist Creates Portraits For Those Who Lost Pets From Pet Food Recalls”

  1. kathyb says:

    Bless this artist for sharing her gift with those of us who lost our babies. Her work is beautiful. Let the healing begin….

  2. Ruth says:

    How Wonderful and God Bless her. I hope she gets better soon. Thats a wonderful and treasured gift.

  3. Trudy Jackson says:

    Bless Her heart. I would love to have some done. But I wish We could send Her at least some money for it. Sorry, but what is PNV2?

  4. Debra says:

    This gesture touched me deeply and immediately brought tears to my eyes. Thankfully, I did not lose any pets to tainted food, but I have so few pictures of my last cat and the portrait shown is so lovely. She is giving a wonderful gift.

  5. Jenny Bark says:

    Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it. Heb 13:2 This woman is an angel on earth. What a gift she is to this hurting world.

  6. Trudy Jackson says:

    Jenny Bark, I couldn’t have said it any better Myself. She is an angel.

  7. jabes says:

    Her work is beautiful and her soul is beautiful. Such amazing generosity. Thanks for posting this story so that we can all be reminded that there are genuinely selfless people in this world.

  8. Pukanuba says:


    I believe it’s “pets need voices too”.

    This artist is so kind to do these portraits free of charge. Bless you & here’s hoping you get better. This world needs more people like you & less like those in the pf industry who could care less about other living things.

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